Friday, November 16, 2007

Fabulous Friday!

Man, I love Fridays! My hubsband is OFFICIALLY a genius. He got the dishwasher to work AND we have nice clean dishes for breakfast and lunch *heart beating rapidly*

Last night he made me organic cheese Ravioli... mmm! after my "ordeal" at the hair dressers. Not to mention this morning my soy coffee has been brought upstairs to my office, piping hot with a smile on his face. Is this guy the best or what??

OH! and a long, long, time ago, for a Christmas present or something or other, my hubs bought me this amazing Furla (If your not sure what a Furla is...they make these amazing Italian purses, and I think the designer is associated wtih Mui Mui.) Anyhoo, I walked in my closet yeterday to scope out the purse rack, (I have quite a collection over the years) and low and behold, there is was, the beautiful tan and red Furla, smiling at me to pick it up and wear it!

I grabbed it, threw on a tight cream cable knit turtle neck (showing off the 4 month bump proudly,) jeans, brown boots, a preggo jean jacket from Gap (like this but long sleeves and dark denim) and headed to my hair apt. The day couldn't have been nicer! Not to mention this morning with the best husband in the world!!

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Katelin said...

Yay for great things and Fridays! Woo the weekend! :)