Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finally... Pictures!!

B, chillin' in the tent on the beach.

Hubs, riding the waves.

Can we go to the beach Momma?

Getting ready for the beach...

B and I, headed for a walk on the beach!

Oh S*&!

Skim boarding!

Dinner time!

I think Momma needs this shirt!

Can you believe this man is 79? This is Granddad!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Days 3, 4 and 5

Actually, I have no idea what day it is... but itsn't that what vacations are all about??

Day 3: We woke up, ate breakfast at this little gem, we should just call the Lard O Factory! Seriously, have you seen my cousin Vinny, where they go in that restaurant and they have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then they order breakfast, and the man puts 18 lbs of lard on the grill. Yeah... needless to say, these 8 lbs may be with me for a while. You gotta love the south!

Then we all headed home to take a nap, read a book, and listen to the rain. During the ran storm, however, the power went off, and we were left to sit there and talk. It was nice to just sit in the dark, have the windows open and hear the rain poor down outside.

Day 4: We sat around in the morning watching Wimbeldon and really did nothing all day. Hubs was meeting up with us that day, so B and I pretty much sat around watching the clock. Until about noon when we noticed it was getting pretty hot in the house. Granddad came in and realized the AC wasn't coming on. He headed up the ladder, only for Hubs, an Uncle and Granddad to come back with the conclusion the AC was caput! Considering it was hot as hell outside, we made the decision to stay in a hotel.

We booked the hotel, packed a night's clothes and headed to dinner. We ate some brilliant BBQ and laughed it up with the waitress.

Day 5: We kissed Granddad goodbye (it was his 79th birthday) and we hit the road to head to the beach. 3 hours later we were sitting in our condo, staring at the waves.

Currently, we're soaking in the sun and riding the waves.

We took B out in the sun breifly, but he realized he didn't like wearing a hat or sunglasses, so I had to bring him back up to the condo. I haven't taken any pictures yet (yes I am a bad mother) but I plan to this evening when I take him to the water, closer to when the sun goes down!

I will be sure to post pics ASAP!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 1 & 2

Day 1: It was 4:30 am when my eyes blinked to an open. I was exhausted but fluttering with anticipation. Did I pack everything? What am I forgetting? Does the cat have food? Where is the dog? What is B doing? I was abuzz with all the lists of things running through my head.
I fed B, hopped in the shower and we were off. The car was packed, the music jamming and I was headed to the rents. A quick stop at Starbucks (damn you soy mocha no whip!) and a short drive and I was there.

The lights were already on when I entered the door. Dad was at the table with his laptop, a cup of coffee, and Mocha and Dexter (his dog cousin) were licking each other to get reaquainted. Baby bro was relaxing on the couch and Mom was finishing her packing.

We were all excited to get on the road. I fed B, left him with Baby Bro, headed to drop off the dog, and by the time I got back Mom was back with the rental car.

Unfortunately, the look on her face said it all.

"This is not going to work" she said.
"What do you mean mom?" I asked, puzzled.
"Well... come see for yourself."

As I walked outside, I noticed what she was talking about. Congratulations! You have rented a 7 passenger car. Now, the only thing you are allowed to bring is one shirt! The stupid "family van" we rented had about 1 feet of trunk space, and was not even going to fit the pack and play, let alone all the rest of our stuff!

So, we called around, and finally found a new car. However, with driving to pick up the new car, unloading all the gear, dropping off the old car, and re-loading all the gear, we were 4 hours behind where we wanted to be. Damn you "family van!"

It was about 12 noon and I was finally behind the drivers seat, ready for the road trip.

It started off innocently enough, laughing about jelly bean flavors and combinations, B sleeping like an angel, in the back. However, after about 6 hours, the lot of us were exhausted and wanting to reach out hotel with desperation.

Finally around 10 pm we walked into the chilled hotel room and all passed out.

Day 2: Again, around 4:30 am we awoke to hit the road. This time we were ready and out the door in less than an hour. B was fed, we gassed up, and the driving commenced. A couple of drive through's later, we were SO ready to be there. B was getting antzy and I think my ass had fallen alseep. Not to mention, if I had to hear one more country song (my baby bro is a fan) I think I may have just bought myself a dog, a trailer and an ex wife!
Finally at 4 pm we pulled on the street. As I sat in the backseat, staring into the eyes of my son, I reminissed about this street. I remember riding my bike up and down, feeding the horses watermelon, and wanting to climb those drooping trees. Oh those trees. How they remind me of my granddad's! He would take me on the riding lawn mower, he would let me ride horses and he told me, everytime I visited, if I stayed here with him, he would buy me a pony of my own.
As I got B out of the carseat, I realized, I should never take these moments for granted. Yeah, spending 19 hours in a car, with my baby bro and mom, isn't the most fun, but it will be a memory I will never forget. Baby bro trying to calm B as his pacifier slips from his mouth. Mom, burping him after a nursing. And me, simply chatting with my mom and baby bro, over coffee.
As of now, I am sitting on a dial up computer in my granddad's office/second bedroom. When I was little, I never slept in this room. It always had the double bed, and I was always only one, so I slept in the other room with the twin bed. But now, a wife and mother, I have been granted the queen bed. So privelged :)
Tonight, I believe we will have company and B will meet more of the fam. Only to meet up with hubs tomorrow, eat some BBQ, and hit the road again Friday. (At least at the hotel there has free internet!) I will be sure to post pics and I would ask that you keep us in our prayers as we drive.
More to come! Ciao, Ciao!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Headed in a


To the


With the


Hopefully to see plenty of these


We'll miss ya! But I'll drink a beer for ya!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Random Thoughts...

Already a ladies man!

A: I am not having a stomach transplant. Apparently my humor did not come across in words. I was attempting to make a joke and ask if they did that, b/c truthfully I think it would solve all my problems. My bad :D

B: I seriously just saw an ad that said, Food costs are soaring, eat less and save money, get lap band procedure. Um... I understand obesity is an epidemic, but REALLY... is that really a good reason you would go under the knife and have your stomach sliced to the size of a grape. Um... I think not! K thx!

C: What is up with So You Think You Can Dance?? Why do they keep kicking off the entire couple? Stupid. We want to see some new couples. However, I am glad, Miss I am a teacher but I have pink hair and I wear slutty clothing however I am really smart and I want to teach your students, got kicked off. Geesh!

D: Still stressed about the trip. I can't sleep at night b/c I keep going over how much crap I have to take to the beach. Now, I found out, my dad probably won't be able to go, which totally devistates me. Of all the people that need a damn vacation it is my father! I mean, first NY, now this! UGH I am so pissed at his company.

E: I am totally excited to leave for 2 weeks and head to the beach, and see all the fam. Not to mention we got our GORGEOUS pictures of Mr Man and I can't wait to frame them all and hang them around my house. I swear, by the time he is 1, we might have a shrine :D He is just so damn cute!

And Finally... Mr Man has started "talking" to us! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I ask him where he wants to go, and he'll sit there and stare at me and Goo and Oooh and tell me all these things. I have tried getting it on camera, just so you all can see, but I have been unable as of yet. However, it will come my dear freaders, it will come!

Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend. Don't know how much I will be writing during my vaca, but check back occasionaly. There should be some adorable beach pictures!

Ciao, Ciao!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

What is that Momma??

Oooh... a Camera... Gimmee!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 Months Today!!!

This is him after his shots - pooped!

Today, Mr Man is 2 months old!

We just got back from the doc's office and Mr Man is more amazing than ever!

He is 24 inches long and he weighs 12.3 lbs!!! I guess the boob juice works!

He also smiled and goo-ed at the doctor. Plus, he showed the doc just how well he is holding his head up. Mr Man is seriously strong and very well mannered! Not to mention a big flirt.

He got his shots, and it was, as expected, horrible. Mommy cried and Daddy did a great job holding him. But, as of now, he is fast asleep in his pack and play.

Hopefully the Tylenol will let him sleep it off. I think Mommy needs a nap, too, after that ordreal!


Oh my gosh. I am so. sick. of. being. sick!

Over the past 2 years I have had some bizarre issues. Some very easily fixed, and others, not so much. See, last year, when I was in the hospital, they discharged me with no diagnosis. Awesome! Then, when I had B, I had that little scare of bleeding out.

It seems I am always the crappy 1% of people that get stuck with weird illnesses, or weird happeneings. Why can't I just be normal? You know... like when the doc says "well, that only happens to .5% of people, so I wouldn't worry about it." And then you DON'T worry, because who is that crazy .5% anyway. Yeah thanks, table for one!

So yesterday, I head to the GI, and he tells me some crappy news. I think I need a stomach transplant... do they do those? How much pain would I be in? Could you nip and tuck this 8 lbs while your at it? Geesh!

One time I just want to go to the doctor and them tell me, "Nope, your perfect, nothing wrong here. Go on your way now."


Not to mention today is B's 2 month checkup. I am really excited for the doctor to tell me Mr Man is the most beautiful baby she has ever seen and that he is a genius (wink, wink), but I am not so thrilled because he gets his first shots. I am so terrified of seeing him in pain! I couldn't even stand it when they pricked his foot. I was crying with him. EEK!

Luckily hubs will be attending this appointment with me, so I may get to leave the room. Oh my gosh, I am so scared. I know it will be fine, but let me tell you, when you hear your child scream in pain, it is more painful for you. Or at least for me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A day of first's!

Happy One Year Anniversary Blog!

Well folks, today is the official blogiversary of my one year post. Last year I was sitting in a hospital bed, staring at my scar and wondering why this grape popsicle tasted so good!

Now... one year later, I am staring at my baby boy "playing" on the floor! So much has changed and so much has been said. However, I have never loved a subject mor than... well... talking about me ;-)

Blogging has been the outlet I never knew I needed. The outlet to free my mind and express my opinions, while "meeting" the most awesome people I have ever met!
So thanks freaders, for an amazing one year!
A First Father's Day
Hubs on his 1st Dad's day!
This is my dad, at his favorite place (the golfcourse), with Mr Man!

Yesterday, was truly a wonderful day! First we had lunch with the in-laws and caught up on some news. Then we headed to the country club for some driving range practice and 9 holes of golf. Well, B and I didn't do that, but hubs got to play with my baby bro and my dad.

Then we came home for some US Open (go Rocco!!) and some delish filet mignon's. My mom and I bought a cake and dad cooked the steak. It was truly a wonderful end, to a brilliant day!
And I leave you all with a brilliant poem!
DADS are special people
No home should be without,
For every family will agree
They are a happy mixture...Of a 'SMALL BOY' and a 'MAN'
And they're very necessary in every 'FAMILY PLAN'
Sometimes they're most demanding, and stern, and firm, and tough
But underneath they're 'soft as silk'
For this is just a 'BLUFF'
But in any kind of trouble Dad reaches out his hand
And you can always count on him to help and understand
And while we do not praise Dad, as often as we should,
We love him and admire him
And while that's understood
It's only fair to emphasize ....His importance and his worth
For if there were no loving Dads
This would be a 'LOVELESS EARTH'
By Helen Steiner Rice

Hope you all had a fab Father's day!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


So, remember the MOH? Well... I recently found out that she had found a guy, had fallen in love and is moving to CA to live with him.

For a long time she has worked for a wine bar, and apparently, she met this guy (who's family owns a vineyard or something like that (I did hear this infor 2nd hand)) at a wine thing in Napa. They fell in love and now she is going to move into his cottage. I mean, can you get any more romantic?

I was so happy when I heard that, that I put all feelings aside, and decided to send a text.

Me: Just heard the news about the guy. Congrats!!! Good luck with the move as well!

MOH: Thank you.

Ok... I mean, I understand we haven't spoken, but we did have almost 8 years of friendship. Plus, you were my maid of honor for God sake. All I get is a Thank you. Nothing else. I wasn't the one that didn't show up. I was the one that forgave from the get go. Now this? Nothing about B? Nothing about, I saw a picture of your new son and he is cute. Freakin nothing!!

I am seriously hurt. I guess I should have never sent anything, but damn, I was truly happy for the girl. She has had it rough, and it seems it is all finally coming together.

I just really thought I meant more.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hectic with a 4 hour break...

Mr Man in his swimsuit... ready for some action!

So this week has been cr-aaazy!

Tuesday was my sister-in-law's birthday, not to mention 6 years with my hubby. Hubs was not around, so I headed to the town center for some fab food and shopping with the in-laws!

Then Wednesday we got some profesional photo's of Mr Man, and can I just say, he is freaking adorable (if I do say so myself!) This place, Portrait Innovations, did a great job getting him to smile! PLUS... they print your pics in 20 minutes and they have amazing prices! I am so glad my mother-in-law decided to take a trip out there! It was WELL worth it!

Thursday I met with my sister-in-law and her cousin to see SEX AND THE CITY BABY! It really was awesome! When the other bloggers mentioned you would cry and laugh hysterically, I couldn't see how you could have that range of emotion but... it was true. All of it! I actually stole a tissue from my SOL during one part! Here is the thing though, if you have seen the movie, tell me what is up with this. I understand Labels are a huge part of SATC, however, did they have to make it SO blatent? I mean... can we say product placement?!? Was it meant to be blatent because of what is said at the end... or was it just a huge promotion for every fashion label?? Not to mention, it was first time away from B for an extended period, and I think I did OK? I was really nervous and kept checking my phone, but I did try and relax by having a beer. I know it will get better, but this time was hard for this new mom!

And lastly today, my BF's and their babies came over for a little running around, some pool time and some damn good spinach dip! (Great recipe for the pool!) We had a blast, although I am exhausted!

As for Mr Man, he is becoming more and more aware of faces and things around him. I swear he swats at stuff in front of him, and he just LOVES music. He especially likes when Momma sings while changing his diaper. He is such a happy baby and it is a joy each day I get to spend with him.

Just thought I would give you a re-cap. Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

B, aka Smiley Cyrus

Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law on her birthday

I can only hope I look this good when I am a great-grandma!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6 Years...

Since the day I met him, I guess I always knew. He was blonde, had piercing blue eyes and had the wittiest sense of humor. From day one he caught my eye. There was always something about him, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

He was dating a friend of mine and I thought he was so mean to her, so dorky. What did she see in him? Little did I know, after they broke up, I would find myself, falling more and more in love with this man.

Our first date was Sushi, the movie “Amelie” and chocolate gelato. It couldn’t get any better than that. During the movie I grabbed his hand, and we held hands for just a moment, until I pulled away, not even realizing what had happened.

During the next month we enjoyed wine, great Italian food, and great conversation. This was someone I could talk to. I mean really talk to. He had the same interests, we wanted to travel, and I really just couldn’t get enough of him.

Our first kiss was outside my best friend’s house, near my first new car, a gold Saturn. He leaned in and knew what was coming. I shut my eyes and there it was. Brilliant!

I knew at that moment, I was doomed. I had fallen too hard, too fast. But then... it was reciprocated. He fell in love too! We were two peas in a pod, Inseparable!

We haven’t left each other’s side since.

Today is the day, 6 years ago, hubs proposed.

It was a quite Tuesday night. I got off of work and I was tired. I knew we had dinner reservations but I just wasn’t feeling it. We decided to go a little early and he called the restaurant to make sure they could take us. That should have tipped me off, but I was oblivious.
We got to the restaurant and were escorted to the back, to a booth tucked in the corner. We ate, drank and were merry! The food was delish, the wine superb and the company… awesome!
After a glass of Champagne, wine and a huge meal, the desert menu was presented. I was so stuffed but I knew I wanted chocolate. The waiter explained there was a special desert. I couldn’t pass it up… it sounded perfect!
As I waited for the desert, I remember sitting there thanking God for such a wonderful evening, great company and great food! It was truly a perfect way to end a grueling day at work.
As the desert was presented I realized this was no chocolate bar….

A beautiful sapphire and diamond ring on a bed of red roses was placed in front of me. He slid me to the end of the booth and got down on one knee. I didn’t even wait for him to speak. I kissed him and I said yes. I knew this was the beginning of the rest of my life.

As dinner came to an end, I headed for the car, but he had different plans. He took my hand and we proceeded to the penthouse suite. As I walked in the door there were rose petals on the floor. As I stared at my hand, I quietly wept. This was the happiest day of my life.

6 years later, I would have to say, I am still just as happy I said yes. Just as happy I didn’t leave town, and just as happy that we are a family.

Love you Hubs!!! Happy 6 year anniversary. Mwwaaa!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Slightly Flustered!

I feel like there is so much to do before our family beach vacation! Yes, the rents, myself, B, hubs and the baby bro are all headed to a beach gettaway in 2 weeks. The scary part being that I have to pack for a 14 day getaway for my little man, not to mention myself.

Oh and did I tell you... my mom, baby bro and B are all driving... for 19 hours?? Oh and I have to breastfeed every 2 hours. Guess I will be hiding baby bro's eyes and I will be pumping so B can stay in his carseat. This... could get interesting folks!

I also feel like so much has to get done around the house before we go. We have a chihuaha to care for, a cat to be watered, and not to mention a pool that needs filling.

Gosh... I am just tired thinking about it! I know things will all work themselves out, I just hope no detail goes unnoticed.

I really shouldn't be complaining... I mean, I am going to the beach for gosh sake, but it is just a bit overwhelming.

Have you freaders got any fun vacations planned in the near future? If not... where would you go, if money was no option?

Friday, June 6, 2008

I've got nothin'

Sorry folks. My brain is fried today. No idea why? I think it could be the never ending laundry and dishes I do ;-)

I do have a great summer recipe though!

Check out the food blog!

Love you Dad!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

7 weeks and a dream!

7 weeks and sleeping...
Smiling all the time now!

Yesterday at lunch. (He looks thrilled!)

First time in the pool ;-)

Well folks, today, Mr Man is 7 weeks old! I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday that I was lying in the hospital, puffy and in pain, staring into the eyes of my new baby boy. Now... we are happily in a routine and exploring new things everyday. I know... every mom says that... and before (when I wasn't a mom) I was so sick of hearing how time flies. But seriously, I guess when you have a kid, remembering the day of the week or the day of the month is a thing of the past.

Also, last night, I had my first dream in what seems like 7 weeks. It could be b/c hubs and I have started this routine where I get to sleep for 4-5 hours straight or maybe my mind is just reeling... I don't know.
What is weird, is that when I dream, I seem to only dream of football stars. When I was pregnant, I dreamed Eli Manning came into some restaurant I was waiting tables for and (yes I was pregnant in this dream) and he was hitting on me. I thought this was extremely weird because A. I was pregnant, and B. Um... I have never met Eli Manning, let alone don't think he would hit on a pregnant woman who was serving him drinks?

Then the next morning I woke up and Eli was in the newspaper and it said he got married to his college sweetheart? Even more random!
Then last night I had a dream I was at dinner and we bumped into Tony Romo. Yes my dad does play golf at the same country club, but I have never met him. Then, for some reason he gave me a ride home? Ok... apparently in my dreams I think very highly of myself?

Now this morning, I log into my email and it seems US Weekly is reporting the reason for him semi-splitting with Jessica Simpson is b/c her dad is phsycho and is putting too much pressure to become his agent... or something.
Maybe I should work for a newspaper, b/c obviously I have ESP of what is going on in future articles???

Have you guys had any weird dreams lately? Tell me I am not crazy. Or maybe I just really like football?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Woke up this morning...

Rested and relaxed.

Normally, I wake up and I am exhausted and rushed, but for some reason, this morning, it is the opposite. Yesterday I did clean my house and I do whole heartedly believe in Feng Shui, so maybe that is it?

Maybe B and I are finally in a routine? I don't know. It just seems like it is a good day, and that my friends, makes me happy!

Not to mention, I watched the VMA's (yes I am a 7th grader at heart) and I saw Johnny Depp. Um... yeah... Need I say more. Did you see him? Holy mother... that man is God's gift to women. Not to mention he lives in the South of France and takes his daughter and son to school on his vespa and then stops by the market everyday. UGH! I envy that life!

I still, truly wish, Hubs, B and I could move to Tuscany or Rome and just say, screw you current life, we want to celebrate PLEASURE! But, realistically, I know that won't happen. Especially now with B. It is WAY to convenient to have awesome friends and parents near by to watch B on a drop of hat.

Maybe one day... we can always dream!

So freaders... if you could up and move, and leave all your stuff, where would YOU go?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

8 lbs people!

Some fun things...

First off, I went to the doc today and I am 8lbs away from pre-baby weight. I know what you're thinkng... you hate me! And really, feel free at this moment. After all the shitty health news I have had in the past year, I think I am well overdue for a good clean bill of health. Not to mention 8lbs away from Bikini ready. Yipeee! I am hoping to lose 2lbs per week for the next 4 weeks, and then I should be right back where I started. I know you burn calories while breastfeeding but this freaking rocks!

Secondly, Mr Man is getting cuter by the day (and looks even MORE like Daddy!) I just look at those blue eyes and it makes me melt. Not to mention his rock and roll hairstyle and his popped collar. UGH! Cute!

Some new things he is doing:

~He arches his back and pushes his butt in the air when I take him from the carseat.

~He oohs and aaahs when he sees Mommy's face

~(and the cutest) he smiles when I say good morning or sing a song

And the last thing... I just have to share this story with you, because if you don't think Karma is real (or should I say CARma) you need to read this!

While hubs and I were on our mini vaca, we went to this very crowded restaurant. So while scowering the parking lot for a space, I see out of the corner of my eye, a tall red headed man (on his cell) walking to his car. I stare him down and watch his feet and realize his car is right in front of me. Naturally, I put on my blinker and wait for this young man to pull out so I can grab the space. Then, out of nowhere, this stupid BMW X5 decides SHE is going to take the spot. She was one car length IN FRONT of me and decides the is going to back up and make me move so SHE can take the spot. As the hot tempered Italian that I am, I didn't want to back up, but quickly realized I have a petite baby boy in the back and I am not willing to get into an accident with this yahoo over a parking spot. So, I pull around her, screaming nasty words out the window. Then, I see 2 little old women, going to car right in FRONT of the restaurant. I flip around and grab the spot.

So after getting Mr Man out of the car and all the gear (I swear packing a diaper bag is like packing your house) we proceed inside. We are on the wait list and we head outside. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see the BMW X5 rounding the corner again. I wonder what is going on... when I see the young red headed man just needed something out of his car. Hee hee! Stupid lady! You should have been kind and let me get it and then you would have gotten the front spot.. but no... you had to be a wench and try and take the spot. Karma's a bitch sometimes :D