Saturday, August 18, 2007

We Came, We Saw, We Got a Wristband

Just wanted to give you all an update...
My mom and I flew to Jacksonville, FL, on Wed morning, with my little brother in tow. We get to Jacksonville, and it is a sticky 85 degrees, but we are excited about the prospect and about the opportunity to try again!
We grab some lunch (damn good hot dogs!) from my uncle, take a nap, and at 10:00pm, we start the drive to SC. We heard it was about 5hrs, but at 11pm, really there isn't anyone on the road. So after driving, about 4 hours, we end up in beautiful Charleston, SC!
This was at 1:30 AM. My mom and I decided there really isn't going to be anyone waiting in line, at this hour, so we drive past the collusium, only to see that people are already waiting to park. OH MY GOSH!! Are you kidding. So, as delerius as we are, we start waiting in line. We wait until 6:30 AM, and we are almost the first to register. We grab our wristbands and our tickets and we are off to sight see.... NOT!!
We stumble to an IHOP across the street, where our delerium continues. We order, wait, eat, and drive to the hotel...praying, at this point, they have an open room, that we can crash in. You have to remember the day before I woke up at 3:30am, to board a plane, sleep an hour, then drive 4hrs, stay up all night and now at 7:00am the NEXT morning. My mom and I are just beat!!
I go inside the hotel, schmooze them a little, to get a room, but to our dismay. Check in is at 3pm and they will see what they can do in the meantime, but it isn't looking good :( My mom and I were so tired, we park the car and end up falling asleep in the car, in the parking lot of the hotel. A maid comes out of room, knocks on our door, probably thinking we were bums, and tells us, to come inside. We stumble inside and to our luck, they have gotten a room ready. By this time it is 9:40, the humidity is about 400% and we are looking awesome!! Finally, we are able to take a shower, and sleep.... aaahhh!
That night, we wake up around 5pm, drive to a restaurant called the Noisy Oyster and dine on the best seafood, I have had in the longest time. Then we ordered this key lime pie... holy crap! I have never had a better key lime pie... EVER! Plus, since I am hypo glycemic, the only desert I ever want is key lime pie... so in a way, I am a conniseur :) Seriously the best!!
After dinner, we decided, our bodies had had enough, we needed more rest (man are we crazy or what!!)
The next day we went to this most amazing place, the Magnolia Plantation. It is over 500 acres of beautiful garden, swomp, grounds and houses. It was truly incredible! (I'll post pics and videos as soon as I am back home in TX). Then my mom and I became rebells, got tattoos, shopped and dined on the best ribs (sorry babe) I have ever eaten in my entire life! Sticky Fingers restaurant certainly does live up to its name. We were licking our fingers by the end and with as much as we ate, we could have been wheeled out of the restaurant!
So today rolls around, we go, wait on line and get ready to audition. Since we got there so freakin early Thursday, we were the first to audition. I went up there, sang my heart out, and they decided to pass yet again. Truthfully, I knew this wasn't my path, but I have a lot of support and I appreciate that, so we went. I wouldn't have traded it for the world! I am back in Jacksonville right now, hanging out with the fam.
What's to come... well, my mom and I have decided to write an album, some of jazz standards and others orignals. The album should be out by Christmas (cross your fingers) and we will start marketing, come Jan 1. Thanks for all the support and love! I am not the next American Idol, but I sure am a star :)


elysa said...

Sounds like you guys had quite an adventure. I am pretty sure the sleeping the car is my favorite part.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you had a fun time there, sucks that you didn't get a yellow ticket, oh well stupid judges, what do they know?!? You will always be my American idol. :)