Thursday, December 27, 2007


I wish I had something witty to write or even just something funny. Unfortunately my brain is in blah mode. Maybe it is because I have so much stuff to do in the next couple of weeks, my brain is just overloaded.
This Sun we have this party, that I am not really feeling good about going to. (I'll expand more after the party.)

Then, in one week my NY baby shower takes place, and my brain just won't stop thinking about the food and what to wear. Also, how I am going to get the gifts from NY to TX AND what everyone is going to buy.

Then, the week after we get back is my Mom's 50th birthday, and we haven't scheduled all the plans, and the week after that my baby bro turns 13... eek!

Not to mention, I have a baby room to decorate, baby furniture to buy, a car to sell (currently I drive an Eclipse Spyder Convertible and we know it won't be good for the baby) and a new car to purchase. All while planning and attending baby showers before I get to meet my little man!

UGH! Sorry, that was a brain dump. I just feel like so much is going on and before I know it, time will have run out. So... I will leave you with the cutest baby clothes ever!
Brady got more Christmas gifts than all of us and the little man isn't even here yet ;-)


Michelle said...

gosh now i miss working at babies r us! carter's makes the cutest clothes ever!

Nanette said...

Wow! You're gonna be one busy little lady!

elysa said...

how bout enroll some friends to help. possibly an unemployeed friend who has nothing better to do. I wonder where you could find one of those?

yay for cute tiny baby things.

Andrea said...

Michelle: I know, aren't they cute. they actually came from Janie and Jack!

Nanette: I know ;-)

E: I would love to, should I have any spare money :) You can always come over and help me decorate. We need to grab lunch soon! Call me