Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Hoopla!!

So my dear blogging friend at Jelli pants has tagged me for Holiday Meme.

Here are the rules:
1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas

2. Please refer to it as a 'hoopla' and not the dreaded 'm'-word

3. You have to specifically tag people when you're done. None of this "if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged" stuff is allowed.

4. Please try and do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over before we know it... OK... Got the rules?

P.S. God... if you read this blog... if you could give my friend Jelli Pants a beautiful baby in her tummy, sometime soon, I would certainly appreicate it! Thanks.

Here is my list ;-)
1. Every year, when I was little, my parents and I used to go pick out a Christmas tree, and drink hot cocoa on the drive over. It was one of my most favorite holiday events!!
2. Although, I love decorating, I believe tree's should be a trip down memory lane! All my ornaments (well, since we have only been married 3 years - together 5 - there aren't that many) and my rents ornaments have special meaning! My baby bro and I made a lot of them, there are places we have been and hand made ones from Nona!
3. This year, all I want are stuff for Brady, a vacuum (actually a Dyson), and a camera (to take pics of Brady, of course!)
4. I always by the hubs the best presents!! He can never figure them out, but that is what happens when you love a person so much, you know them better than themselves!
5. I got our first Baby Brady gifts last night. One is the pic above - an it's a boy ornament - from my mother-in-law, and the other was from a dear family friend of one blue and one blue and white striped onesie (sp?) with a light blue hat. It was PRICELESS! Can't wait to see my man, struttin' his stuff in that!
6. My favorite day is Christmas Eve. In the Italian culture (maybe Roman Catholic - who knows - it all merges in my mind) you don't eat meat Christmas Eve. Only Christmas day! So my daddy always prepares an amazing 6-8 course meal for Christmas eve. There is always a soup, shrimp scampi, scungili salad, olive and celery salad, and of course, the piece de resistance... Pasta with Walnuts. Don't worry, most recipes will be on my food blog after Christmas!
7. Christmas songs make me happy! Plus, I think I am a 1940's blues singer, reincarnated, so I love all Rosemary Clooney songs, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennet, and of course the Godfather... Old Blue eyes... Frank Sinatra!! Especially during the holidays!
8. I could be the worst wrapper of presents, in the history of wrapping presents. I always use one wrapping paper and I love making those bows out of the scrap paper :) Hee hee!
9. This is the last Christmas there will be just hubs and I. Next year, we'll be lucky if we get some socks, with Brady hanging around :) I just can't wait!!
10. I wish I had more money, so everyone I loved could get a gift!
11. I have never spent a holiday alone... knock on wood, Thank you GOD!
12. Midnight Mass (on Christmas eve) when we go to NY always makes me cry. We go to the church my grandparents were married in and it is always snowing, something we rarely get in TX. Midnight Mass is really what Christmas is about, and that make me happy.
Ok, now I guess I tag, Pink Ditz, BB, and Clueless Cat - if your into it... do it! If not, have a fabulous Christmas!!


Elise said...

I agree with you about the tree... Ornaments should have some kind of meaning. Its even sweeter if they're homemade. Its a shame life is too busy nowadays... xx

Clueless Cat said...

Thanks for the sweet comment and the tag! I'm so excited for your baby!! heehee Happy holidays :D

Andrea said...

Elise: I agree!!

Cluless: NO worries. Love the blog!

rachel elizabeth said...

the tree at my parents house its so perfect with ornaments she's collected since my her & my dad got marriend 30 years ago (WHAT!?). it's pretty spectacular.

i'm in love with your little ornament though... <3

Katelin said...

Aw what a fun post! I love that you already have stuff for Brady :)

Merry Christmas!

Tina Vaziri said...

You are so cute! I hope you have the best holiday! Merry Christmas!

Valley Girl said...

I miss Midnight Mass.

BlogmasterPg said...

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