Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I am officially in materninty pants!!

So about two weekends ago Matt and I ventured out to get some maternity pants. I know what your thinking, Why??, but I have already gained 2 lbs, which I am hoping is normal.

So we went to Gap first (because I buy their clothes there regularly) so I figured Gap maternity would be an easy place to shop first. We get there and realize all they have are 2's and 4's maternity which are ginormous on me. Maybe it is because my hips haven't spread as big as normal or you are supposed to grow into them or something? Who knows. They didn't fit. Not to mention every inseam I tried on was a 34. Considering I am 5" nothing... that didn't work!

Then we headed to Motherhood Maternity... I heard great things about it and thought it would be my saviour. WOW was I wrong! First of all they only have S, M, and L... in everything! I am sorry... what? What if your an XS, what if your an XL... come on? What is this 3 sizes fit all. Those 3 sizes didn't even come close to fitting.

I am was so frusterated by the end I was almost in tears. Then I went back to GAP to pick up some shirts and at the cash register the lady asks me if I need a gift receipt. Maybe they ask all the people that because they don't want to be rude, but for some reason that got to me! I said no, they were for me and she began laughing. Look... I understand I am small and petite and a lot of people would die for my figure, but when you 10 weeks preggo and looking for things that make you feel as beautiful as you wished you looked, I don't need things to be 8 times too big and the get laughed at if I want to buy flouncy shirts!

Finally, I headed online (about 2 days later, after my greif had dissapeared) and went to GAP online. I certainly found what I needed. A 0 maternity and short ass legs :) I got my first shippment yesterday and I was SO happy, I almost fell over. I know they are not the cutest things but damn I wish I could wear maternity jeans with everything :) I have to return a skirt but my maternity woes are certainly looking up!

Here's to many more glorious maternity shopping days... ONLINE!

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Michelle said...

Motherhood is like buying clothes at Walmart or Target, you MIGHT find one or two things but not everything you need. Try Old Navy and Target does have maternity too. There is also a Pea in a pod and Mimi maternity too. www.mimimaternity.com
I have plenty of clothes that you could borrow, but they would all fall right off of you and defeat the purpose of wearing clothes to begin with. HAHA! Good luck!