Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Google This!

Since everyone and their cousin is writing this blog, I thought it would be funny to do it myself. Since I do not own an ipod... I take that back, I own an ipod shuffle, that I have about 3 cd's on (and never use) I can't do the cute shuffle thingy. Yes I know... I live in the dark ages!

So here goes, thanks to Google Analytics!

10. Andrea is fat - ok really! People that is NOT PC. I am pregnant, and YES, I have gained some weight, I would hope you would be kind enough not to search on if I am fat! ;-)

9. Acne 80's - I am sorry... WHAT?? I wrote (read full version here) about having acne and having hair like an 80's rock band, back in my first trimester. I am happy to report, however, that my hair is fab (thanks to extensions) and I have the preggo glow (according to my very kind friends!!)

8. Acne Hot Pocket - again... WHAT?? I don't even want to venture to know what that is, but apparently acne is a huge problem for google readers and I am sorry for those that suffer. Try ProActive. It worked wonders for me!

7. 2 Fat Italian girls - you would think that people would not really want to see 2 FAT Italian girls but apparently that is a very common search? I don't know what you want to do with them, but I say... ewwww!

6. Curly hair + Pregnancy + Sex of Baby = My blog! Yes, I have curly hair, yes I am preggo, and no I do not know the sex of the baby, and really couldn't give you any insight on this. However, I can tell you that when I was born, I had curly hair, then my mom gave me my first haircut (b/c I had hair down to butt at 9 months old) and it grew back straight. THEN... my dad hated my straight hair and permed it in the 8th grade and I have had curly hair ever since. Now, google that!! Hee hee!

5. Fat Italian - again people... what is the weird obsession with fat Italian's?? If you have ever go to Italy, you would quickly realize this is only portrayed in movies. Most Italians are tall, skinny and have IMPECCABLE fashion sense!

4. Italian curly hair - Really, why? Better yet, why is it automatically transported to my blog? Damn those guys and their curly hair fetishes!

3. Androgynous figurine four legs - alrighty then, yes, I did put this on the blog. Why over 20 people are searching on this, I have no idea. Just go buy the book, Eat Pray Love, will ya!

2. Size of Baby 15 weeks - well thank you for considering me such an expert, however, each week I get an email from babycenter telling me exactly what is happening in that week of pregnancy. If your pregnant it is really fun to get those emails!

And the final.... most searched request... that has made you read my blog... drumroll please...

1. Fat Mistress - thank you, thank you. I am not a mistress, however I am a lead singer of a band that is called My Mistress, and once again people, I am not FAT, I am pregnant, get it through your head ;-)


Katelin said...

Haha, I love seeing how people get to my blog. And you are definitely not fat, simply preggo and lovely :)

Julie Q said...

this is by far one of the best google posts i've seen!!!!!! those are some crazy people out there on google :)

Ashlie said...

That is so funny! Makes you wonder what's wrong with some of these weirdos. My favorite one recently is "gay flight attendant in life vest picture". To bad I own no such picture, as I might be able to charge....

Ashlie said...
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Michelle said...

these posts are so fun to read. i love google analytics :)

Valley Girl said...

Acne Hot Pocket? Oh my.