Tuesday, August 7, 2007

No Worries... Another way, another time!

As most of you know by now, I did not make the first cut of American Idol. Truthfully, I am ok with the result. It was a very unique experience and I wouldn't take it back! It gave me the courage I needed to continue!

On Saturday, Matt and I headed to Texas Stadium to wait in line, just to register, for the auditions Monday. We arrived at 5:30 AM, waited until 10:00 AM, and left with hope, a ticket, and green and yellow wristbands.

We headed back Monday morning, arriving at 4:15 AM. We sat for over 4 hours, just to enter the stadium and sit, once again. I was on FOX 4 news (in the background), and I met tons of cool people. We sat next to the funniest people! As we sat, for a total of 12 hours, we were finally called to walk on the field. We, again, waited in a line and were put in groups of 4. My group headed to table 10. As we moved forward, not one person was asked to move on to the next round... I guess that should have tipped me off ;-) Anyway, my group was up. The nervous engergy started bubbling in the stomach, but I pushed it down, with a smile on my face and my hot legs, staring at the judges! The first girl went up, she was a small black girl with a pink cast. She sang, and to be honest, I said to myself.... I got this in the bag!! I walked up, sang "Orange Colored Sky" by Nat King Cole, they said awesome, can you sing something else. I sand Amy Winehouse "Rehab", as soon as I started, the girl judge, said I knew you were going to sing that... you have the perfect voice for it! As I sang my song, I knew I had nailed it. I didn't flail my arms, didn't jump around or dance, I just knew I had sang those songs to the absolute best of my ability. I stepped back, and waited for the other 2 to sing. There was a tall black gentleman, who sounded, ok, and another, very small girl, maybe 17 at the oldest!!

As I waited ther I could feel my heart pounding! It was crazy. Then they called all 4 of us up to the table. We walked up there, and the girl whispered to the guy. The guy then said, thanks for standing in the heat, we are going to pass. I was about to grab my purse and leave, when the girl told the smallest girl, keep working, your just a little too young. Then she turned to me and said you have a phenominal voice! Show up in Charleston and work on your stage presence! We will definetly pass you through!

I left, upbeat, sweaty and exhausted!! My worst fear, of having them tell me I was mediocer went away, when she told me I was great.

Matt wants us to head to Philly, for the last stop, on the audition run. I'll let you know if it happens. Now I know, show up with goofy choreography and the same song. I should be good!

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elysa said...

It sucks that you didn't get through this time but it sounds like the experience was worth it. That is pretty interesting about your stage presence. If they only knew you could rock the whole stadium.