Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Since I have been doing nothing but sitting around and waiting. I thought I would share with you some good books I have read recently.

I don't know if it is my attention span or my quest for knowledge, but I like to read about 2 - 3 books at a time. Usually one fun one, then a peaceful one, and then one educational one.

So... I just read "The Family Fortune: a novel." I thought it was pretty good. Very slow in the beginning and it took me a while to get into it, but once it got going, I couldn't put it down. It ended beautifully and I closed it with a smile on my face. To me, that is a great way to end a book.

I am also reading "The Calm Technique: Meditation with magic or mysticism." For years I have been dying to get into meditation, but someway or another I just haven't been able to put my mind to it. *Wow... that was the worst pun ever!! Anyway, I know I need to calm my brain and I would love to find that stress free 10 minutes in a day, but I can never seem to do it. I try and try and nothing happens. Maybe, again because I am Gemini, my brain flutters in 12 different directions all at once. Yesterday, while reading the book, I tried to do an excercise where you try to think about an egg (ONLY an egg, not the price of eggs, not hens, not farms, not anything but an egg) for 2 min. Yeah... that went about as well as me not trying to think about Brady being born. It was pittiful. I think I lasted... 2 seconds. I thought about everything but the damn egg. I think I even started thinking about Diesel fuel and why it is so expensive and that is why eggs are so expensive and... ugh. It was truly pittiful. However, the book walks you through this calm like state and (supposedly) it is going to teach me how to be quiet for at least 10 minutes of the day.

And finally the 3rd book I am reading is "Parenting with Dignity," by Mac Bledsoe (if you follow football, yes, that is Drew Bledsoe's father). This book, so far, has taught me so much! It has some brilliant ideas about parenting, about people, and about children. I would suggest, the MOMENT you get pregnant, you buy this book. I know Brady isn't here yet, but I do know that when he arrives, I will have a better understanding of how to raise him to the best of my ability.

With that said... are there any books that you all are reading that would be good for me to read? I need a new fun one.


Kristen said...

well i like chick lit...and i recently started (and am almost finished) with "target underwear and a vera wang gown"....very cute and an easy read...funny and sweet...i work and go to school full time so i need something mindless to read occasionally!

no baby yet?

Sarah said...

Right now the book club on my blog is reading "5 things I can't live without"-you should join us!!!!

A Martini Always Helps said...

Have you read the Shopaholic books yet? They're fun and hilarious reads! I think the latest one is even "Shopaholic and Baby!"

A Martini Always Helps said...

Oh! And I second Kristen - LOVE "Target Underwear and a Vera Wang Gown!" Can you tell I like books about women shopping? :)

rachel elizabeth said...

i loved slightly single, slightly engaged and slightly married... they are a series (obviously), but they are super cute and an easy read. i think i read most of them in a night. check them out on ebay or amazon... xoxox

Andrea said...

Kristen: Nope, no baby yet. I am officially crying on the inside! Plus I am making my husband go get that book right now :) thanks for the input.

Martini: Going to have to try both of those!

Rachel: awesome. I need to read them all!

cdp said...

Oh! I know a great one that I read while I was sitting around waiting (both times!) that I would LOVE for you to read. It's Babyhood by Paul Reiser (from Mad About You); and it is fantastic. And especially perfect for this particular time in your life. Here's the link to the book on amazon:

I'm thinking about you every day and can't wait to celebrate when you share some wonderful news with us! Hang in there, and keep your feet up! xoxoxoxoxoxo

twentysomethingandclueless said...

I know what you mean about meditating - I think I'd be like that too. LOL It's not easy to just focus!

Haven't really read any chick lit lately - most recently read Eat Pray Love but you've read that! If i can think of something to recommend you I will :)