Monday, February 21, 2011

Swift Fingers...

As the smell of meatballs lingered in the air, the bathtub draining played as the background noise to the evening, and as Mr. Man quietly snored on the monitor, I allowed the sheer exhaustion of the day to fill my body.

I slowly climbed in bed and took the first sip of my excruciatingly small glass of wine only to notice...the remote was no where to be found.

Once again I got up, searching through pillows and piles of laundry, only to give up the search and realize Mr. Man is getting to be too big and too sneaky!

I should have known something was amis when I found an old boyfriends sunglasses shoved in a drawer with Mr. Man's pajamas.

As the ball of wits and energy that is my son, quickly approaches 3 years old, I have to sit back and wonder...where has the time gone?

Wrinkles are starting to appear (they're faint...but Lord help me because I can see them!), I am approaching that age that is referred to as the "dirty thirty", and my son is getting bigger by the second.

I never thought my life would be like this, but almost 3 decades in this world, has honestly made me marvel at all God has given me!