Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Bachelor

Ok, so I just caught up on the Bachelor finale on my tivo and WTF??!*#@??

How could he not chose either?? what is going on?? I kept waiting for him to tell Deanna to go away and then call Jenny back and she would come running back up the stairs with half make-up on and half off. Then he would pick her up and spin her and she would laugh, but be ugly because of her eye makeup ; -)

Hubs and I just kept sitting there like goobers staring at the screen. Tonight is the "After the Rose episode" and you betchyourass I'll be tuning in!

Seriously, did anyone else watch this??


cdp said...

I didn't watch it but could tell from the previews something weird was going on. That is so wrong dude. You gotta pick one. I mean, granted, you will be broken up or cheating on each other before the season even airs; but still. YOU MUST PICK!

Anyhoodle, I haven't forgotten about my tag. I still think it's the sweetest thing ever that you listed me as one of your favorite reads! As you know things have been a little crazy for tortious. And on that note, thank you so much for your sweet and supportive comments the last week or so. All the strength I've gotten from my wonderful bloggy buds has really made all the difference in the world. I will get to that tag soon, and I'll let you know when I've posted it!

Now I'm all curious to know what happened with the After the Rose episode. That whole thing was just sketchy.

Wishing you and yours a warm and blessed holiday -

Michelle said...

I did and what a jack-ass. I mean he said those things and acted that way and felt like they were the two he wanted to be with, and then, oh....nevermind, I don't want to pick either one of you. The boy has got issues!!!
Happy early Turkey day!!

Michelle said...

i didn't see it but i've heard tons about it already! i may be a little on his side because why pick for the sake of tv? if you have no interest in really dating the either one of them? if i were the girls i would want him to be honest i suppose. this makes me weird doesn't it? lol

Andrea said...

CDP: It was weird, and YES you MUST pick!!
No worries about the tag. I wish you and your family a happy and restful T-day :)

Michelle: Seriously... what the heck?

Michelle: I guess your right, and he did look like he was gonna puke right before Deanna but come on, your on a TV show. Don't you know the rules??

ilyana said...

I still.cannot.believe.he.didn't.choose.DEANNA!!!!

I ♥ Deanna. The way that he talked to her and seemed like he didn't want to leave her after she visited his family made his decision to completely dump her crazy to me. I totally understand why she was pissed. I would have been too!