Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I am not really supposed to tell anyone, until 3 months, simply because of what happened last time... but no one reads this anyway ;-)

M and I found out we are pregnant... again! YEAH! At first, to be honest, I was scared out of my witts, but now I am just so happy, I can't keep it in any longer!!

As of yesterday I am 7 weeks. We have been to the doc twice, just to make sure, and it looks like everything is in the right spot and my HCG levels are doubling! We are so excited, and hopefully this one goes better than the last one!

Keep your fingers crossed and the prayers coming :)


Michelle said...

I am so proud of you for holding it in as long as you have!! Congrats!!

elysa said...

hey I read this thank you very much!

and yay!!! I totally have a baby present that is fit only for you. Its currently sitting in internet land waiting to be ordered.

Serious when is dinner happening? By the way our party didn't happen because of the silly rain :(