Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A not too Wordless Wednesday!

So last night my grandma flew in town, and it was so wonderful to see her! She is 85 and still kickin. (Above is my Mom, Me, and Nona at my bridal brunch.) Man, I hope I am as alert and vibrant at that age as she is!

It was so funny last night though, because my poor mom. She turns 50 this year and because she has had asthma for almost her entire life (she almost died when she was 12 - and missed an entire year of school - because her health was so fragile) she has had to be on predinizone (sp??) since the age of 12. Needless to say, long term "steriod" use can give you some crazy symptoms. She has lost most of her hearing, she is legally blind and she is starting to get arthritis. Now, don't be sad when you hear this. She knew these effects would come and she was prepared. She is just so young at heart and so vibrant, it cracks me up that her body doesn't want to follow along. Trust me, she doesn't allow this to stop her on too many occasions. She still gets up at 4:15 to swim with some Romanian swim coach and she wants to try out for the 2020 olympics (not really, but we joke!) and this woman just took my 12 year old bro to learn how to snowboard, and in the summer she is an avid kayaker! She has even tried to convince my hubs to join her on a coupld of occasions.
So last night, we were watching this show, Clash of the Choirs (I don't know... I thought it was pretty good. I may Tivo and let you know how it is) and she was standing right in front of the TV, because she couldn't hear it... poor thing ;D So I grabbed the remote, turned on the closed captioning and we all sat down to eat dinner.
When the show came back on, she kept asking what they were saying, and I said mom, I turned on the sub titles, and she says...
"I can't see them from here."
Oh damn! The whole table started laughing. It was so funny. Godda love my mom. She is so unique in SO many ways. Love ya Momma!!


Rachel said...

awww, thats a cute story! i can totally relate, i have been on prednisone since i was 4, and the docs tell me thats why my eyes are so bad. :o( but it's better to be a little blind & still alive, right?

as for clash of the choirs? i'm not gonna lie, i'm a little obsessed. i needed something to fill the gaping hole left by the end of the american idol season, and this is working out just fine. :o)

and you know, i get to stare at nick lachey for two hours. can't complain there!


Tina Vaziri said...

Your mom sounds super cute! Glad she's still really active.

Katelin said...

Aw that's so cute. Glad your mom is still so active, same with your grandma. That's always a good thing to have.

Nanette said...

Very cute! Your mom has spunk!

I TiVo'd the show but haven't watched it yet. They got me when one of my fav artists, Marc Broussard, sent out an email that said they'd be performing one of his songs that I think will sound AWESOME with a choir!

Michelle said...

glad to hear your mom is able to make light of the situation and is still living it up! :)

and you never know she could make the olympic team ;)

Andrea said...

Rachel: AMEN to that! Man, he is a hottie!

Tina: Super Cute is an understatement :) She is Awesome!

Katelin: Yep! Me too!

Nanette: Spunk is a great word for her!

Michelle: Me too! She is so great.

Julie Q said...

you have some strong beautiful women in your life!