Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Disastrous Attempt

Thursday morning I woke up with this horrible pain in my neck. I thought I had slept on it wrong, so I tried to go about my business. Being pregnant (and officially in my 5th month - woo woo!) I am trying to sleep on this body pillow. All my friends that have babies had suggested it, but for some reason, it ain't workin for me!
So I wake up, I can't look left, or right for that matter. I go upstairs only to find the computer Ghettoness I described in the last blog, and try desperatly to proceed with my day. Since the computer is jacked, my neck is jacked, and the maid was due to arrive in an hour. I walk downstairs to start "straightening up."

You see, Hubs was out of town all week, and I was trying desperatly to get better, so that when he came home I could spice up the love life (wink wink.)
I thought when he got home, I would be cooking meatballs in a beautiful nightie with the belly showing proudly.

Yeah... not so much!

Right before the maid comes, I jump in the shower. After being out of the shower for a good 40 min, I start to lather myself up with all types of lotion (no stretch marks are coming this way!) When I notice my legs have become red, bumpy and itchy. I don't know what to do? So I call my mom. She says to call the OB and call her back. The OB says the neck and the rash aren't related. Take a benedryl and call us back if it doesn't go away. I do, and everything is fine. Except now I STILL can't move my neck, I have cotton mouth, AND I am groggy from the benedryl.

The maid leaves and I try to take a nap, still trying desperatly to proceed with my plan.

At 7pm, the one hour countdonw for hubs to get home begins. I try and stand up and realize, the leg cramps are back. My left leg hurts so bad, I almost fell to the ground, I can't move my neck and now my left arm is asleep. I say screw it, so I head to the bedroom, find a beautiful nightie (praying to GOD to let this happen) and put the darn thing on.

I proceed to the kitchen, where I get out my meatball cooking utensils, when my left leg decides, it really doesn't want to stand. I try and lay down and stretch it out, rubbing only with the good right hand. I lay there, in serious pain, counting down the minutes when hubs will arrive. At this point, I realize cooking meatballs in nightie in your 5th month of pregnancy SOUNDED like a brilliant idea at 7am this morning, but the reality is, it is NOT going to happen.

About 15 min later the garage door lifts, I hear a car beep, and the hubs walks into the house. He looks at me (on the floor, with one leg stretched toward the TV, a semi rash on my feet, and a non working neck) and just smiles! I told him, take a good look cuz I am about to go put on my pregnancy PJ's, take a shower and head for bed. He just laughs and says, "ok babe, is there anything I can get ya? You look like your in pain?"

Can you get over this guy? Is he the greatest or what? I try to spice up our lives (before baby comes) and this is what I get. The left side of my body not working, me lying on a heap on the living room floor, with a beautiful nightie that he can't do a damn thing with :)


Lorelei said...

Aww! I'm so sorry your evening didn't work out as planned. Don't worry, when the kid turns 18 and moves out then you can work on the love-life again. ;-) Hope you're feeling better today!

Julie Q said...

oh no! I'm sorry you were by yourself during most of that- but it looks like having a supportive and awesome hubby made up for it. I hope your neck feels better soon!

Katelin said...

Aww I'm sorry, that's too bad. At least you tried right? The thought that counts?

If it means anything, when my mom was pregnant she tried to use a body pillow too, but it did not work for her at all.

Anyhoo, hope you're feeling better!

Nanette said...

It's the thought that counts!