Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mr. Mochachino!

So, as most of you know, I have a brilliant (I use that word lightly) chihuahua, named Mochachino. He is adorable, has a brain the size of a pea, and he is by far, my favorite dog (even though I only have the one!)

Sometimes I look at the little bugger and think, man, I wish I had his life! So I thought I would share with you....

A Day in the Life of Mochachino!

At around 9AM, the little man peeks his head from under the covers, shakes his body, does a little stretch and then heads to the dog door for his morning pee. He then, walks inside, drinks a little, eats a little, and proceeds to the upstairs (where I have my office) to lay comfortably on the couch upstairs. He is usually accompanied by a cat or two. They snuggle and eventually fall back asleep.

In the afternoon, when I am done working and heading out the door, he will race down to see me, give me a little whimper and then proceed back to the bed, under the covers, where he will sleep until I get home.

Overall, he is a wonderful, quiet dog, that I love dearly!

So yesterday, I proceed with my shcedule, as does Mochachino.

Now, I have to preface this by saying, when Mocha does get mad, which isn't very often, he likes to take toilet paper and rip it up into tiny pieces so that I have to pick it up off the floor, in a million different spots.

Yesterday, apparently, was a day Mochachino was not too happy with me. I walk upstairs to find a whole piece of toilet paper lying on the floor. Mr Mocha dashes into the other room. I pick up the toilet paper, yell at Mocha to stop, and he comes sashaying out of the room, looking like, "I did nothing wrong... what did I do??" (Can't you just see his puppy dog eyes??)

As he proceeds in my office to tell me how good of a dog he has been, I notice little white specs all on his face! My camera broke, but if you would have seen it, it was priceless! Mr Mocha - caught! White handed!!


Lisa G said...

AWW thats so cute! My pup tears up TP too and hides it under the bed. Every now and then we look and find his secret lair and he looks at us like it's completely normal!

Katelin said...

Aw how cute. And pretty funny, your dog has quite the attitude.

Michelle said...

haha. my cats do that too! they tear up toilet paper and trail it all over my condo. drives me crazy!

Lorelei said...

My Chihuahua has a fetish for socks and feet. He steals socks out of everyone's rooms and drags them to his bed or wherever he happens to be and sleeps with them. He prefers to be rubbed with feet than with hands (especially socked feet), and he enjoys it when someone leaves a tissue lying around so he can rip it up into a million pieces and spread it around.

He's the best dog I've ever had in my whole life.

Julie Q said...

Haha I always think about that too!! Like when we pay rent- we always ask our dog Rocco if he's got his share for us.. Once I even took a cookie away and told him that'd be good enough (i obviously gave it right back to him!)

Valley Girl said...

Dogs are wonderful! I have a chihuahua myself!