Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sleep Eludes Me...

And it is totally pissing me off! Sleep was my best friend in my first trimester. Really, it was all I ever wanted to do. Now that the second trimester (I am 18 weeks today ... woo woo!) is here and in full gear. I want to go to bed at like 8pm and then I wake up at 6 :( Blugh! I want to sleep until at least 9 on my days off.


Oh! I have posted pics of my turkey and the amazing recipe, seriously if you make turkey for Christmas... you NEED this recipe. Check it out!!


Anyhoo. So yesterday, the hubs and I headed out for some final Christmas shopping. Oh you heard me right folks. I only have 3 more people to shop for. Halleluah, halleluah!!! But, somehow, instead of getting the final 3 gifts, we ended up seeing my grandmother-in-law, and watching No country for old Men. I went off of a fellow blogger's recommendation and tried to ignore the violence because the plot was so awesome. Hmmm, don't know if you can really ignore the violence with that movie (one part, I seriously almost hurled in my popcorn) but the plot was incredible!! It was such an artsy movie, with its color and direction. Plus the camera angles were just amazing. I think, from a person who rarely watches movies, it was a good movie, if you really can get past the violence.


Also, on a very exciting note. Every person I saw yesterday said I finally looked pregnant. And I didn't even have to wear a tight shirt to show off the 5lbs. I don't know if it was all the turkey we ate or even pecan pie? All I know is that it seems overnight, my belly has popped and I am finally showing. The picture above is of Thanksgiving and our Turkey. Tell me what you think? Am I looking preggo yet? And if you don't know the story of the maternity mayhem, feel free to read.

P.S. The picture up top is also a pic with my extensions in! Tell me what you think??


Julie Q said...

Extensions are looking awesome! And I'm glad you liked No Country for Old Men.. definitely not a romantic comedy but like you said an awesome plot.
And about the calendar on my blog- I did it in Illustrator- saved it as a gif and just added it as a picture in the template section of blogger.
Enjoy the rest of your football sunday!

Andrea said...

You too! Go Giants!!

Julie Q said...

Ahh and I totally forgot to tell you that you look pregnant! I think thats the only time in my life I will tell a girl that :) ;)

You got the pregnancy glow to you as well!

Michelle said...

you only have 3 people left to shop for?! i haven't even started. you are my hero.

p.s. i'm liking the long locks :)

Nanette said...

The extensions look great, as do you, my friend!

Andrea said...

Thanks girls! I feel great, even though I am still waiting for my long sleeve, warm GAP stuff to arrive. So I am stuck with regular clothes, fitting a little too tightly!

Valley Girl said...

1. You look beautiful

2. You do not look pregnant, woman! I hope I look like you when I'm preggers!!!

Michelle said...

I see that little bitty bump! And your boobs look huge!! (I can say that considering our friendship, right?) Love ya!!