Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Weather Wordless Wednesday... even though its Thursday.

Who am I kidding... I have never had a wordless wednesday in my life. I am just too damn talkative. Actualy, once I went on a Catholic school retreat and we weren't allowed to talk for 2 days. That was interesting. You put 15 Catholic school girls from the ages of 13-15 in a house and don't allow them to talk. Um... ok. But I digress.

Over the past couple of days we have had some bizarre weather! We had baseball size hail a week ago, that pretty much started it all, and my hubs car is pretty much one big dent. Then, we've had gorgeous weather (think 80 degrees by the pool) and now... the thunderstorms have started.

So... this morning hubs walked past the front door and this is what we came across.

One burnt tree, obviously hit by lightening.... and

A huge amount of foliage in our walkway. AWESOME!

Not only do we have to get a whole new roof and new patio furniture cushions, but we have to get Hubs car fixed, and now... this! I am not complaining though, because it could be a blessing in disguise. We are hoping to get someone to do it for less than the estimate and keep the change, if you will.

You know... cuz I'm Italian and I got people! JK!

P.S. In my last post I spoke about a book called "The Calm Technique: Meditation WITHOUT Magic or Mysticism." Just wanted to clarify that I am not joining some unique cult of Magic and Mysticism :)

Hope you all have a fab Thursday. I am off to visit with the ladies and their babies! Maybe all that baby talk will make Brady want to come out and play!!


Katelin said...

Wow all that foliage and a burnt tree would seriously freak me out! Hope you guys are staying safe and dry!

twentysomethingandclueless said...

Wow, never seen a burnt

Anyway, I tagged you! Come check it out :)