Sunday, December 30, 2007

Where have all the gentleman gone??

*Fare Warning*

This blog you are about to read is the rant of a 6 month pregnant woman!!

Here is the thing people, over the holiday's hubs and the family and I have been to numerous restaurants! Many of said restaurants have had a wait to get a table. Also, many of said restaurants have had plenty of seating for people to wait on their asses before eating large quatinties of food! Here is the thing... in the 10 restaurants I have been in the past 10 days, not ONE, ONE I say, person has gotten up and offerend me their seat. One time we were at Snuffers and this gentleman moves over to let this obese woman have his seat, but the small pregnant girl, that is (to me) OBVIOUSLY pregnant, never gets offered a seat. Can anyone explain where common courtesy has gone??

I mean come on! When I go to NY and ride the train, people are always getting up and offering preggo woman seats! Are you gonna tell me that New Yorkers are nicer than Southern Hospitality??

Listen, here is the deal. I am not out of shape, but I have NEVER carried this much weight before in my life. I went shopping yesterday (for about 4 hours) and I could barely stand at the restaurant while waiting for a table. Not one person, woman, man or child offered me a seat. Have people gotten so self centered that they don't care if a pregnant woman stands, while a they stit their happy asses down??

To top it off, last night I am standing there with my 85yr old grandmother, who OBVIOUSLY has a very hard time walking, and the both of us, pregnant and old, were standing there. NO one person, not even these two women (one daughter - IN SNEAKERS, or her mother) offered us a seat. They just sat there looking at us and smiling. Smiling?? Are you serious?? My poor Nona is hanging onto the wall, while you two sit there smiling at my pregnant belly? UGH!

People, PLEASE!, if you see an elderly OR pregnant person, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, offer them your seat! Even if you can't reallly, really, tell if the person is pregnant, just offer them a seat. If you are a man and you read this, offer your seat, just for the hell of it! Just to be a gentleman!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Ok folks, I have this baby shower where I am going to in NY. All my famiglia is going to be there, and I really want the pictures to be cute. I have this adorable jacket I wore Christmas Eve.

What do you think? Cute for a baby shower in the dead of winter or what???


Friday, December 28, 2007

23 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Brady is more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango). His skin is red and wrinkled. Blood vessels in his lungs are developing to prepare him for breathing. He can swallow, but he normally won't pass his first stool (called meconium) until after birth. Loud noises heard often in utero — such as your dog barking or the roar of a vacuum cleaner — probably won't faze your baby when he hears them outside the womb.

This is just so amazing to me because I can remember when he was the size of a raspberry. Now he has clothes and a registry, a name and a room. Aww, just so amazing. God works in AMAZING ways!!


On a total random note. My baby bro brought over his new Christmas gift, a Wii, and my hubs and I just can't get enough of it! Tennis is so fun! The whole fam was over here yesterday for dinner and even my Nona was having a blast. She thought it was so funny.


Also, have you ever seen that show the first 48? OH MY GOSH, it is so freakin awesome. I love murder mysteries and this is real. Damn, I am obsessed with this weird ass show.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I wish I had something witty to write or even just something funny. Unfortunately my brain is in blah mode. Maybe it is because I have so much stuff to do in the next couple of weeks, my brain is just overloaded.
This Sun we have this party, that I am not really feeling good about going to. (I'll expand more after the party.)

Then, in one week my NY baby shower takes place, and my brain just won't stop thinking about the food and what to wear. Also, how I am going to get the gifts from NY to TX AND what everyone is going to buy.

Then, the week after we get back is my Mom's 50th birthday, and we haven't scheduled all the plans, and the week after that my baby bro turns 13... eek!

Not to mention, I have a baby room to decorate, baby furniture to buy, a car to sell (currently I drive an Eclipse Spyder Convertible and we know it won't be good for the baby) and a new car to purchase. All while planning and attending baby showers before I get to meet my little man!

UGH! Sorry, that was a brain dump. I just feel like so much is going on and before I know it, time will have run out. So... I will leave you with the cutest baby clothes ever!
Brady got more Christmas gifts than all of us and the little man isn't even here yet ;-)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a Christmas!!

I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing Christmas the hubs and I shared! I have never felt so much love and so much warmth than I did this year. It was extra special to me, because I know, that these 9 mnths I share with my little guy are the only time he is all mine :) The rest of his life... I am letting go.

A breif sonopsis of the days...

Christmas Eve - we woke up around 8am, and I decided it would be awesome if we could exchange gifts, just the two of us, so that we could appreciate what the other got (without all the family comotion.) I am very sneaky when it comes to Christmas and I have had the gift wrapped, under the tree for close to 3 weeks. His, apparently, was in his crazy messy office, that I never venture into unless I am giving him work day kisses! I gave him the Steven Colbert book- I am America. I don't really get that guys humor but I know hubs has been wanting to read it, so I thought, what the hey. He travels so much it will be great for the airplane. Then I open this huge box, that felt very heavy, only to find out he got me an hour and a half preggo massage. He weighted it down with a 2lb weight and put it in a huge box so I would't guess what it was ;-) God I love this man!!

Then we headed over to my parentals house, to eat, eat and eat some more!! We had luinguini with clam sauce, pasta with walnuts and shrimp scampi. Then we had "fish salad" which is this amazing salad that has scuingili, calamari, celery, garlic and lemon juice. Mmmm! So tasty! Plus, we only get these dishes once a year, so it really is a treat to enjoy the food that goes along with Christmas eve! Then, after eating, we had a random power outage. We sat there for about 1 1/2 hours with no light, no tv, no music, and just talked by the candlelight. It was really a lovely peaceful evening.

After 7pm we headed to the hubs grandmother's house, to do the traditional Christmas even present opening. We got so much stuff, I don't know where to begin. We got money, clothes, manicures and pedicures... oh my... just too much stuff (as usual.) Brady even got a couple of gifts. Then, when all the comotion had died down, we drove back to my parents house, to sleep tight until Santa's presents came that morning.

Christmas Day - We awoke to coffee brewing, dogs snuggled on the couches with blankets and Christmas music playing in the background. Christmas morning is one of my favorite mornings. There are always too many people talking at once, too many presents being opened and too many deserts and coffee being passed around.

Here are some pics of that morning, that really just sum up the wonderfulness!







The rest of the day was spent playing a Wii (my baby bro got) and traveling to my hubs parents house, to eat, play more Wii, and eat some more.

Last night we got home at around 8pm, brought all the gifts in and crashed in the bed. We were so tired, we tried to watch Deal or No Deal - Christmas edition, but fell asleep half way through :)

Hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas. Lord knows we did!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Recipes!!

Since the holiday weekend has begun, I thought I would leave you with some recipes, just in case you are cooking!

For breakfast Christmas morning... if you don't cook Frittata (which is an egg dish with ricotta cheese and sausage, that is baked (a family Christmas event for us)) then you should try

Veronica's Apple Pancackes
My mom said it looked really bad while I was mixing it up, but the moment she put a bite in her mouth, she was a changed woman!!

For lunch have a beautiful Roast Turkey!

Then for desert, try out these amazing recipes for Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint Bark (courtesy of Perks of being a JAP.)

Hope you all have a phenominal and Merry Christmas, filled with laughter, food and blessings!!

Ciao for Now!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Hoopla!!

So my dear blogging friend at Jelli pants has tagged me for Holiday Meme.

Here are the rules:
1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas

2. Please refer to it as a 'hoopla' and not the dreaded 'm'-word

3. You have to specifically tag people when you're done. None of this "if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged" stuff is allowed.

4. Please try and do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over before we know it... OK... Got the rules?

P.S. God... if you read this blog... if you could give my friend Jelli Pants a beautiful baby in her tummy, sometime soon, I would certainly appreicate it! Thanks.

Here is my list ;-)
1. Every year, when I was little, my parents and I used to go pick out a Christmas tree, and drink hot cocoa on the drive over. It was one of my most favorite holiday events!!
2. Although, I love decorating, I believe tree's should be a trip down memory lane! All my ornaments (well, since we have only been married 3 years - together 5 - there aren't that many) and my rents ornaments have special meaning! My baby bro and I made a lot of them, there are places we have been and hand made ones from Nona!
3. This year, all I want are stuff for Brady, a vacuum (actually a Dyson), and a camera (to take pics of Brady, of course!)
4. I always by the hubs the best presents!! He can never figure them out, but that is what happens when you love a person so much, you know them better than themselves!
5. I got our first Baby Brady gifts last night. One is the pic above - an it's a boy ornament - from my mother-in-law, and the other was from a dear family friend of one blue and one blue and white striped onesie (sp?) with a light blue hat. It was PRICELESS! Can't wait to see my man, struttin' his stuff in that!
6. My favorite day is Christmas Eve. In the Italian culture (maybe Roman Catholic - who knows - it all merges in my mind) you don't eat meat Christmas Eve. Only Christmas day! So my daddy always prepares an amazing 6-8 course meal for Christmas eve. There is always a soup, shrimp scampi, scungili salad, olive and celery salad, and of course, the piece de resistance... Pasta with Walnuts. Don't worry, most recipes will be on my food blog after Christmas!
7. Christmas songs make me happy! Plus, I think I am a 1940's blues singer, reincarnated, so I love all Rosemary Clooney songs, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennet, and of course the Godfather... Old Blue eyes... Frank Sinatra!! Especially during the holidays!
8. I could be the worst wrapper of presents, in the history of wrapping presents. I always use one wrapping paper and I love making those bows out of the scrap paper :) Hee hee!
9. This is the last Christmas there will be just hubs and I. Next year, we'll be lucky if we get some socks, with Brady hanging around :) I just can't wait!!
10. I wish I had more money, so everyone I loved could get a gift!
11. I have never spent a holiday alone... knock on wood, Thank you GOD!
12. Midnight Mass (on Christmas eve) when we go to NY always makes me cry. We go to the church my grandparents were married in and it is always snowing, something we rarely get in TX. Midnight Mass is really what Christmas is about, and that make me happy.
Ok, now I guess I tag, Pink Ditz, BB, and Clueless Cat - if your into it... do it! If not, have a fabulous Christmas!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

This Year in Review

Got this idea from Pink Ditz at Twenty Something Bloggers

The year in review.

Post the first sentences/thought from each month. See what was going on. See how random you are each month and see how far you've come.

*Let me prefice this with saying, I didn't start blogging (on here) until June, so the other months are just random thoughts I wrote down :)

January - Italy here I come. (At this point in my life, I wanted to sell everything and move to Italy)

Feb. & March - I didn't write anything, but I know I was starting my company and trying to get used to not working 70+hours a week. I was starting to work from home and it was a huge adjustment!

April - So, as I sit here on this cold, Good Friday, I wonder why people like Country music. It's supposed to reach your soul I guess? Not necessarily my thing, but I guess as you get older, wiser, all your friends start getting married, and having babies. I think maybe their right. Maybe Country music does touch your soul. Here's to all you country lovers and all you country haters. (This one was for my little bro - who is an avid country music fan - and who introduced me to 1 good country song.

May - I died my hair pink and black (simply b/c I worked out of my house and for myself) Then I got pregnant for the first time! We told both sets of parents on mother's day. We got them little baby chew toys. My mother-in-law was speechelss (for once) and my mother started screaming in the middle of this fancy restaurant. Then my dad ordered champagne, and everyone but me got to drink it... hee hee! Not to mention both my birthday and my hubs birthday are in this month, so it was a month long PARTAY!! Then... the last week of May, we no longer had a baby.

June - Let's see. I don't know how to sum this up. I had surgery, died, came back, and ended up with a scar from hell, while I sat in my house trying to heal. (Read More)

July - A new chapter began. My Best guy friend (& my hubs BF for that matter) left for Med School. My Mistress ended (b/c he was also the drummer) and I was just so thankful to be alive, I couldn't contain my excitement.

Aug. - (LOTS went on this month!) First, I tried out for American Idol Dallas. My reviews were good - but I didn't get through. But, because the judges said I had an amazing voice, "I just needed to work on my stage presence," my mom and husband decided to fly my ass to SC to try again. I didn't make it their either, but I got to hang out with my baby bro and my granddad and go to the beach! A personal fav!! Not to mention they still didn't know why I died, so I blogged my favorite post.

Sept - Hubs and I celebrated our 3 yr anniversary! I found out I was preggo... AGAIN. Got extremely worried b/c my scar still hadn't come close to healing and now it was going to be stressed, AND went through my first trimester... week BY week!

Oct - My 2lb bump started showing... finally. I didn't feel AS sick (some of the time.) I got a sonogram. Had a job dilema, and told the world how to nail an interveiw! Also, I got to hang out with the fam and cook them my new favorite dishes and we went and bought Baby, Hubs and I punkin's. Not to mention, my BFF, came over for Halloween with her darling little boy!

Nov - NaBloPoMo! I was one day shy of completing this task. Overall, Hubs and I cooked Thanksgiving at our house. Had both sides of the fam! And it was fun. My belly started showing, so I took a pic! My hair wouldn't dye the right color cuz I am preggo. I got extensions, took a picture and put up Christmas lights. Not to mention my other BFF, Michelle, had a 1yr old birthday party for her gorgeous daughter Grace!!

Dec - Obviously the most exciting news of this month.... we found out we are having a boy. We got a DVD sonogram so the world could see our little man, and I really started showing. Then the first day of the month, I celebrated a very special birthday!! Considering the month isn't over... I guess we'll leave this one with a little more room.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A not too Wordless Wednesday!

So last night my grandma flew in town, and it was so wonderful to see her! She is 85 and still kickin. (Above is my Mom, Me, and Nona at my bridal brunch.) Man, I hope I am as alert and vibrant at that age as she is!

It was so funny last night though, because my poor mom. She turns 50 this year and because she has had asthma for almost her entire life (she almost died when she was 12 - and missed an entire year of school - because her health was so fragile) she has had to be on predinizone (sp??) since the age of 12. Needless to say, long term "steriod" use can give you some crazy symptoms. She has lost most of her hearing, she is legally blind and she is starting to get arthritis. Now, don't be sad when you hear this. She knew these effects would come and she was prepared. She is just so young at heart and so vibrant, it cracks me up that her body doesn't want to follow along. Trust me, she doesn't allow this to stop her on too many occasions. She still gets up at 4:15 to swim with some Romanian swim coach and she wants to try out for the 2020 olympics (not really, but we joke!) and this woman just took my 12 year old bro to learn how to snowboard, and in the summer she is an avid kayaker! She has even tried to convince my hubs to join her on a coupld of occasions.
So last night, we were watching this show, Clash of the Choirs (I don't know... I thought it was pretty good. I may Tivo and let you know how it is) and she was standing right in front of the TV, because she couldn't hear it... poor thing ;D So I grabbed the remote, turned on the closed captioning and we all sat down to eat dinner.
When the show came back on, she kept asking what they were saying, and I said mom, I turned on the sub titles, and she says...
"I can't see them from here."
Oh damn! The whole table started laughing. It was so funny. Godda love my mom. She is so unique in SO many ways. Love ya Momma!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Little Man

So, yesterday when we went to the OB, and we found out our little man is actually due to arrive a little earlier. 4 days to be exact :)

I have gained a total of 13lbs (holy crappy that scares me) and my little man weighs 1 (whole) pound :) :)

He was so cute and so freaking photogenic! The hubs and I decided the nursery will be a good night moon room. We will have navy blue walls with white furniture and my oldest friend Elysa is (maybe - hopefully! *shameless begging will begin here*) going to paint a moon winking at stars. I can't wait. Yeeehee!!

So, here is my beautiful baby boy on his first video. Enjoy!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's a...

Are you ready?? Are you sitting down??

It's a BOY!!!!!

Brady Matthew will be entering the world on April 23rd or somewhere around there.

We are so very excited and we will be uploading the DVD of the sonogram ASAP!

Today is the Day!!

Can you believe it? Today it the day we find out the sex?? OH MY GOSH!!!! I think I slept about 20 min all night, and then finally fell asleep at 7:30am, only to wake up at 8:30am :)

I am so freaking excited. I found out Sat night the hubs is (now) not to thrilled with the boys name. It really has been a bitch trying to come up with one. We love, love, love, our girls name - Isabella Josephine, we'll just call her Bella. But the boy name of Brady Matthew, is apparently not too much of a winner at this moment for him. I hope that is fate saying we are having a girl!

We'll see?? Today at 2:30pm CST I will be posting the big news. Hopefully our baby is as photgenic as it was last time and we will know!
I am also 21 weeks preggo today, which means, my baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — the length of a carrot. His/Her eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed. And you can certainly feel him/her move. He/She's oblivious to your schedule, though, so don't be surprised if he/she starts working out just when you're settling down for the night. If you're having a girl, her vagina is formed now, though it will continue to develop until birth.
My little banana is now my little carrot. Hmmm... not as cute of a name, but it works. Hopefully by the end of today, it will have a name!

Holy Shit, I am officially freaking out! This has gotta be one of the coolest days of my life!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Kick Once for Yes, Twice for No!

So yesterday, I wasn't feeling my normal perky self. I was so tired and drained and just down right blah! We had freezing fog (which still gets me, because isn't fog a gas and if it froze wouldn't that be a solid?? Wouldn't that just mean the fog would drop to the ground?? Ok whatever!) and all I wanted to do was curl on the couch and shnugglle with all my animules!

So about mid day I took a nap and woke up around 3pm. I was starving and my nose was stuffed

**Tangent 2** I started reading What to Expect When your Expecting and they said during the 2nd and 3rd trimester it is not unusual to have a stuffed nose. Ok people, here is my thing. I weigh more than I care to admit, nothing fits right, my ass is getting flatter by the day, I can't sleep on my back or my belly and now this?? Is there anything else, dear old book of pregnancy woes, that you care to inform me about??? Is there anything else that is going to happen to my semi-normal body, while you are trying to grow a human... if so, could you please explain in detail, so that I won't have anymore surprises??? **Tangent Ends**

so I grabbed some toast and proceeded to watch the first 48, schnuggled with all my animals, under a blanket! About 45 min later, I feel the baby doing the jig in my stomach. I mean this child is going to be a dancer, you would have thought the baby was at a nightclub and had too many drinks. He/She was going crazy! Since I only felt the first kick Monday, I was quite surprised at how well, and how many times my little "banana" was moving. I started laughing and called the hubs down to see if he could join in the fun. He ran downstairs and proceeded to place his hand on my belly, when.... the banana said hello :) He smiled and couldn't believe he could feel it!!

Then... in true hubs style... he started talking to the belly. "Kick once for yes (for girl), twice for no." Of course, our little banana stopped moving, but it was still fun.

Can't wait to find out!! Only 3 days now! Yippeee!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Take That! Starbucks!!!!

Since it is like 20 degrees here in good ole Texas, and apparently this morning we are having freezing fog... I say WHA?? I have been drinking this amazing goodness called Suisse Mocha. Oh how I love thee! Mmmm!

You put it in your coffee and stir, and... magnifico... a soy mochachino (just like I get at Starbucks) but WAY less in cost! I am talking this little tiny box-o-goodnees is only like $3 or $4 bucks!!

I am totally obsessed with my friend, Suisse Mocha, and I am just so glad I was introduced to you!

And no worries people, I only drink one cup of (small) coffee in the morning. Plus (my friends can attest) I have never drank a pop in my life. So I feel I have the caffene thing, under control!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday!!

5 days until I found out what this beautiful baby inside my stomach is... Baby Bella or Baby Brady?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Emotion

The emotion of pregnancy has really gotten to me. If you ask all my (real) friends, they will tell you, I am not one to cry for no reason, blow things out of proportion or get all worked up for nothing. Normally, I cry if I have a migraine I can't get rid of or if I find out devistatingly sad news. With this pregnancy hormone, I seem to cry all the damn time. I can't get it out of my system. A cute movie, a lovey dovey Oprah, I mean it just hasn't stopped.

Well, yesterday was one of those days. I did find out some bad news, but nothing that should have had me crying all day. I got to a point, mid day, where I was actually tired of crying. My body felt worn down and limbs and heart felt heavy.

Then in the midst of all the crying and sadness and fret and worry, I felt a little love pat from inside my belly. It was an Unmistakable kick! There she/he was, kicking to let me know she/he loves me and everything (in time) will work out.

All my friends tell me, it is incredible to have this baby that shows such unconditional love the moment they enter the world, and I tend to believe them. But until you feel it for yourself, there are no words to describe what it feels like.

My favorite quote recently says "It is the most amazing day, when you walk in a room as two and leave a room as three." ~ Jerry Seinfeld

It really puts things into perspective! No matter how crazy the emotions are, it is all worth it in the end! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and remember, there is ALWAYS a light at the end of tunnel!

Monday, December 10, 2007

20 Weeks! and 9lbs Pregnant!!

Well folks, I am halfway there! At 2o weeks my baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. She's also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom, and about 10 inches from head to heel — the length of a banana. (For the first 20 weeks, we use measurements taken from the top of the baby's head to her bottom — known as the "crown to rump" measurement. After that, we use measurements from head to toe. This is because a baby's legs are curled up against her torso during the first half of pregnancy and are very hard to measure.)
I am so darn excited! However, I did got a baby shower yesterday, of a close family friend, and (I didn't really know anyone -but my mother-in-law, and her sisters and mother) they couldn't even tell I was pregnant :( You'd think at 5 months, someone would recognize. I guess I shouldn't be complaining (there are women who get told their preggo when they aren') but at 5 months, I was just hoping I wouldn't have to share with people why I have a 9lb bump sitting on my abdomen :) And if the hubs WASN'T sweet enough, he said I have only gained 8lbs, but that I looked tre preggo!
7 days and counting.... My gut says Girl? But we'll see!
Oooh! Totallly forgot to tell you. Last night my dad called, because he was in LA (he travels a TON for business.) and was across the street from the Kodak theater, and the premeire of "PS I Love you!" was there and he actually SAW Hillary Swank. How cool is that? My dad gets to do the coolest stuff. When he was at a convention he "accidentally" got a semi-private concert by Journey. I mean, that is just freakin cool! It was even funnier because he didn't know who Journey actually was and thought, this band sucks, and LEFT! HAHAHAHA!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Boy.... OR... Girl??

Only 8 more days until we find out the sex ... wee hee!

Plus, today I hit the half way mark! 20 weeks here I come!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Disastrous Attempt

Thursday morning I woke up with this horrible pain in my neck. I thought I had slept on it wrong, so I tried to go about my business. Being pregnant (and officially in my 5th month - woo woo!) I am trying to sleep on this body pillow. All my friends that have babies had suggested it, but for some reason, it ain't workin for me!
So I wake up, I can't look left, or right for that matter. I go upstairs only to find the computer Ghettoness I described in the last blog, and try desperatly to proceed with my day. Since the computer is jacked, my neck is jacked, and the maid was due to arrive in an hour. I walk downstairs to start "straightening up."

You see, Hubs was out of town all week, and I was trying desperatly to get better, so that when he came home I could spice up the love life (wink wink.)
I thought when he got home, I would be cooking meatballs in a beautiful nightie with the belly showing proudly.

Yeah... not so much!

Right before the maid comes, I jump in the shower. After being out of the shower for a good 40 min, I start to lather myself up with all types of lotion (no stretch marks are coming this way!) When I notice my legs have become red, bumpy and itchy. I don't know what to do? So I call my mom. She says to call the OB and call her back. The OB says the neck and the rash aren't related. Take a benedryl and call us back if it doesn't go away. I do, and everything is fine. Except now I STILL can't move my neck, I have cotton mouth, AND I am groggy from the benedryl.

The maid leaves and I try to take a nap, still trying desperatly to proceed with my plan.

At 7pm, the one hour countdonw for hubs to get home begins. I try and stand up and realize, the leg cramps are back. My left leg hurts so bad, I almost fell to the ground, I can't move my neck and now my left arm is asleep. I say screw it, so I head to the bedroom, find a beautiful nightie (praying to GOD to let this happen) and put the darn thing on.

I proceed to the kitchen, where I get out my meatball cooking utensils, when my left leg decides, it really doesn't want to stand. I try and lay down and stretch it out, rubbing only with the good right hand. I lay there, in serious pain, counting down the minutes when hubs will arrive. At this point, I realize cooking meatballs in nightie in your 5th month of pregnancy SOUNDED like a brilliant idea at 7am this morning, but the reality is, it is NOT going to happen.

About 15 min later the garage door lifts, I hear a car beep, and the hubs walks into the house. He looks at me (on the floor, with one leg stretched toward the TV, a semi rash on my feet, and a non working neck) and just smiles! I told him, take a good look cuz I am about to go put on my pregnancy PJ's, take a shower and head for bed. He just laughs and says, "ok babe, is there anything I can get ya? You look like your in pain?"

Can you get over this guy? Is he the greatest or what? I try to spice up our lives (before baby comes) and this is what I get. The left side of my body not working, me lying on a heap on the living room floor, with a beautiful nightie that he can't do a damn thing with :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


My laptop is SO Ghetto at this very moment. I feel like this woman, minus the really bad red hair and the tacky bow in her hair! When I went to the grocery store on Monday I totally forgot batteries, so my wireless mouse died and I am currently using a WIRED mouse. All I am gonna say is... cuuuuttte!

Then, this morning, my wireless router decided IT also wanted to die. I spent an hour on the phone with the tech guy, only for him to tell me to go buy another router. In the meantime, he said I could plug the cord (from the wall) directly into my computer. So I currently have 3 wires coming out of my laptop, a huge Fat Cat on my desk, meowing as we speak, and the hubs is at the office today, so he can't even help. Waaaa!! *One tear* For my Ghetto Fabulous laptop.
People, your lucky I even wrote a blog.
Just kidding, I love you all too much not to touch base!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

If you need a laugh...

And I am talking, cry out loud, laugh hysterical... LAUGH! You have got to read this blog. I actually had to stop mid way, because I was crying/laughing so hard I couldn't see the text. WOW! Freaking funny!

Mr. Mochachino!

So, as most of you know, I have a brilliant (I use that word lightly) chihuahua, named Mochachino. He is adorable, has a brain the size of a pea, and he is by far, my favorite dog (even though I only have the one!)

Sometimes I look at the little bugger and think, man, I wish I had his life! So I thought I would share with you....

A Day in the Life of Mochachino!

At around 9AM, the little man peeks his head from under the covers, shakes his body, does a little stretch and then heads to the dog door for his morning pee. He then, walks inside, drinks a little, eats a little, and proceeds to the upstairs (where I have my office) to lay comfortably on the couch upstairs. He is usually accompanied by a cat or two. They snuggle and eventually fall back asleep.

In the afternoon, when I am done working and heading out the door, he will race down to see me, give me a little whimper and then proceed back to the bed, under the covers, where he will sleep until I get home.

Overall, he is a wonderful, quiet dog, that I love dearly!

So yesterday, I proceed with my shcedule, as does Mochachino.

Now, I have to preface this by saying, when Mocha does get mad, which isn't very often, he likes to take toilet paper and rip it up into tiny pieces so that I have to pick it up off the floor, in a million different spots.

Yesterday, apparently, was a day Mochachino was not too happy with me. I walk upstairs to find a whole piece of toilet paper lying on the floor. Mr Mocha dashes into the other room. I pick up the toilet paper, yell at Mocha to stop, and he comes sashaying out of the room, looking like, "I did nothing wrong... what did I do??" (Can't you just see his puppy dog eyes??)

As he proceeds in my office to tell me how good of a dog he has been, I notice little white specs all on his face! My camera broke, but if you would have seen it, it was priceless! Mr Mocha - caught! White handed!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Google This!

Since everyone and their cousin is writing this blog, I thought it would be funny to do it myself. Since I do not own an ipod... I take that back, I own an ipod shuffle, that I have about 3 cd's on (and never use) I can't do the cute shuffle thingy. Yes I know... I live in the dark ages!

So here goes, thanks to Google Analytics!

10. Andrea is fat - ok really! People that is NOT PC. I am pregnant, and YES, I have gained some weight, I would hope you would be kind enough not to search on if I am fat! ;-)

9. Acne 80's - I am sorry... WHAT?? I wrote (read full version here) about having acne and having hair like an 80's rock band, back in my first trimester. I am happy to report, however, that my hair is fab (thanks to extensions) and I have the preggo glow (according to my very kind friends!!)

8. Acne Hot Pocket - again... WHAT?? I don't even want to venture to know what that is, but apparently acne is a huge problem for google readers and I am sorry for those that suffer. Try ProActive. It worked wonders for me!

7. 2 Fat Italian girls - you would think that people would not really want to see 2 FAT Italian girls but apparently that is a very common search? I don't know what you want to do with them, but I say... ewwww!

6. Curly hair + Pregnancy + Sex of Baby = My blog! Yes, I have curly hair, yes I am preggo, and no I do not know the sex of the baby, and really couldn't give you any insight on this. However, I can tell you that when I was born, I had curly hair, then my mom gave me my first haircut (b/c I had hair down to butt at 9 months old) and it grew back straight. THEN... my dad hated my straight hair and permed it in the 8th grade and I have had curly hair ever since. Now, google that!! Hee hee!

5. Fat Italian - again people... what is the weird obsession with fat Italian's?? If you have ever go to Italy, you would quickly realize this is only portrayed in movies. Most Italians are tall, skinny and have IMPECCABLE fashion sense!

4. Italian curly hair - Really, why? Better yet, why is it automatically transported to my blog? Damn those guys and their curly hair fetishes!

3. Androgynous figurine four legs - alrighty then, yes, I did put this on the blog. Why over 20 people are searching on this, I have no idea. Just go buy the book, Eat Pray Love, will ya!

2. Size of Baby 15 weeks - well thank you for considering me such an expert, however, each week I get an email from babycenter telling me exactly what is happening in that week of pregnancy. If your pregnant it is really fun to get those emails!

And the final.... most searched request... that has made you read my blog... drumroll please...

1. Fat Mistress - thank you, thank you. I am not a mistress, however I am a lead singer of a band that is called My Mistress, and once again people, I am not FAT, I am pregnant, get it through your head ;-)

Monday, December 3, 2007

2 Weeks and Counting...

I almost forgot...

It is exactly 14 days until we find out the sex of the baby. Woo hoo!

New York, New York!

Since I am 19 weeks pregnant today!! (Your baby weighs about 8 1/2 ounces, and he measures 6 inches, head to bottom — about the size of a large heirloom tomato. His arms and legs are in the right proportions to each other and the rest of his body now. His kidneys continue to make urine, and the hair on his scalp is sprouting. This is a crucial time for sensory development: Your baby's brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. If your baby is a girl, she has an astonishing 6 million eggs in her ovaries. They'll dwindle to fewer than two million by the time she's born.) YAY! And everything seems to be a smooth as possible, hubs, my dad and I, decided we are going to have a NY baby shower! Since all my fam is up there and I don't get to see them very often, I thought this would be a phenomenal way of sharing the preggo experience!

I got these adorable baby shower invitations (see what they look like here) and they have been mailed off to respective relatives in NY ;-) I can't wait to have a canoli and some carvel ice cream cake! Oh yeah!!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Day of Reflection...

Well, today is December 1st, and it happens to be one of those bittersweet days on my calendar. Today is my grandfather's birthday. He died back in Aug of 2001 (5 days before 9-11 and being from NY, I thank God every day he did not witness that horror.) I remember celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary back in July of that year. It was so much fun to see what a young couple my grandparents were. Vibrant, Italian immigrants, trying to make a life with 2 young kids.

One month later, I was sitting on a plane flying to say goodbye. My grandfather had had another heart attack, and this one was the last one. As I flew to say goodbye to one of my best friends, I just remember thinking. My life is never going to be the same.

When we arrived, I wasn't ready for my father (who rarely shows emotion) to be standing there, eyes red with wiped away tears. I also, wasn't prepared for my brilliant, loving poppy to be sitting there with tubes in every hole and swollen from the dialasis. After I calmed myself down, I sat there, holding his hand a whispering how much I loved him!
I know that he isn't here physically, but I truly feel, he has never missed a special event. I know he was at my wedding, dancing with my grandmother. I know he was there in my hospital holding my hand, and I know he will be there in April when my first baby is born! I never celebrate his death, but I always thank God for him on his birthday. He was such a special person in my life. He was one of those people that if you called him on the phone, he would instantly light up your day! Although, we lived 1,900 miles away, most of my life, he was never too far. Today, I miss my "poppy" but I know he is thinking about me and smiling wherever he is!

On a much happier note... my best friends little girl, Grace, turned 1 yesterday, and today is her beautiful 1st birthday party. Hubs and I are headed there with a peek-a-boo toy in hand (one of her personal favorites!)

So I have to think, on this day of reflection, that today is a day of celebration and thanks. As one life begins, one life is remembered. Wishing you all a very happy Dec 1!

Friday, November 30, 2007

A Martini Always Helps

This was so fun, I thought I would copy it ;-) Single+Cats=Sad gave me this great blog idea for a Fun Friday!

Considering this is the last day of NaBloPoMo (I am almost sad to see it go... ALMOST) I thought I would do something fun!

Rules: You must type the answer to each question into a Google Image search, then pick an image from the first page of results.

1. Age at Next Birthday: 27

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2. Place I would like to travel: Italia (I have been, but it would be nice to go back with hubs)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

3. My favorite place: Rome! (everytime I have gone, there has been someone getting married so I thought this was apropriate!)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

4. My favorite objects: Furla purses and accessories

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

5. My favorite food: Spinach... weird I know!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

6. My favorite color: Pink :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

7. My nickname: Drea (like Matteo, but I am certianly not that pretty or her!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

8. The place I was born: Reston, VA

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

9. Ideal Date: The opera and a good bottle of wine

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

10. Where you hope to be in 5 years: 1 child and twin girls. Living financially comfortably in a beautiful house with hubs. (1 down, twins to go)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hope you all had a wonderful NaBloPoMo!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Diaper Dude

I have to admit, as NaBloPoMo progresses... my blogs are getting more and more random by the hour. Not that I write a blog every hour, but you catch my drift.

A couple of things.

Yesterday, I ran into a very old friend. It was SO awesome to see her! She just had a baby boy (7mnths) his name is Cannon. SO CUTE! And quite large. (25lbs, and 34 inches long... I am like WHAH?) Anyhoo, she told me about the coolest sites. 1. Diaper Dude - ok folks, I consider myself a stylish person (I feel weird saying that, because I know deep down inside I am such a dork that just buys nice clothes) simply because I have always had my "own" sense of fashion. Nothing too flashy, mostly classic and basic colors. So I have been looking for Diaper bags, and I want something no one has, but I want to be practical too. I don't want some Juicy Couture fuzzy white bag, that my child is going to puke on once, and poof... RUINED! I swear, I know someone who had that problem! But, I also want something my hubs can be proud carrying. He is a pretty versatile man... I have put him in many a pink shirts (looks great with his complexion) and he wears it with a smile! So then, she tells me about this site and TA-DA! this is where I will be purchasing the D Bag... and folks check out the prices... CHEAPPY CHEAPPY. Yippee!

2. She also told me about this amazing place where all the celebs design their nursery's, Posh Tots. If I have a boy, I am totally copying this room. Not gonna spend $500 on a lamp (are you kidding with that??) but totally going to copy what I can!

3. All you "Christmas Procastinator's" (as Julie Q put it so kindly ;-) Apparently you are unaware that I have begun to work Part Time for the first time in my LIFE! I have never had this much time to do... Stuff! Hence the reason for the tree, Christmas cards, wrapped presents and so forth. Also, my hubs travels, a lot, and I have lots o spare time to sit and be with the tree and the presents. so don't feel bad my dear bloggy friends. As someone pointed out yesterday, it isn't even December! Just know that I am bored out of my wits here in Texas and need stuff to do!! I have WAY too much energy to sit on my bum and sleep!

If you have any suggestions of fun, cheap, time consuming stuff... that I can do solo and not look like a goober (no movies please) feel free to suggest them. I am dyin' over herah!

Ciao for Now!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...

This is what I look like after blogging too much!
Folks, this could be the best Christmas ever! My Christmas cards have already been sent, we got solar screens yesterday (as an early present from the in-laws) and I wrapped all my gifts :) I wish Christmas was this week. I am ready steady!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So I was reading this funny blog at footsteps in the sand and it was a Meme about putting your IPOD on shuffle and answering questions. Quite humorous!!

So I was thinking, I am always talking about singing, but no one has ever heard this amazing song that my hubs and I wrote one Sunday Morning. And my hubs is TOTALLY singing background... hee hee.

I can't figure out how to upload the thing, but here is the link.

Anyhoo, just being weird, and strangely sentimental. So I thought I would share this with you.

Tell me what you think? Obviously it is not finished. There is only an acoustic guitar, no drums or bass :)

P.S. I think I felt the baby move today. It felt like if you were watching a glass of San Pelligrino and you see the bubbles float to the top. That is kind of what it gelt like? I hope that is it? Otherwise, I must have some very strange gas?!*?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving Biscuts

So everyday I come upstairs to work in my office. I shut the door and procceed to work for the half the day. At least half the day my cat Basil (aka Fatty McFatterson) meows at my door, wanting in, only to lay directly on my desk and papers. I allow it, just because I love him so.

Well, today was the most beautiful thing. Normally he just lays there... waiting for me to scratch his chin or give him kisses, but not today. Today he snuggled up to my knee and put his hands on my stomach and started giving biscuts. I know your thinking... giving biscuts?? What the heck is that? Well folks, my hubs has had cats all his life, and when a baby cat reaches up to his momma to get milk he has to knead the teet so the milk squirts out.

When my hubs was a baby, his mother said knead and all he knew was that you kneaded biscuts, so he calls it giving biscuts. Today my baby Basil, said hello to my baby in the tummy by giving biscuts. I think they are gonna get along just fine!! *Sigh*

3 Things Today (and a damn good laugh!)

1. I am 18 weeks pregnant!!! Considering what happened last time, I never thought I would get to this point! Seriously, I wake up every morning checking to make sure my beautiful baby is still with me, and of course, the 6lb bump is still there, growing every day.
This week from head to bottom, your baby is approximately 5 1/2 inches long (about the length of a bell pepper) and she weighs almost 7 ounces. She's busy flexing her arms and legs — movements that you'll likely start noticing more and more. Her blood vessels are visible through her thin skin and her ears are now in position and stand out from her head. Myelin (a protective covering) is beginning to form around her nerves, a process that will continue for a year after she's born. If you're having a girl, her uterus and Fallopian tubes are formed and in place. If your baby is a boy, his genitals are noticeable, though he may hide them from you during an ultrasound

2. I will be the first to tell you, the G-Men officially suck! I am appaled at Eli's perfomance yesterday, not to mention Shockey, Burress and the rest of 'em. I was so ticked I was actually rooting for the Eagles last night JUST so someone could finally beat the damn pats. Brady... you make me sick. Love the name! Not a fan of the person! Not to mention that puts the damn cowgirls in an even better spot, because the Giants failed misserably, the Redskins lost AND the Eagles lost. I think the dang cowgirls already sealed up the playoffs. :p (that is me with my tongue out in disgust!)

3. I would also like to say, you advertisers.... you know that more than MEN watch Football. I understand I am somewhat of an an anomaly - in terms that I actually love football, would watch it over any other sport, know most of the players and really care about the stats. Yes I know, I am very weird! Here is the thing though, I don't care about freaking cars, beer, fast food or most anything else you try to sell during Football games. But I have to say, even though I have Tivo and have the option of fast fowarding... it just isn't the same unless your watching it live. So yesterday I stumbled across this INCREDIBLE commercial. Again, hate the car, but if this doesn't get your attention and make you laugh, you need some more coffee this morning.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The G-Men

Well folks, right now, the G-Men are losing horribly to the Minnesota Vikings. Eli has already thrown 2 picks and we aren't even at half time. Not only is it cold and raining, and I haven't gotten out all day, my dog is feeling just as depressed as I am.

Sleep Eludes Me...

And it is totally pissing me off! Sleep was my best friend in my first trimester. Really, it was all I ever wanted to do. Now that the second trimester (I am 18 weeks today ... woo woo!) is here and in full gear. I want to go to bed at like 8pm and then I wake up at 6 :( Blugh! I want to sleep until at least 9 on my days off.


Oh! I have posted pics of my turkey and the amazing recipe, seriously if you make turkey for Christmas... you NEED this recipe. Check it out!!


Anyhoo. So yesterday, the hubs and I headed out for some final Christmas shopping. Oh you heard me right folks. I only have 3 more people to shop for. Halleluah, halleluah!!! But, somehow, instead of getting the final 3 gifts, we ended up seeing my grandmother-in-law, and watching No country for old Men. I went off of a fellow blogger's recommendation and tried to ignore the violence because the plot was so awesome. Hmmm, don't know if you can really ignore the violence with that movie (one part, I seriously almost hurled in my popcorn) but the plot was incredible!! It was such an artsy movie, with its color and direction. Plus the camera angles were just amazing. I think, from a person who rarely watches movies, it was a good movie, if you really can get past the violence.


Also, on a very exciting note. Every person I saw yesterday said I finally looked pregnant. And I didn't even have to wear a tight shirt to show off the 5lbs. I don't know if it was all the turkey we ate or even pecan pie? All I know is that it seems overnight, my belly has popped and I am finally showing. The picture above is of Thanksgiving and our Turkey. Tell me what you think? Am I looking preggo yet? And if you don't know the story of the maternity mayhem, feel free to read.

P.S. The picture up top is also a pic with my extensions in! Tell me what you think??

Saturday, November 24, 2007

NaBloPoMo and a Black Friday

These are just a few of my collection :)

I was on such a roll....

and then I missed one day of NaBloPoMo :( *one tear*

I think that getting up at 4:30am on Thanksgiving, sticking my hand in a turkey by 6:30am and not sitting down until 8:45pm... I was just whooped!!
Not to mention yesterday I woke up at 7am, got all my snowglobes out (I collect them, and get one every Christmas) and set up my tree. Needless to say at 8:20pm I was out like a light on the couch :)
Hope you all had fun shopping and had a wonderful day. It is about 35 degrees and raining here, in good ole Texas! I am totally going to vedge today and just relax! Tell me what you did for your day after Thanksgiving??

PS: Julie I am posting Turkey pics as soon as I get them from my rents ;-)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here's wishing you and your family a very merry thanksgiving. May you eat a feast, savor the flavors and enjoy all who you dine with.

Today I am thankful for many things

1. I am very thankful for my hubs and new baby on the way
2. I am very thankful for my family and in-laws
3. I am very thankful for my animals. Mochachino (my chihuahuah) Basil, (My fat cat aka Fatty Mc Fatterson) and Sammy (my skinny, playful cat aka Sammer Bammer)
4. I am very thankful for my friends and Bloggin Buddies (all of you mean more than you know!)
5. And finally I am thankful for all the possessions God has given to us.

May God bless you, so that you will be safe on your journey!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Blogger is being a bitch right now and will not let me upload photos. I will post more pics of the hair as soon as Blogger gets their act together :) Happy Turkey day if I don't see any of you :)

I will be posting pics (on Friday) of the dinner that my hubs and I are preparing. Eek. Say a prayer! hee hee

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Bachelor

Ok, so I just caught up on the Bachelor finale on my tivo and WTF??!*#@??

How could he not chose either?? what is going on?? I kept waiting for him to tell Deanna to go away and then call Jenny back and she would come running back up the stairs with half make-up on and half off. Then he would pick her up and spin her and she would laugh, but be ugly because of her eye makeup ; -)

Hubs and I just kept sitting there like goobers staring at the screen. Tonight is the "After the Rose episode" and you betchyourass I'll be tuning in!

Seriously, did anyone else watch this??

Rapunzel let your hair down...

Wee hee! Got the extension in and I am looking like one hot momma!! It is down to my bra strap and they are curly. Not to mention the curl actually matches up to my natural curl pretty damn well!

The only draw back is that I don't think I am going to be able to straighten my hair... simply because of the extensions. When you run your fingers through your hair they have a possibility of getting caught on the "balls" at your hairline. So it is difficult to flat iron and dry and brush through!

I still love them, and my hubs thinks they are hella sexy. I'm bringing sexy back... UGH! Them other girl don't know where its at... UGH! Sing along...

Monday, November 19, 2007

17 weeks pregnant!!

Went and saw the OB this morning. He got my weight... I have gained a total of 5lbs (right on track for 1lb a week) and we listened to the baby's heartbeat. It is a fantastic 140 beats per minute!! I am supposed to gain 1lb a week from now until the baby is born. Yippee! I was really concerned I hadn't gained enough, cuz everyone says they can't tell I am preggo. Except my daddy did tell me I looked preggo last night... which made me smile :D

As for 17 weeks... this is what is happening!
Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and he's around 5 inches long. The umbilical cord, his lifeline to the placenta, is growing stronger and thicker. Your baby can move his joints, and his skeleton — until now, rubbery cartilage — is starting to harden into bone. Some of it will remain cartilage for years after he's born. A newborn's skeleton has 300 parts (a combination of bone and cartilage). As your child grows, some of these parts harden and fuse together. By the time your baby reaches adulthood, he'll have just 206 bones.

On a different note... I get my hair extensions today. YAY! I cannot contain my excitement! I am so excited! I will post pics tomorrow. Got a ton of stuff to do today. Found more mom pics last night (they make me want to cry they are so freaking cute!) So I am off to work more on the project :)

Ciao for now!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Clean Closets and French Fries!!

Ok folks, the french fry furry is still with me! I can't stop it. I dream of french fries! My mouth waters when I just think of those salty little things. MMMMmmmm. The best is at Bennigan's when you get a turkey o'toole and you dip all the french fry goodness into the honey mustard. OH GOD! I have become a fast food whore! I never eat fast food. Everytime I would drive, by I would cringe. And if I WAS in the mood, I would never allow myself to super size or whatever they call it. No mayonaisse and no bread. Now, as my pregnancy progresses all I think about, want, and eat, are french fries.

It has gotten so serious I asked my doc and he said fried potatoes have more potassium than OJ, Bannanas, and Avacado's... I could be craving Potassium. So instead of allowing myself to have an excuse to scarf a biggie size Fry. I went out, got some potassium pils, and waited! Nothing! I still want french fries as much as I did before I started taking them. I weighed under 100lbs before I got preggo, so the doc said 20-25lbs during this pregnancy should be fine. I think I may have gained 10lbs, and I am halfway to my 5th month. I don't know what to do?? The leg cramps are still there?? My friend says I need to eat calcium, but I drink soy (I am lactose intollerant) and I eat tons of spinach... eek. The french fry frenzy is out of control.

On a slightly lighter note. I watched Oprah yesterday (yes, I am obsessed) and she had this show on hoarders. Now, I am far from a hoarder, but I did have the occasional dirty closet. Well, not anymore folks! Yesterday, I went on a cleaning and purging frenzy!!! I cleaned every closet in the house, got my hubs to finally start cleaning his office and we made our second bath upstairs beautisimal!! You know just in case we have a drunk guest on Turkey day that needs to stay over ;-) Aaaahhh. I love having a very clean house!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Love Letters

So I was catching up on my Oprah's and I saw this show about the greatest love story ever told. Now... the first story they started off with about the guy in the concentration camp *holding back tears* really was just amazing. It could have been one of the greatest love stories ever

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So there was this other story about this woman and man who had written each other love letters for 27 years. They said there were 3 components

1. How I feel today...
2. I love you because...
3. A question of the day... such as "How do I feel when you're sick? How do I feel when you're short with the children? How do I feel when you do something special for me?"

What was also said on the show, was somedays they were mad at each other, some days they didn't speak except for giving each other a love letter. The wife would write... I love you today. Because, that day, it was a choice to love him. Nothing just came out.

She said it takes only 5 minutes and they write it before they go to bed (in a spiral notebook) and then they swap... sometimes not saying a word, other times embracing.

I thought, since I am commited to NaBloPoMo... I should commit to my marriage and attempt to write a love letter a day, to my adoring, wonderful, devoted hubs!

What is your love secret? Date night away from the kids?? Love texts? Telling the person, simply, that you love them? Or something new and inventive? Share with the rest of us!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Yippeee... I got tagged

D-Blogged has been kind enough to tag me for a meme - woopie! Seriously, just the other day I was thinking how cool it would be for some random blogger friend to tag me, and there you go... prayer answered. YES!

So I guess the rules are I have to name 7 random things about myself, that most people don't know. Which, now that I think about it, is going to be kinda hard, because I am sort of an open book. I think most people know pretty much everything about me???

Then I have to tag 7 more bloggers and leave a comment to let 'em know.

First and foremost - 7 random things:

1. I studied French and Italian opera for 9 years of my life. that is how I learned to sing.

2. I learned to count in French before English and I only studied French in school, even though I am, OBVIOUSLY, Italian

3. I speak no Italian. I only know the cusswords they use in NY.

4. I was born in VA, not NY. Right outside of Washington DC actually, but I graduated highschool in CO.

5. I was a gymnast for most of my life.

6. I am only 5" tall. Nothing more, nothing less.

7. I have wanted to move to Italy since I was 5yrs old. I almost bought a run down olive oil mill in Tuscany (before we bought this house) but somehow it didn't work *one tear*

That was probably pretty boring to read, but hey, that is me. Boring and as Elysa would say, bizarre ;)

OK... onto 7 people I want to tag...

1. Elysa at genpink - she was my first blogging friend and the one that got me addicted. I owe it all to you E!!

2. At Home in Rome - one my serious fav's. I am so jealous of her Roman lifestyle

3. Sassy at eye heart internet - freaking hysterical!

4. Nanette at Say it, Don't Spray it

5. Tina Vaziri at the Adventures of Tina and Mr Bee. Hysterical and amazing illustrations, plus she is a fellow Texan ;-)

6. Sognatrice at Bleeding Espresso - nothing but Italian love!

7. CDP at tortious - truly touching!

I'm off to tag my picks. Enjoy the reads. they are great!

Oooohhh... I want a girl!!

Just so I can make this nursery. Black, White and Pink. Saw it on the Oprah show. LOVE IT!! It is SO contemporary, but not too much, plus you could totally transform it to pale blue for a boy, when we have one of those! I can't get enough of it. Plus, I get to buy all white furniture, which I am partial to! Love the softness of the white furniture with the strength of the black! Plus it totally works in the room!

Fabulous Friday!

Man, I love Fridays! My hubsband is OFFICIALLY a genius. He got the dishwasher to work AND we have nice clean dishes for breakfast and lunch *heart beating rapidly*

Last night he made me organic cheese Ravioli... mmm! after my "ordeal" at the hair dressers. Not to mention this morning my soy coffee has been brought upstairs to my office, piping hot with a smile on his face. Is this guy the best or what??

OH! and a long, long, time ago, for a Christmas present or something or other, my hubs bought me this amazing Furla (If your not sure what a Furla is...they make these amazing Italian purses, and I think the designer is associated wtih Mui Mui.) Anyhoo, I walked in my closet yeterday to scope out the purse rack, (I have quite a collection over the years) and low and behold, there is was, the beautiful tan and red Furla, smiling at me to pick it up and wear it!

I grabbed it, threw on a tight cream cable knit turtle neck (showing off the 4 month bump proudly,) jeans, brown boots, a preggo jean jacket from Gap (like this but long sleeves and dark denim) and headed to my hair apt. The day couldn't have been nicer! Not to mention this morning with the best husband in the world!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Folks... we could have lift off!

So... as we now have 3 parts for the dishwasher and the laziest warrenty company in the world to fix it, my hubs has decided to be "handy man Dave" and fix the thing. Hopefully it works, cuz Lord knows I ain't scrubbin one more damn dish! I will write back tomorrow to let you know if the dishes have been succesfully washed :)

On a complete other note, I got step 1 done for the hair extensions. I got my hair colored. A little backstory: I went in 6 wks ago to get it an auburn brownish color, but somehow it turned out dark, dark brown?? Then I go in today, pick the color (out of a swatch) that matches the hair extension and my hair dresser heads in the back room to mix it. She comes out, apply's, and we wait. When she takes the color off, it is a brownish goldish weird color. NOTHING like what the swatch of hair extension looks like, or even the color that she applied for that matter. We sit and think and then she apply's a different brand of color. Just as I am sitting with option #2 on my head, this woman sitting in the next seat says "When I was pregnant my hair wouldn't take the vibrancy of the color. It would only take the undertone." So we check the hair and Fata (nothing!) Madone! I am thinking what the hell... not only is pregnancy making me one ugly Italian but now I am gonna have ugly hair?? OH hell no! So then she thinks, lets bleach the top and the red will take better (b/c it is bleached) and we'll go from there. We don't really have to worry about the bottom half as much because in a couple of days it will be fixed with extensions.
Finally, the blonde takes and she dies it red... really freaking red! I wait and she washes it, for like the 10th time. By this time my head is raw, and my hair is REALLY red. I just have to sit back and laugh because I know it wasn't her fault, but my hormones were really F*ing with her!
So as of now, I have a top half of my head the is REALLY red and a bottom half that is half browish redish goldish.
Not to mention the timeline of this hairtastrophy
1:00 - arrive for apt
1:45 - wash out color
2:30 - apply golidsh browish color
3:45 - bleach top half
4:30 - test pieces of blonde with three different reds/browns/golds
5:15 - add REALLY red
5:45 - wash and dry
6:00 - flat iron and walk out of their
6:25 - walk in the door
I get the extensions on Monday and I will be sure to post with pics! Hopefully it goes better than today. Say a prayer to the hair Gods!
*Disclamer for all you weird preggo people that think you can't die your hair. We are using organic hair dye. My stylist is pregnant and I am pregnant, so I know she wouldn't use anything on my hair to "possibly" screw with the bambina.