Thursday, November 15, 2007

Folks... we could have lift off!

So... as we now have 3 parts for the dishwasher and the laziest warrenty company in the world to fix it, my hubs has decided to be "handy man Dave" and fix the thing. Hopefully it works, cuz Lord knows I ain't scrubbin one more damn dish! I will write back tomorrow to let you know if the dishes have been succesfully washed :)

On a complete other note, I got step 1 done for the hair extensions. I got my hair colored. A little backstory: I went in 6 wks ago to get it an auburn brownish color, but somehow it turned out dark, dark brown?? Then I go in today, pick the color (out of a swatch) that matches the hair extension and my hair dresser heads in the back room to mix it. She comes out, apply's, and we wait. When she takes the color off, it is a brownish goldish weird color. NOTHING like what the swatch of hair extension looks like, or even the color that she applied for that matter. We sit and think and then she apply's a different brand of color. Just as I am sitting with option #2 on my head, this woman sitting in the next seat says "When I was pregnant my hair wouldn't take the vibrancy of the color. It would only take the undertone." So we check the hair and Fata (nothing!) Madone! I am thinking what the hell... not only is pregnancy making me one ugly Italian but now I am gonna have ugly hair?? OH hell no! So then she thinks, lets bleach the top and the red will take better (b/c it is bleached) and we'll go from there. We don't really have to worry about the bottom half as much because in a couple of days it will be fixed with extensions.
Finally, the blonde takes and she dies it red... really freaking red! I wait and she washes it, for like the 10th time. By this time my head is raw, and my hair is REALLY red. I just have to sit back and laugh because I know it wasn't her fault, but my hormones were really F*ing with her!
So as of now, I have a top half of my head the is REALLY red and a bottom half that is half browish redish goldish.
Not to mention the timeline of this hairtastrophy
1:00 - arrive for apt
1:45 - wash out color
2:30 - apply golidsh browish color
3:45 - bleach top half
4:30 - test pieces of blonde with three different reds/browns/golds
5:15 - add REALLY red
5:45 - wash and dry
6:00 - flat iron and walk out of their
6:25 - walk in the door
I get the extensions on Monday and I will be sure to post with pics! Hopefully it goes better than today. Say a prayer to the hair Gods!
*Disclamer for all you weird preggo people that think you can't die your hair. We are using organic hair dye. My stylist is pregnant and I am pregnant, so I know she wouldn't use anything on my hair to "possibly" screw with the bambina.


Michelle said...

My hair took forever to take to the color when I was preggo. I sat under a heat-thing for like an hour one time. Gotta love those hormones!!!

Valley Girl said...

Hey, I didn't know there was organic hair dye! So THAT'S how Gwen Stefani stayed blonde when she was preggers! 'Cause you know she ain't naturally blonde!

Andrea said...

Michelle: OH My GOSH, there needs to be a preggo handbook called, everything they didn't tell you AND more!

VG: Yeah buddy! Organic is the way to go!

elysa said...

It's official you must have a sitcom about your life. The craziest things happen to you.

Andrea said...

Elysa: Seriously... I think I should! Oh and the latest is I am trying to plan this NY baby shower. OH MY GAWD. These people are crazy!

sassy said...

I think we're living a parallel universe nightmare hair experience. I didn't get too much into the gritty about mine, but it was curiously similar - suffice it to say I'm havign it 'fixed' tomorrow, or at least I hope so.