Sunday, June 28, 2009

14 Months!!

As my beautiful son grows older, his personaly becomes more and more defined. Not to mention, there is no keeping up with an active 14 month old.

This is him April 17th :)

He is always contemplative, wondering what I am doing. Whether it is cooking, or talking, or singing or cleaning, he wants to know how he can be of assitance or wants me to show him exactly how things are done.

He is also extremely analytical (He gets this from his daddy)! Wondering why the screw on his Xylephone won't come out when he puts the stick in the hole and turns (I am assuming like dad does at home?).

And he is ever the ham! He laughs when you poke his nose. He laughs when you say the word zipper and he laughs when you smile at him. He is exactly like me in this regard. Not to mention, my little bundle, you are becoming quite the ladies man at school. Walking into the room and having all the girls run up and hug you. You must be a good hugger ;-)

At 14 months love bug, you amaze me everyday.
  • You are saying too many words to count.
  • If I ask you to do something, you go and do it
  • You love water, and milk, and Lord knows you can eat!
  • You run, run, and run! I think it is your favorite activity.
  • You give the best hugs
And most of all, you teach momma new things every month, not to mention, every day!

I am happy to say, for all of you still reading out there, Mr Man has adjusted amazingly to the situation. The divorce was final on Tuesday of this week and the ex and I continue to talk on a regular basis. Sometimes 3 times a day. We finalized things via mediation and we were done shortly after lunch. It was relatively painless. Mr Man is the happiest baby I know and shows no signs of agitation toward the situation (so far). The ex and I praying (and working together) to keep things this friendly and happy throughout his life.

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes, as they seem to be working. God Bless!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Since the divorce, it's no secret, things have been a little different around here.

Time schedules are tighter, it seems like weeks, even months fly by, and it seems like I never get any time to rest.

With that said, there have been other changes.

I feel like, the weeks I don't have my little man, I am trying to get my life back. I think while married to a man that didn't really see me for who I truly was, I lost sight of who I really was.

I was always outgoing, energetic, and a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda person, and I liked that about me. But my ex husband is not that way. He likes schedules, he likes movies, he likes to sit and watch the sunset. At first I thought this was endearing, and I certainly thought it calmed me down, but over time I grew bored of this type of behavior, and in the end, opposites did not attract.

The one thing I will say, is that the ex and I are on wonderful terms. We talk daily, if not twice or three times a day regarding B. I think we talk now, more than we ever did when we were married, which is so nice I cannot even tell you.

However, other people have fallen out of touch. And that saddens me. I had heard that a friend had asked if I had a boyfriend, because of some picture I posted on FB or myspace. I was hurt by this, because I thought as a friend, she should have contacted me, not asked someone else, and so I told her so, via email. I guess this wasn't the right way to convey this message, because she thought I was yelling at her or who knows what, and she ended the friendship.

So... as the divorce is coming to a close, and the ex and I are becoming closer friends, and I am finding myself once again, other people, I am realizing, were not meant to continue to be in my life. It is sad but true.

I know God has an ultimate plan and I know these changes are good, in some way or another, it is just such a strange time in my life. At 28 I always thought I would've had it figured out. The husband, the child, the house. Period the end. But I guess not. I guess life is a mountain, not a beach, and God always has something up his sleeve :)

Here is to more changes, should they come your way, good or bad!

Ciao Darlings!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

13 Months, Tubes and an Appetite to Remember!!

I have been the worst blogger and I appologize! Mr Man is just such a growing boy I don't even know how to keep up!

On May 17th (yes forever ago... slapping my own wrist) Mr Man turned 13 Months. He is such a big boy these days it is almost impossible to write about all that he is doing.

  • He is talking non stop and running all over the place.

  • He loves to run around the corner and hide from any diaper changing or clothing change.

  • He says all types of words, thanks to the tubes in his ears, and he is just an absolute joy.

I think they get more fun the older they get!

So... to the tubes... poor Mr Man got 6 ear infections in 8 weeks. It was horrible. The ex and I didn't know what to do. We were always at the doctor and Mr Man was in such pain we decided to move forward with getting the tubes. Honestly, the procedure wasn't that bad, I mean, nerve racking, but it was over in like 10 minutes. The worst (according to the ex) was the ear drops the poor guy had to endure for 7 days afterwards. However, now, that he has had them for a while, he is a new little guy. It seems he is loving life, running around, watching movies and talking non stop. We are very happy with the decision!

The only other news, is my son's appetite :) The man eats more food than I can count. The other night he ate 6 chicken nuggest (yes you read that correctly), blueberries, and puffs. I couldn't feed the man fast enough. He has an un-rivaled appetite, it is so funny.

Maybe Mr Man will be a NY Giants linebacker after all :)