Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I had an apt with the Russian Mob

Who just happened to also be a Neruologist :)

Let me back up...

Seriously, I hate doctors offices. I hate the fact that they can keep you waiting for say, 1 hour before you plop your ass on some white paper to... that's right folks... wait some more! Let me just let you sit here reading the most dated issue of People magazine there is and "we'll be with you in a minute." Yeah right, last time a minute took a freaking hour was... hmm... NEVER!

Then I get stuck in the waiting room with this very nice gentleman who just so happens to ask me why I am in a neurology apt when I am so young. Well, kind sir, I am pretty sure you didn't get an MD in the 40 minutes we have been sitting here, but let me tell you. I have been fainting. Ok, nice talking with you. Oh no, oh no, that is not all he wanted to talk about. Greeeat!
"Well, what happens when you have these fainting spells, are you eating enough?"

Um, sir, are you freaking kidding me right now. I am pretty sure I am not sitting in this waiting room for YOUR expert opinion. Luckily, 10 minutes later his name was called and he was along his way, phew!

Seriously, do I have a plaque on my head that says Billy the friendliest patient, please come talk to me, because hey, I've got nothing else better to do with my time. I was really interested in reading how Shiloh was just born. I mean come on! Do people STEAL the new issues of magazines.

Sorry, I digress.

So, I am sitting on the white crinkling paper, with my every move making the loudest sound, when this little man who looks like he just came off the parallel bars from the olympics comes bounding in the room. I really wanted to comment on the dismount, but I held my tongue.

"Ms. (My name here)"

"Dr L, nice to meet you." In the thickest Russian accent you have ever heard in your life. I seriously thought he was going to offer me Borscht any second. You know when Carrie meets the Russian at the red restaurant at midnight and he orders for her. Yeah, think him, with an MD in his name and THEN talk about neurology. Brilliant!!

Then he asks me about my symptoms, blah, blah, blah. He has no idea what is wrong with me, when in the middle of a sentance he says.

"You don't eat enough salt, you like french fry?

"I'm sorry, french fries, do I eat them, um... no I don't eat salt??!?"

"You small girl, most small girl don't eat salt."

"It's not that I don't eat salt for my weight, I just don't like it?"

"Well, you eat salt, and you sleep on 30 degree angle. Ok, now I order test to scan your brain and test your brain waves. Any questions?

"Um... no, I guess?"

"Good, you have good day!!"

Um, alrighty then, Mr Russian Mob Neurologist, I will be sure to eat more salt and sleep at a 30 degree angle. Weeeirrrd! Thank for ordering some test and seeing me for all of 12 seconds, while I sat in your office for my entire life.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Man, I feel old!

I got an email the other week about my 1o year high school reunion. Are you kidding me? It seems like it was yesterday! Shoot!

Then, I look at my life and realize, yeah... it was a while ago :) I have a husband, a baby, a house, and even a dog :) My parents are no longer called by their names but referred to as Nonna and Poppy. Hubs is no longer babe, but daddy, and I, no longer my love but Mommy.

I remember back in the day when I used to sport a 99 key chain. Oh God how young I was! I just thought I was the cat's meow. Bleach blonde hair, green contacts and the "snowboarders" attire, (I grew up in CO).

Now, I get this email saying "the class of 99 would like your input on if we should have our high school reunion during the summer or during Thanksgiving break." I am not sure I am even going to go. I don't speak to anyone from high school, except one person. Plus I haven't been back since 99 when we left.

Would you go? Or, if you went, did you have fun?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Crafty Saturday!!

Thanks to my mom, Hubs and I hung our Awesome drapes today!! I seriously love them! Then, I took this white lamp and a $2 can of spraypaint and made an awesome new addition.


I am so impressed with my crafty Saturday afternoon. Screw you fainting spells! I have stuff to do! Woot!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Update

Well, there really is no update. I have been to a number of doctors this week and they have no real explanation for my illness. The fainting spells seem to be getting worse so my primary doc moved the in depth test of my nodule up to today.

We won't find out anything until next week at the earliest but at least we are on the right track.

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. I am sure things will be fine!

On a happier note, Mr Man is bouncing off the walls lately! He is rolling everywhere, talking all the time, and just being overall rambunctious :) I knew he was going to be a mover and a shaker but I thought I would have a little more time to breathe :D

Also, next week, my girlfriends and the kiddos are all headed to a pumpkin patch!!! I am so excited to take Mr Man and get some adorable pictures! I love fall! I just wish the weather was a little cooler so I could put him in his cute sweaters. Oh well, all in due time!

I will keep you updated on my bizarre health! Hope you all have a great pre-Friday!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Post in which I ask for Prayers!

I got a call from the doctor today and it wasn't the call I was hoping for. Unfortunately, it is not Anemia.

When I went to the doctor originally my thyroid levels were elevated and so he ordered a sonogram. We were hoping it was nothing, but unfortunately they found a nodule.

We are not sure what that means, but I have a more in depth test scheduled on the 8th of Oct.

I would ask that you pray it is nothing serious.

And I leave you with my favorite prayer!
St. Theresa's Prayer:

May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be confident knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Spitting Mad!!

So today, I was seriously spitting mad. I have never actually spat in public, but today I was darn close!

A. Hubs came home from a work trip (where he was gone for 4 days) and decided he didn't sleep on the plane so he wanted to take a nap. I'm sorry, when I want to take a nap with a newborn, that isn't an option. When I tell him this he tells me I have no right to be mad at him. Blugh!!

B. I went to the lighting store with my dad to buy his house a couple of fans and the woman helping us kept giving us bizarre looks. Then finally at the end my dad says, "I am so glad you came with me, because Mom and I would not have been able to decide on anything." Apparently a light went off in her head and she started laughing. She thought I was his wife. Not his daughter. Um... GROSS! Dude... we look alike. Blugh!!

And Finally

I was at Hobby Lobby, paitently waiting in line with my flowers, when this fat old man (FOM), leaning on a cane, behind me starts sighing extremely loud because the woman in front of me had a return. The cashier had called the manager twice before she came. So, when the manager finally came he swings his cane and BANGS it into the line seperator. He starts yelling at the manager

FOM: Lady, don't you have a seperate line for returns, I mean Damn, we all have stuff to do!!
Poor Manager: I'm sorry, sir, normally we do but she is off today
FOM: Well that is Crap, BANG the cane goes again, you're right I said CRAP! Get someone else.

I was utterlly appaled!! B was in his stroller right next to this maniac. So I quickly move him to the other side of the thing. Then, the FOM has the audacity to appologize to the people BEHIND him, saying he had a doctors appointment. So, being the brazen mom I am, I speak up.

Me: You know you should really be appologizing to me, for banging your cane right next to my son!
FOM: When you get to be my age, you are more than welcome to give me advice.
Me: Well, I would think at your age I would know how to act in public, because life is short!!
FOM: You just need to get your stuff and get out of here
Me: Trust me, I'm trying!!
FOM: You know... they don't pay me to be nice
Me: Your damn right about that!!

I just could not believe this FOM was hitting his cane, threatening to do who knows what, right next to my son!

Would you have spoken up?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

5 Months Old!!

Yesterday, Mr Man was 5 months old, and I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to have him in my life.

Some amazing things Mr Man does at 5 months:

  • He say "hi" - yes he does, my mom even heard it 3 or 4 times yesterday.

  • He rolls on his back to his tummy - he hasn't figured out how to roll to his back yet, but I have no doubt he will conquer this soon!

  • He babbles all the time - especially when he is in the car - secretly I think he is singing to the songs, but who knows?

  • He is teething like a fool! He has had diarrhea, spit up, a stuffy nose and has been aggresively putting cold things in his mouth

  • He spins. He hasn't gotten the crawling thing down, but while on his tummy he can do a whole 360.

  • He knows about cause and effect. If he pushes something, he understands it makes sounds, or if he pulls something he understands it will come to him.

  • He LOVES his mural (thank E and O!) Every time I change his diaper he stares at the sun and says ooooohhh!

I know every mom says this, but it is truly a joy to watch your baby grow and learn. Every day is a new adventure, and every day he makes me laugh! I am exhausted and I can't remember what a nap or sleeping throught the night feels like, but to spend as much time with my child as I get to, makes me appreciate life in the smallest way!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Power of Prayer, or a blog for that matter!

Some weird things...

1. The moment I posted the FTD post, I was contacted by customer service and they refunded my money. I guess they have people reading blogs about thier company and any negative posts they contact you. Bizarre, but awesome!

2. They may have found out why I am having my neurological issues. Maybe? They always think they know and it always turns out not to be it. I am hoping they have found what it is (it does fit all my symptoms) and if it is this diagnosis it is easily fixed. Yippeee!

Has the power of a blog or prayer helped you in any way lately?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mr Fussy Pants...

Well, I am settling in back here at home. Doing dishes, mopping floors, making curtains, enjoying the weather and just enjoying being home.

However; today, Mr Man has been so fussy. I can't tell if he is teething or what? For 2 months now he has been chomping on his finger, but it seems he just isn't his happy self.

I am worried he had so much stimulation at the baby sitters that he is bored with me? I am just so confused! He is not sleeping well, and won't stay asleep long either? He isn't sleeping his usual 7 hours at night and he wakes up fussy.

I just hope we can get into a routine and eveything can go back to normal.

What do all you mommy's think?? Teething or something else?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Wine Festival with a little Ike!

The band boys!

The newly engaged couple with hubs


Hubs aka the hottie!

Yesterday, we headed to the local wine festival with some old friends (who are newly engaged) and drank some beer (strange, I know, considering we were at a wine festival) and partied the night away. It was fabulous seeing the band mates again and partying with their gals!

Last night was also the first night B slept at Grammie and Grandpa's. I was hesitant but hubs assured me he would be in good hands, and when we arrived this morning, he was happy as he could be. He apparently slept well, ate well, and was an all around good baby. Go B! Thanks Grammie and Grandpa for letting us get a night out on the town!

The only unfortunate thing that happened that evening is the newly engaged couple was up from Galveston. They have a house down there and they drove up for a little vaca. The problem being that they didn't know Ike was about to hit them, so they boarded no windows, didn't take all their cars and had to leave their stuff.

We are not sure of the damage, but we are praying everything will be ok. I would ask you to keep them in their prayers that all their stuff was not lost in the flood!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun Things about this Friday!

How he is every morning!

My contemplative baby!

Feet meet mouth :)

1. I don't have to work anymore because the babysitter didn't work out. I can't say I am dissapointed in the least about this, but it was nice being in a routine and getting to actually eat a lunch at a normal pace. But hey, spending time with B is where I belong and I will never forget it!!

2. Tonight we are spending with old friends, and I am really looking forward to it. It is going to be so much fun! Who knows... maybe the band will re-convene for one night only :D



The band, back in the day!

3. B is an absolute joy! He talks to me every day, he is excited with the site of his bottle, and he is a rolling, feet grabbing machine!! I took the pictures this morning when he woke up.

4. Also B is sleeping almost through the night. He only wakes up once and really just wants his pacifier. Then he wakes at around 5 AM and we eat our bottle.

5. Not to mention, Mr Man is such a big boy that he has graduated to rice cereal for lunch. The doctor said it would happen sooner than normal for my little boy, but I didn't know it would be this fast!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricanes Starting with I...

Back in 2004, when Hubs and I got married, Hubs planned this amazing honeymoon to Jamaica. It was at this beautiful 5 diamond resort in Ocho Rios, adult only, with only 70 rooms.

When we arrived, we drove down windy roads, and finally ended at this iron gate. It was the most beautiful hotel I had ever seen. It was quaint but grande. It had paintings and when we pulled to the entrance, 2 bellman came to greet us. One grabbed the bags, the other opened the door and asked what we wanted to drink.

"A pina colada" I said, and hubs followed suit.

As we sat in the lobby, we could hear the swish of the ocean. The cool breeze came in the through the back and we closed our eyes for a minute, just enjoying the moment. This was going to be awesome!!!

We were headed to a room (ocean front of course - that's all they had) and we saw this spectacular view!

Photobucket Image Hosting

It was heaven. The pina colada was slowly taking its effect, the breeze was the perfect temperature, and the room was gorgeous! We couldn't wait to head to the beach!

So, hand in hand, we walked down to the beach to scope it out! It was simply breathtaking.

After only 2 days there; however, we noticed we could be in for some trouble...
Hurrican Ivan was possibly heading our way.

Nah, we thought. It's not gonna hit us! What is the possibility of that?

But... on the night of the 3rd day, all the guests were called in the lobby for a "meeting." Hurricane Ivan WAS going to hit us, and it was quickly picking up speed. Possibly a catagory 5.

We were scared but calm, until we saw the owner of the hotel tell us, while gulping a glass of wine, if the weather man was right, we were in its direct path.

We all stared at the board and saw the path - DIRECTLY on top of us.

OMG!!! What are we going to do? Leave, stay?? We started freaking out.

We tried to get a flight, but unfortunately the airport had shut down due to the hurricane. We were stuck and we were in it for the long haul.

The 4th day quickly came and we really starting noticing the weather. While out on the beach, we saw men in trees cutting coconuts out of branches, we saw the chandelier being tied to the railing, and we saw the weather become darker and darker!

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting
This is the day before it hit.
We had "meetings" every night to prepare us. We were supposed to take our clothes and put them in our suitcases and put them in plastic bags and lay them on the bed. We were supposed to bring all valuable items with us. We were to wait in our rooms until they told us we had to go into a bunker.

The hurricane was due to hit us in the middle of the night, so we were told to dress comfortably and for very warm weather. If the hurricane got up to winds of 60 miles an hour they were going to have to turn off the generator.

So... we waited. Then, shortly before 5 pm, all guests - including hubs and I - headed to the bunker.

At first, it was a blasts, we drank champange, ate shrimp cocktail, and talked with other guests. But soon, we could hear the wind ripping outside the doors. We heard things crash and things fall to the ground.

Then, at around one in the morning, they told us the winds had become too strong, they would have to turn off the generator.

Photobucket Image Hosting

The bunker

We sat, with 50 people, from all over the world, in blistering heat. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever been.

You couldn't sleep, because of the heat, and the people that did sleep were snoring so loud it was crazy!

Finally at around 10 am the next morning, we were able to grab our things and head to the room.

This is what we saw:

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

The damage had been done.

As we walked to the room, I thanked God no one was hurt and for keeping us safe.

The rest of the trip was just as amazing as the first days.

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

There were beaches, dinners and laughter, only now we knew every guest intimately!

We call ourselves the 04 bunker squad!

So, as hurricane Ike prepares to hit Texas, I say bring it ON!!! Catagory 3... you've got nothin' on us!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pity Party, table of 1 please.

I am hesitant to write this post, but I really just need to get it out of my head so I can stop worrying. PLEASE don't worry for me, I am sure I will be fine (or at least I need all of you to think that - positive thought please!) but for the past month or so my health has been declining.

Declining may be the wrong word, but I feel like my body is throwing red flags my way that I should pay attention to. I want to make this clear, I have no idea what is wrong, and I could just be freaking out for no reason, but I just feel like my body is giving me signs something is wrong.

For the past month I have had... neurological symptoms (just leave it at that), and today I called my old RN and she said I had to see a neurologist STAT (I feel like I could be on ER with that last sentance). Anywho... I am waiting to get into the doctor so they can tell me I am completely whacked out of my mind healthy and that all is well.

I am a little scared, only because of what happened last time, but I am praying it is a fluke and I have something stupid like Anemia! Pray for Anemia people! Anyway, I would ask all of you to pray that my health is peachy keen!

Phew I feel better, ok not really, but I am trying to keep a positive outlook.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An FTD warning...

So, as I stated on my previous post, hubs bought me this amazing bouquet of melon colored tulips. SO beautiful. However, according to hubs, the day they got there, they showed up in a box (like from UPS) with NO water and another box for the vase. Strange - he thought.

So, he assembled the beautiful flowers and set them for me to see. The problem was they were crooked. I mean some were pointing towards the sky, but most were pointing towards the walls. Now, this arrangement was a $65 bouquet, not a cheapo one from a grocery store or something.

So anyway, by day 2 they had straightened out a tad bit, but by the morning of day 3 they looked like this.


Yeah... awesome! So, if you are in the market for flower buying, beware of FTD. I don't know if it was a fluke or something, but proceed with caution!

Any crazy stories you have of buying something online?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The greatest thing...

Since flats came back in style!! Thank you Fashion Gods!!

So a friend sent me this website, and at first I was like... huh? What is this crap? You go on, tell them what brands you like, what you shop for most (aka boys clothes, men's clothes, shoes or handbags) and then you type in your email and voilla!!!

They send you EVERY single thing that is on sale, in every store! OMG! It is freaking amazing!

At first I thought it was junk mail, but then I got the email and it is chalk full of stuff!

They have boys clothes from GAP on sale, they have Fendi bags on sale, they have AMAZING things, all over the world... ALL ON SALE!

Then, when you click on it, it tells you what store you can get it, if they sell it in the store, the colors they have and the sizes they have, or if you just wanted shipped right to your house.

Can you believe it? You no longer have to go from store to store to check out the sales. It is ALL right there for you.

Holy crappy this is the best thing! If you want the email, I have to "invite" you. So just email me at ajv1811 at hotmail.com and I will send you the link.

Seriously, if you are a fierce shopper, this is the way to go!

Friday, September 5, 2008

A re-cap of sorts

Well, this week has been fun, sad, and just a lot. Like I said before, it was emotionally exhausting dropping my baby off with someone, but after this week, my heart feels a little better. It seems B and I have gotten into a routine and the mornings we get to spend together really help.

Yesterday; however, was awesome! I came home to gorgeous flowers, ribs in the oven, Giants on the TV and my smiling baby! A PERFECT evening to a crazy week!


Tonight, hubs and I plan to spend some quality time together! We are going out for a romantic evening and maybe a movie.

Just wanted t0 say thanks for all the well wishes, and thanks to hubs for a brilliant dinner!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I looked at the clock next to the bed, 4:45 AM, damn - I would have thought I could have slept a little longer! Oh well, I'm up, so lets get this party started! I tiptoe downstairs, with Mochachino clicking his nails behind me.

I enter in the kitchen, only to realize my father is already up and coffee is already brewing. Mmm! What a way to start the best day of my life!

Dad turns to me and says "Hey you! Want some breakfast?"

"Sure, whatcha cookin?'"

"Whatever you want - its your day."

"Right" I say, "How bout some eggs and bacon, and an Italian Mimosa (prosseco and juice)"

"You got it!" Dad said with a smile.

Just then I turn around to see my mom blinking tears from her eyes.

"Good morning my love." She says with the biggest of smiles, "Are you ready?"

"Yep! Never been more ready!" I said with an equally big smile.

Just as my first cup of coffee is being poured, the doorbell rings. It's him! I think.

Then, the door opens and it is the man of the hour, the florist! A HUGE box of BEAUTIFUL bouquets enter through the door. Mochachino is so excited he tries to eat them! A beautiful array of orange, red and yellow flowers. The PERFECT colors, like Autumn in NY!


This day - September 4, 2004 - is going to be the best day of my entire life!

Soon, the doorbell rings again, I have an Italian Mimosa in hand, and the hairstylist and the makeup artist have arrived. Soon, my bridesmaids have gotten up, my Mother in Law has arrived to get her hair done and everyone is abuzz with excitement!

After primping and getting beautiful it is time for the dress!


I bring it downstairs and my bridesmaids help me slide it on. Perfect!! Fits like a glove! My skin is tan, my lips are red, and I am ready to go! Soon to be a Mrs!!

As we pile in the limo I look around. My "baby" cousins who are so big it makes me want to cry, my dad, cigar in hand, and my bridesmaids, all looking at me with smiles on their faces.


We arrive at the church and the photographer's flash bulb starts going full speed. My aunts, my uncles, my cousins and my friends all want a picture with the bride. I look around to try and cherish this moment, but it all seems to be moving so fast. Suddenly, I am dizzy, I gulp water and realize I am about to walk down the aisle.

From a distance I hear the music, a booming organ, and the big church doors opening and closing. People are arriving, and are being seated, it is almost time!!

The next thing I know, the wedding coordinator enters the bridal room. My father and I look at each other, link arms and walk to the doors of the church. She adjusts my bouquet, I squeeze my dad, and she says smile!


As the grande white doors open, I see him, staring like a kid in a candy store. His grin says it all. This IS the happiest day of our lives.

My father and I walk down the aisle (what seems to be at warp speed) and there I am. Holding my fathers arm and my soon-to-be husband's hand. The minister is peering up at us and hubs and I look at each other and smile.


After speaches and candle lighting the words are spoken... "I do!"

As I kiss the man of my dreams, I realize, this is where it all begins. This the true test of God, a marriage.


We walk down the aisle hand in hand, relishing the moment. The rest of the night, we dance and kiss and sing with the band. We exchange hugs with all the family that is in town and all the family that is always here. We drink wine and we laugh.





As I look back on this 4 year anniversary, I realize we have done so much. We have conqured issues, we have worked as a team, and we have created one of the most special things on earth... a baby boy!

For me, this marriage, is about exploring each new day with the man I love. It is drinking coffe in the morning, telling each other about our day, and kissing each other before we go to bed. It is the small thing we should be thankful for, like the endless love we have for each other.

So today, I am here to say thanks to hubs, for always being there for me, for always loving me, and for the endless support you give. Muahh!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some Ranting...

A) Does anyone watch America's Got Talent? Seriously, is David Hasslehoff like Paula Abdul with a penis or what? I mean he says the dumbest stuff!

*I am putting a disclaimer for the rest of this post for all the lovely men that read the blog (dad, Uncle R ;-)

B) I am taking this Fenugreek to produce more milk and what they don't tell you is that you end up being a walking waffle. I swear, slap some butter on me and pop my ass in the toaster. Every damn part of you oozes maple syrup! Geesh!

C) I broke my toe the other day on my baby bro's ripstik. Idiot me!

D) Yesterday was B's first day in daycare. I cried the entire way to my new job. Then, I spent an hour in traffic and when I got home, my little man was fast asleep and I didnt' get to schnuggle until 11 pm. Today, I have to do it again. Ugh. Break my freaking heart!

And this awesome, friendly, post is brought to you by my dear Aunt Flo who has yet to grace to me with her presence, but decided to drop her kids - pissy mood, sheer exhaustion and crampy - off to play befor the aunt comes to play :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dear Dad,

My dad, Thanksgiving, 1960

My parents wedding, 1980

My wedding, 2004

For all that you have given me, all that you have helped me through and all that we have shared, words will never be enough to describe how much you mean to me.

It was Sunday morning, you would try and sneak in my room but the wooden floors in our small townhouse would creak and I knew you were right outside my door. I would try and shut my eyes, but you always knew I wasn’t sleeping. You would take out my shorts and my beat up Giants jersey (that was 3 times too big) and we would head to our favorite little place, The Vienna Inn. I would sit there, staring at my wonderful daddy, eating my pancakes, just enjoying the moment.

I remember Thursday nights in the hot summer, driving the golf cart at the country club, as I watched you slaughter the competition. You were always the best golfer in my eyes. No matter if you didn’t sink the putt or if you sliced it a little. You were always the A player!

I remember when you taught me how to play golf, and I won the country club championship and how the trophy was bigger than I was. You carried it on our way to the car and I could see just how proud you were. Your daughter, the little golf champ. I knew when you put that trophy next to your own, how much it meant that we shared the same passion.

When I see your face, the memories and smells of my childhood, start coming back. I remember homemade Fettuccini, stinky squid and amazing Osso Bucco. I always remember you standing over the stove, stirring, dicing and cooking something. I am glad that is a new passion we share. The aroma of walking into your house is a thing I will never forget.

So… today you are 55. You are a loved son, brother, father and now grandfather. I hope this day brings as much love and peace as you deserve. You are an amazing father and I just want to let you know, it is not the big things you do, but simply your presence that means the world to me.

I love you daddy!

In the Jungle...

The mighty jungle... the Lion sleeps tonight!!!

OH yes, my dear freaders, Mr Man decided last night was THE night. I am talking THE night here. The BIG night of...

Sleeping all the way through the night!! Yeah buddy!

He went to sleep at 9 pm and slept until 6 am.

I cannot believe we didn't have to get up 2 or 3 times!!! Hubs and I kept checking out the monitor (I think every hour - we have a video monitor (a MUST have)) but nothing was happening. Mr Man was sound asleep in his big crib.

I'm such a proud Momma!

Everyone told me to let him cry and don't feed him, but I ignored them. I was hell bent on letting HIM decide when he was ready, and I guess, last night was the night.