Friday, April 25, 2008

Gettin Kinda Antzy!

Today, for some reason, I want to go explore the outside. It seems I have been in the house forever - almost a month (while in my 9th month of pregnancy) and now for 1 week with my bundle.

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE being home with my man, but I want to get him to explore the world with me. I want to be one of those cute moms that goes shopping with strollers and fun stuff.

It is quite difficult to get out of the house, I must say though, because of the boob thing. Not to mention diapers and such. But I am ready to try it!
Hopefully tomorrow I will get to do some shopping! I am getting new patio cushions (to pump up my backyard!) from World Market. Tell me what you think!


tiedtogetherwithasmile said...

Ooh too cute! Good luck on your shopping adventure tomorrow!

Sarah said...

oh soo cute!! Have fun with your little man!

Nanette said...

We have the striped version of that cushion (and that exact chair) from Cost Plus World Market. They're great and quite comfy!