Thursday, August 9, 2007

On The Mend... OK... not even close ;-)

So, today was another day of hell in the life of me! I had another GI apt scheduled. After so many, they really don't bother me, but this one, could take the cake. I saw my GI last week, and a long story short, is that he has no idea what is wrong! He is passing me off to this world renowned GI (the guy actually writes the text books for GI's to study.) His name is Larry Schiller, and because he is SO world renowned, my first apt with him is Oct 3rd. Anyway, I get a call from my original GI and he tells me I could have this very rare disease called "Slow Stomach." Basically what this is, is that you get hungry like a normal person and you eat like a normal person, however, the food pretty much sits in your stomach, while mixing with bile, and the heat of your body makes it rot. So... you, in turn, get sick and nauseas, or just throw up. I have been having nausea and have been throwing up for close to 2 years now. My weight has stayed pretty steady, and they know it isn't chrones, they just can't figure out why a person, so seemingly healthy, is so sick. I am sure you all know this by now, but I am SO SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK!
Anyway, I drive all the way to freaking BFE today, it took about an hour, in rush hour traffic, because they only do this procedure in the morning. I get there, get registered, bring my Harry Potter book and I think I am off to a room, where they will perform this test.
Instead, I am brought to this scanning room, where the nurse proceeds to tell me, I have to eat an egg sandwhich, then she will scan me, they will wait (1 hr) scan again, another hour, scan again, and finally 2 hrs and I will be done, around 2 pm. So I sit and wait for this "egg sandwhich."
So the tech comes back with these microwaved eggs on bread that is slathered with jam. Now first of all, why in the hell would you slather toast with jam, and then put it in a sandwhich, so you are eating sweet eggs, for a person, that OBVIOUSLY has a very weak stomach??? She tells me I have 10 mintues to eat this nastiness and then she will scan me.
As I attempt to eat this thing, I can feel my gag reflexes having a field day. So I ask her, when I am finished, if I have to actually keep this thing down for 4 hours. She reply's, yes, and if I don't the test will be over.
I stand up, she scans my stomach for a minute and scans my back for another minute. Then she tells me to head back out to the waiting room and she will call me in an hour. I am sitting there going... what??... don't I get my own room? So I can at least take a nap or something? She tells me, no, but I am welcome to walk around.
Ok.. listen, I have had so many freaking procedures, I should have a platinum card, and should be treated a little nicer. I mean come on!
As I head back out to the waiting room, all I can hear, is the television in teh backround. Telemundo is on, blaring loudly, and there are about 50 people. There were no other seats, so I had to sit next to this guy, who just happened to be lonely and want to share his whole life story. I mean seriously, I don't go to hosptials to chat with people. Man! I hate that!
Anyway, an hour passes, they scan again. Another hour passes and I am about 10 min from being scanned when I realize, this egg business is NOT staying down. I run up to the admin lady, who is on her myspace page, and IMing someone, and tell her my situation, and that maybe the tech would like to scan me, before I hurl! She tells me, if your gonna hurl, we really can't stop you, but I will tell your tech.
After 3 hours of sitting in a room with telemundo blaring and Billy, your friendliest patient, sitting next to me, I enter the room. The tech scans me and tells me, you have lost too much of the contrast, let me speak with the radiologist and see if we can continue.
After waiting another 15 min she tells me, sorry but the test is going to be inaccurate, and next time, feel free to take my nausea pill befor coming. ARE YOU KIDDING?
I just wasted 4 hours of my time, for you to tell me the test is inaccurate, and before I re-schedule, I should take my nausea pill, so this doesn't happen again. OMG! Whatever....

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