Friday, December 14, 2007

Kick Once for Yes, Twice for No!

So yesterday, I wasn't feeling my normal perky self. I was so tired and drained and just down right blah! We had freezing fog (which still gets me, because isn't fog a gas and if it froze wouldn't that be a solid?? Wouldn't that just mean the fog would drop to the ground?? Ok whatever!) and all I wanted to do was curl on the couch and shnugglle with all my animules!

So about mid day I took a nap and woke up around 3pm. I was starving and my nose was stuffed

**Tangent 2** I started reading What to Expect When your Expecting and they said during the 2nd and 3rd trimester it is not unusual to have a stuffed nose. Ok people, here is my thing. I weigh more than I care to admit, nothing fits right, my ass is getting flatter by the day, I can't sleep on my back or my belly and now this?? Is there anything else, dear old book of pregnancy woes, that you care to inform me about??? Is there anything else that is going to happen to my semi-normal body, while you are trying to grow a human... if so, could you please explain in detail, so that I won't have anymore surprises??? **Tangent Ends**

so I grabbed some toast and proceeded to watch the first 48, schnuggled with all my animals, under a blanket! About 45 min later, I feel the baby doing the jig in my stomach. I mean this child is going to be a dancer, you would have thought the baby was at a nightclub and had too many drinks. He/She was going crazy! Since I only felt the first kick Monday, I was quite surprised at how well, and how many times my little "banana" was moving. I started laughing and called the hubs down to see if he could join in the fun. He ran downstairs and proceeded to place his hand on my belly, when.... the banana said hello :) He smiled and couldn't believe he could feel it!!

Then... in true hubs style... he started talking to the belly. "Kick once for yes (for girl), twice for no." Of course, our little banana stopped moving, but it was still fun.

Can't wait to find out!! Only 3 days now! Yippeee!


Tina Vaziri said...

I love that you call it your banana! I'm getting excited about finding out what it is, hurry hurry hurry!!

Lorelei said...

I used to think my baby was kicking all the time until after he was born and I still felt a lot of what I felt before. I guess it was gas. HAHA! Wait 'til you feel the "roll" - when the baby rolls over and you can watch its knee go across your belly as it turns. It's really freaky. There's an alien in there!!

Katelin said...

Haha, how cute. You've got a baby dancer in the womb. :)

Michelle said...

Oh the changes have only begun my love. It is all worth it in the end, but before you get there you forget what "normal" is.

Rachel said...

ahhh! tomorrows the big day!!! i bet you are so beyond excited! good luck, and i hope everything goes well! i can't wait to hear! <3

A Mental Fracture said...

aww, i bet the hubs was so excited! that must be amazing to feel the 'banana' move and think to yourself, "i helped make that."

i can't wait for you to find out the sex of the baby and i look forward to reading that post.

"kick once for yes, twice for no." freakin' hilarious.