Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Movie in Review


I would just like to say (if you read this blog you already know this) but I am a very opinionated woman. And one thing I hate more than life, is sitting through a crappy movie.

What is so weird, is that I was really looking forward to this movie. However, after seeing it last night... I was truly disappointed!

The thing about it is, the preview looked awesome. I LOVE George Clooney (however, that last movie I saw with him in it (Michael Clayton) I really didn't think was that good) and I LOVE football. So I really thought this movie would be for me.

Not so much!

The only review I can give you is this movie is slow, the plot pretty boring, and I thought Renee Zellwegger didn't even play her role very well. Now, trust me when I say, I know NOTHING about acting, but what was weird is that I understand what they were TRYING to do, I just don't feel they accomplished it.

My 2 cents... don't spend your money!

On the baby front:
Hubs and I are still awaiting Brady's arrival. I had about 10 contractions all day yesterday, but nothing more than that :( I have a doc's apt on Monday, so I will give you all an update once I know something.

To be honest, I am exhausted carrying my man around. I cannot sleep very well and now my back hurts on a daily basis. I really hope he decides to grace us with his presence ASAP! I just can't wait to meet him , not to mention I am tired of having a basketball in my belly :) We went out to dinner and some woman decided to tell me I was huge and that I looked like I was about to pop... Thaaaanks! A word to the wise... the word HUGE really isn't flattering to a 9 month pregnant woman! Okthxbye!

Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

You haven't had that baby YET?!?!? What the effin hell...I guess my Miss Cleo super powers are off just a tid bit. You better not have that kid on tax day!!

I have no desire to see the Clooney film. I did some work on his film Syriana....and I'm done with Clooney for a while. He's being replaced with McDreamy. Who btw is in a super cute new chic should've gone to see that instead!

rachel elizabeth said...

thank goodness you saw it before i did! like you, i thought the previews were really good! i owe ya $10 for the movie ticket you saved me!!

i've been checking your blog every day and holding my breath a little, just waiting to see if brady has made his grand entrance!

i can't wait!!!

Lisa said...

I can't believe the things people say when you are 9 month preggo. I love when you are walking around in public and people don't look at your face, they just look straight at your belly. Thanks.

Brady will be here before you know it and you wont remember these uncomfortable days!