Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Emotion

The emotion of pregnancy has really gotten to me. If you ask all my (real) friends, they will tell you, I am not one to cry for no reason, blow things out of proportion or get all worked up for nothing. Normally, I cry if I have a migraine I can't get rid of or if I find out devistatingly sad news. With this pregnancy hormone, I seem to cry all the damn time. I can't get it out of my system. A cute movie, a lovey dovey Oprah, I mean it just hasn't stopped.

Well, yesterday was one of those days. I did find out some bad news, but nothing that should have had me crying all day. I got to a point, mid day, where I was actually tired of crying. My body felt worn down and limbs and heart felt heavy.

Then in the midst of all the crying and sadness and fret and worry, I felt a little love pat from inside my belly. It was an Unmistakable kick! There she/he was, kicking to let me know she/he loves me and everything (in time) will work out.

All my friends tell me, it is incredible to have this baby that shows such unconditional love the moment they enter the world, and I tend to believe them. But until you feel it for yourself, there are no words to describe what it feels like.

My favorite quote recently says "It is the most amazing day, when you walk in a room as two and leave a room as three." ~ Jerry Seinfeld

It really puts things into perspective! No matter how crazy the emotions are, it is all worth it in the end! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, and remember, there is ALWAYS a light at the end of tunnel!


Rachel said...

awww, girl! hang in there!! it's just all those crazy hormones that got you out of whack!! keep your chin up girl, you're halfway there!!!

ps. about sending stuff to the soldiers... it doesn't have to be expensive! flat rate boxes are $9 to ship, and they would love just about anything!! tuna fish is a big request i get from my friend. i always send magazines, granolabars, a few burned cds, you know. for $20, you can really make their day! :o)

Lindsay said...

Oh Honey, I remember those days!
It will get better!

I am so excited you felt a kick!
I have to say the first time I felt Travis... that was the best part of the whole experience!

Cant wait to see you Saturday
love ya

Tina Vaziri said...

Sorry you're feeling down easily, hopefully it will pass soon! Many hugs for you, Andrea!

Lorelei said...

I'm still just as emotional and my DS is 16. It never went away.

Michelle said...

Oh honey! Thoses damn hormones, they will make you think you are crazy!! Remember my favorite quote, "This too say pass." I had to think of this many times that I was an emotional reck during my pregnancy and just after Grace was born. I am so happy you felt the little bean kicked! It becomes soooo really when you start to feel them move. XOXO

Michelle said...

That quote should say "This too SHALL pass." sorry for the type-o

Michelle said...

i don't know very much about pregnancy, but as a woman i do know it is normal to be emotional. and even for no reason at all. you'll have your ups and downs thru this but in the end you will have something so precious!

Katelin said...

Aww, it's okay to cry and be emotional. I'm not pregnant or anything, but I swear over the past couple years I have definitely found myself crying to Extreme Home Makeover and other sappy shows that usually would have had me tearless.

Cry away, and feel better :)

Julie Q said...

awww that's so exciting your baby kicked- was that the first time you felt it??

Andrea said...

Thanks girls!! And yes, Julie, it was the first time I felt it kick!