Thursday, December 20, 2007

This Year in Review

Got this idea from Pink Ditz at Twenty Something Bloggers

The year in review.

Post the first sentences/thought from each month. See what was going on. See how random you are each month and see how far you've come.

*Let me prefice this with saying, I didn't start blogging (on here) until June, so the other months are just random thoughts I wrote down :)

January - Italy here I come. (At this point in my life, I wanted to sell everything and move to Italy)

Feb. & March - I didn't write anything, but I know I was starting my company and trying to get used to not working 70+hours a week. I was starting to work from home and it was a huge adjustment!

April - So, as I sit here on this cold, Good Friday, I wonder why people like Country music. It's supposed to reach your soul I guess? Not necessarily my thing, but I guess as you get older, wiser, all your friends start getting married, and having babies. I think maybe their right. Maybe Country music does touch your soul. Here's to all you country lovers and all you country haters. (This one was for my little bro - who is an avid country music fan - and who introduced me to 1 good country song.

May - I died my hair pink and black (simply b/c I worked out of my house and for myself) Then I got pregnant for the first time! We told both sets of parents on mother's day. We got them little baby chew toys. My mother-in-law was speechelss (for once) and my mother started screaming in the middle of this fancy restaurant. Then my dad ordered champagne, and everyone but me got to drink it... hee hee! Not to mention both my birthday and my hubs birthday are in this month, so it was a month long PARTAY!! Then... the last week of May, we no longer had a baby.

June - Let's see. I don't know how to sum this up. I had surgery, died, came back, and ended up with a scar from hell, while I sat in my house trying to heal. (Read More)

July - A new chapter began. My Best guy friend (& my hubs BF for that matter) left for Med School. My Mistress ended (b/c he was also the drummer) and I was just so thankful to be alive, I couldn't contain my excitement.

Aug. - (LOTS went on this month!) First, I tried out for American Idol Dallas. My reviews were good - but I didn't get through. But, because the judges said I had an amazing voice, "I just needed to work on my stage presence," my mom and husband decided to fly my ass to SC to try again. I didn't make it their either, but I got to hang out with my baby bro and my granddad and go to the beach! A personal fav!! Not to mention they still didn't know why I died, so I blogged my favorite post.

Sept - Hubs and I celebrated our 3 yr anniversary! I found out I was preggo... AGAIN. Got extremely worried b/c my scar still hadn't come close to healing and now it was going to be stressed, AND went through my first trimester... week BY week!

Oct - My 2lb bump started showing... finally. I didn't feel AS sick (some of the time.) I got a sonogram. Had a job dilema, and told the world how to nail an interveiw! Also, I got to hang out with the fam and cook them my new favorite dishes and we went and bought Baby, Hubs and I punkin's. Not to mention, my BFF, came over for Halloween with her darling little boy!

Nov - NaBloPoMo! I was one day shy of completing this task. Overall, Hubs and I cooked Thanksgiving at our house. Had both sides of the fam! And it was fun. My belly started showing, so I took a pic! My hair wouldn't dye the right color cuz I am preggo. I got extensions, took a picture and put up Christmas lights. Not to mention my other BFF, Michelle, had a 1yr old birthday party for her gorgeous daughter Grace!!

Dec - Obviously the most exciting news of this month.... we found out we are having a boy. We got a DVD sonogram so the world could see our little man, and I really started showing. Then the first day of the month, I celebrated a very special birthday!! Considering the month isn't over... I guess we'll leave this one with a little more room.


Michelle said...

What a year it has been for you!! My goodness you have been through alot! I am so glad that you are healthy now and that you are so excited about you pregnancy! I can't wait to see what 2008 will bring for you!

Tina Vaziri said...

What an exciting year! 2008 will top it, for sure, with the new baby boy, you're going to have so much to tell us about, but maybe a little less time to do it in. :D Great post!

Katelin said...

What a great idea for a post. You had quite the year! Glad you're here and healthy and hope 2008 is even better for you! :)

Michelle said...

you had one hell of a year! and just think, next year you'll be able to add the birth of your baby boy to the list! :)

Jamie Lovely said...

Congrats on the boy!!!

Julie Q said...

wow, what a year for you! Well lets just say 2008 is going to be an amazing year for you, welcoming your baby boy to the world!

Nanette said...

Oooh, fun! I was thinking of doing a quick summary of each month in 2007, but this idea may be easier.

Looks like you had quite the year!