Thursday, April 3, 2008

1 Centimeter, People!!

Yesterday, was a pretty frusterating day, to be honest. I woke up at around 3 am, with really painful contractions. I really didn't think anything of it, I just went back to sleep (the best I could). Then I headed to the doc with hubs, and while sitting there, the contractions were non stop. They were in my back, my belly and all the way up to my breast bone, and they were painful. That lasted for about 2 hours, and then they calmed down.

We went home, had some lunch and I just relaxed on the couch. For the next 2 hours, however, they continued and were stronger and stronger each time. My water hadn't broken and no other signs of labor were apparent so I was leary, but called my doc anyway. I told him the situation and that I thought they were about 5-8 min apart, painfull and that it had been happening for a good 2hrs.

He sent me directly to the hospital. On the way there, they shut down the highway (which is awesome when you think you're in labor!) so we waited in traffic and finally got the hospital an hour later.

Once their the routine was commenced and they checked me. ONE CENTIMETER (which in the birthing world is nothing, but it does mean my body is preparing and I am really having contractions). They watched me for an hour, check again and.... nothing. The contractions were happening, however, they were too irregular and I had not dialted any further.

I was sent home and told to relax.

Ok, here is the thing, I know I am axious, but I am NO freaking hypocondriac. I really am trying to count. The damn things were happening for hours. So... my new solution is if my water breaks or if I see blood, or if my little man doesn't move (as normal) then I will head to the doctor. Otherwise, I am going to sit my happy ass home until I am crying on the couch and can't stand the pain! I don't care if hubs has to pull over the car and deliver this baby by himself!

It is just getting so frusterating!


Anonymous said...

So close!! Eek! heehee good luck hon, hold on tight little brady is comin' on out soon!! :) Can't wait ;)

Sarah said...

Sure you would be okay with hubs delivering..but would he? haha! SO CLOSE! Oh and my mom said that you might not be able to realize your water has broken if you are standing because the baby's head might block it from coming out. So lay down!

Rachel said...

awww, girl! i'm sorry you are so frustrated! baby brady is going to be here and in your arms before you know it!! just a few more days now! i'm praying for you! hang in there!!!


Kelli said...

It's almost time- you'll get there! It seems like everyone has a story about going to the hospital and coming back home before really going into labor- but at least your body is gettin ready to get that little guy outta there and into momma's arms!

Any minute now he'll be here!

Anonymous said...

Ack, this is exciting! It's like a live blog of a birth! I feel like I'm watching TLC's A Baby Story!

Ok, pain, that's right. Meditation? Lamaze? Panting? Hot bath? Any of those helping?

I'd have a glass of wine and risk a third arm on my baby. Seriously.

elysa said...

I think the verdict is Brady is a tease or maybe a jokester like his mama

JCK said...

Hi There! Just wanted to add words of encouragement. I found you through your lovely compliment on my Motherscribe blog - on Lindsay's blog. :) She's the GREATEST! Your blog design really ROCKS, too.

Thinking good birthing thoughts for you!