Thursday, November 29, 2007

Diaper Dude

I have to admit, as NaBloPoMo progresses... my blogs are getting more and more random by the hour. Not that I write a blog every hour, but you catch my drift.

A couple of things.

Yesterday, I ran into a very old friend. It was SO awesome to see her! She just had a baby boy (7mnths) his name is Cannon. SO CUTE! And quite large. (25lbs, and 34 inches long... I am like WHAH?) Anyhoo, she told me about the coolest sites. 1. Diaper Dude - ok folks, I consider myself a stylish person (I feel weird saying that, because I know deep down inside I am such a dork that just buys nice clothes) simply because I have always had my "own" sense of fashion. Nothing too flashy, mostly classic and basic colors. So I have been looking for Diaper bags, and I want something no one has, but I want to be practical too. I don't want some Juicy Couture fuzzy white bag, that my child is going to puke on once, and poof... RUINED! I swear, I know someone who had that problem! But, I also want something my hubs can be proud carrying. He is a pretty versatile man... I have put him in many a pink shirts (looks great with his complexion) and he wears it with a smile! So then, she tells me about this site and TA-DA! this is where I will be purchasing the D Bag... and folks check out the prices... CHEAPPY CHEAPPY. Yippee!

2. She also told me about this amazing place where all the celebs design their nursery's, Posh Tots. If I have a boy, I am totally copying this room. Not gonna spend $500 on a lamp (are you kidding with that??) but totally going to copy what I can!

3. All you "Christmas Procastinator's" (as Julie Q put it so kindly ;-) Apparently you are unaware that I have begun to work Part Time for the first time in my LIFE! I have never had this much time to do... Stuff! Hence the reason for the tree, Christmas cards, wrapped presents and so forth. Also, my hubs travels, a lot, and I have lots o spare time to sit and be with the tree and the presents. so don't feel bad my dear bloggy friends. As someone pointed out yesterday, it isn't even December! Just know that I am bored out of my wits here in Texas and need stuff to do!! I have WAY too much energy to sit on my bum and sleep!

If you have any suggestions of fun, cheap, time consuming stuff... that I can do solo and not look like a goober (no movies please) feel free to suggest them. I am dyin' over herah!

Ciao for Now!


Michelle said...

i used to work at babies r us and always LOVED looking at the diaper bags. they are getting more and more stylish nowadays. why not have a separate bag for your husband? a lot of people registering would have 2 on their list. a "manly" bag and a "girly" bag. lol. apparently the guys are just as particular about what they carry. :)

Andrea said...

Michelle: Good Point!

Andrea said...
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elysa said...

I actually have heard of Diaper Dude, that's so fun. I love those Posh Tots stuff.

And I definitely got home from work yesterday to your Christmas card in the mail, you weren't kidding with that.

I think I have no suggestions for entertainment because I have zippo free time. How bout you work for me so I can lounge I'm pretty good at that.

Katelin said...

Haha, I love the Diaper Dude, that's awesome. And quite stylin.

As for fun stuff to do, ummm work on photo albums, watch some movies, haha I'm pretty lame with ideas now, but I'll let you know if I can think of more.

Julie Q said...

i took the summer off since i was switching jobs, and i totally hear ya! my schedule every day was gym or tanning by the pool in the morning, errands, ironing at 3pm while watching General Hospital, and then attempting to cook dinner. I miss being home already (but paychecks are fun too b/c the allow you to go shopping!)

Anonymous said...

You could always volunteer! I volunteer with the Red Cross and I love it. There's tons of different things you can do and it's just whenever you have free time. Otherwise, there's probably a lot of groups that need volunteer help around Christmas!

Valley Girl said...

Oooo....Posh Tots. Sounds like my kinda place!!!

Andrea said...

Elysa: Wasn't kidding about the cards in the least!

Katelin: Work on photo albums, that sounds fun!

Martini: that sounds like a fabulous idea. I think I will look into that.