Thursday, December 13, 2007

Take That! Starbucks!!!!

Since it is like 20 degrees here in good ole Texas, and apparently this morning we are having freezing fog... I say WHA?? I have been drinking this amazing goodness called Suisse Mocha. Oh how I love thee! Mmmm!

You put it in your coffee and stir, and... magnifico... a soy mochachino (just like I get at Starbucks) but WAY less in cost! I am talking this little tiny box-o-goodnees is only like $3 or $4 bucks!!

I am totally obsessed with my friend, Suisse Mocha, and I am just so glad I was introduced to you!

And no worries people, I only drink one cup of (small) coffee in the morning. Plus (my friends can attest) I have never drank a pop in my life. So I feel I have the caffene thing, under control!


Tina Vaziri said...

I used to put low sugar coco in my coffee everyday, mmm it was soo good! But I've cut out most sweets, so now I'm back to tea.

Katelin said...


Julie Q said...

ooo i'll have to try that out!

Lisa said...

Hi, I'm Lisa.. I'm good friends with Michelle Peden. Anyway, just stumbed upon your site and love it. I'll have to check back since we are both preggo. I'm actually 28 weeks pregnant with my second little girl. Can't wait to hear what you are having.

Andrea said...

Tina: Tea is great too. My fav is Darjeehling (sp?)

Katelin: Seriously! mmmm!!

Julieq: You should, it is way worth it!

Lisa: Glad to have you stop by. I have heard all about you. Especially since you are going to be moving a couple houses down from michelle!! Can't wait to meet you!

PS Good luck with YOUR pregnancy!