Saturday, November 17, 2007

Love Letters

So I was catching up on my Oprah's and I saw this show about the greatest love story ever told. Now... the first story they started off with about the guy in the concentration camp *holding back tears* really was just amazing. It could have been one of the greatest love stories ever

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So there was this other story about this woman and man who had written each other love letters for 27 years. They said there were 3 components

1. How I feel today...
2. I love you because...
3. A question of the day... such as "How do I feel when you're sick? How do I feel when you're short with the children? How do I feel when you do something special for me?"

What was also said on the show, was somedays they were mad at each other, some days they didn't speak except for giving each other a love letter. The wife would write... I love you today. Because, that day, it was a choice to love him. Nothing just came out.

She said it takes only 5 minutes and they write it before they go to bed (in a spiral notebook) and then they swap... sometimes not saying a word, other times embracing.

I thought, since I am commited to NaBloPoMo... I should commit to my marriage and attempt to write a love letter a day, to my adoring, wonderful, devoted hubs!

What is your love secret? Date night away from the kids?? Love texts? Telling the person, simply, that you love them? Or something new and inventive? Share with the rest of us!


Katana said...

My husband is deployed and I write him a love letter, or an email (sometimes both) each morning. When we're both home, we cook together.... or we try to learn how to cook together because we're certainly no culinary masters :-) but it's fun for us to try, usually we butcher it and call for a pizza instead and eat it by candle light with a bottle of champagne lol.

PS. Love the Andrew Bocelli that was playing.

Nanette said...

Awww, that's sweet!

My hubby and I try to find every opportunity we can to make each other laugh.

Andrea said...

katana: I will say a prayer for you husaband... that IS awesome though, that you guys have such a close relationship when he is home! My hubs and I like to cook as well. I even have a cooking blog.
Nanette: that is a good one too! laughing burns calories AND is fun!

Lorelei said...

A sense of humor, and your mate being your best friend. Going away every once in a while just the two of us is our recipe for success, also. We've been together for almost 26 years!

elysa said...

reason #942 why I love Oprah! What a great idea.

rachel elizabeth said...

omg, i saw this oprah episode too! it made me cry my eyes out. it really makes you want to stop an appreciate the beauty in everyday life. <3