Friday, November 2, 2007

Preggo Rant!

Here is the thing... it is Friday, my hubby has a cold and I am still in my PJ's at 11am :) What a life I lead... hee hee. As all of you know by now I am pregnant (finally showing) and really enjoying the pregnancy, except for a couple of things.

This is my WTF?? can't pregnant people always be beautiful and never have anything wrong??

I mean we are carrying a child, can't you make us Heidi Klum look-a-like's for just 9 months of our lives?? I mean, I know this would probably put a strain on the economy because more stupid people would just keep having kids and us lovely tax payers would just keep paying for them, just because for 9 months of their lives they could look like Heidi, but come people... REALLY! To see the true strangeness of my pregnancy, click here

My newest preggo annoyance... cramps in my legs. HOly Sh*t! When I was about 12 or 13 I used to get these wicked charlie horses, probably because I was a gymnast or growing or something? Who freaking knows, but they were Pain-I-Ful!! So yesterday, I am sitting at work, no problem, loving my hair and my outfit (mainly because it doesn't look like I just ate too many carbs the day before- it actually looks like I am preggo) and then it hit me. First the sweats started, then I got a little dizzy.

I stood up and ran for dear life speed walked to the bathroom to hurl my breakfast of a delicious PBJ! Ok, I think to myself, not really worried about puking, it comes with the territory. So then I am sitting there and get this wicked cramp in my leg. Madon! I try and start to walk around (the people in my office must think I am a freak at this point) but nothing is helping. Most people say... eat some bananas. BLAH! I freaking hate bananas. So, I head to lunch. After eating a very healthy lunch of grilled chicken and broccoli and some eggdrop soup, I start to feel pukey again. ArGH!

I finally head home to put on my favorite PJ's and climb into my warm bed. But no... relaxation is what you want... not so much, here it comes again. A freaking leg cramp. At this point, I am loudly moaning, and my husband comes downstairs to see what for. I can't walk, I feel pukey, AND now I have this pounding pain in my leg so I can't even get comfortable.

After 30 minutes of the annoying pain I crawl up the stairs to my office to do some research. This is all I freaking find, Leg Cramps


Valley Girl said...

=( You're scaring me. I worry I'll have a hard pregnancy.

Yeah, I hate Halle Berry. How someone can look even MORE beautiful when they're pregnant is beyond comprehension.

Michelle said...

You need to eat a bananna. You need potasium. ALso try taking calicum supplements, the baby is literally pulling calicum from you bones, LITERALLY. Talk to your doc about which one you should take. Can't wait to see the bitty baby bump.

Andrea said...

Valley Girl: I am sure you will be beautiful. Sometime I do feel pretty, just other days I feel like Java the Hut

Michelle: Ewww. I hate bananas! I have started eating them though, but really they don't help. I do take a prenatal, so why doesn't that give me enough calcium? I'll ask the doc. Wuv ya!

Michelle said...

Well, there are some vitamins that you can't mix together, they hinder in the aborption of each other. Maybe drink milk, eat cheese and yogurt? Talk with the doc.