Sunday, October 1, 2006

Remember when you were a little girl and everything was easy? Remember on Saturdays when your entire plans for the day consisted of watching Saved by the Bell? Don't we all wish things could be that simple again. Don't we all wish bills didn't have to be paid and people drove you around wherever and whenever you wanted. AAhhh such is life. You live, you learn and then you die.

It seems every day I grow older, every month and every year, there are so many new changes. Some filled with love and others filled with hurt. With a new season comes a new change and each day a new way to solve a new problem.
Most of the time I just wish things could go back to the way it was. No stress, no bills and no hurt. If there is a way to ease the pain, I am an open book. Open to suggestions on how things can go back in time and erase what has been done. What is about to happen today is not going to be easy and I just wanted to let everyone know. I am not as happy as I appear. This crazy and werid life I live.

Sometimes I wish we could all just go back in time.