Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things I am NOT going to miss by being pregnant!

1. Elastic waisted pants!
2. People staring at your face, then your belly, then your face again
3. Random people asking questions
4. Random touches of the stomach from said random people
5. Not seeing your feet while standing, or your legs, for that matter
6. Realizing you have more depth to your body and squeezing through areas doesn't work anymore!
7. Shaving your legs. (Need I say more?)
8. Not being able to sleep on your back... or your stomach... or you side or anywhere else, because you have a huge basketball in your belly.
9. Back Pain.
10. Sensitive Boobs!

However, as I look at this list, I realize, I had it pretty easy! This pregnancy was a blessing in disguise. I never thought I would get pregnant so soon after my surgery, and I never thought (with all the shit my body went through) that this pregnancy would be easy. Sure there were ups and downs, but in retrospect, I wouldn't change them for anything.

The sensitive smell, the ever growing waist line, and the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements are all part of the game... and then in the end... you inevitably win. You win the greatest gift God could bestow. A child. In our case, a beautiful baby boy.

Hubs and I are so thankful for all the prayers and love that has been sent throughout this 9 month journey. We can only imagine what the next 18 years will bring. I feel like we are embarking on an entire new chapter, in this life novel that we write.

We will try and post pics as soon as we can. I know my BF E will be there taking pictures and I am SURE she will post some of the events. And I appologize, in advance, for the state I may be in. Crumpled hair, glasses and who knows what else :D

Have a great Tuesday!


Julie Q said...

Yay!! I was so afraid I was going to miss the birth b/c i was in Mexico lol lol.. Good luck with everything and may you have a 20 minute labor!! I'll be thinking of you on the 17th!!

Sarah said...

I will be thinking of you and your family of three in the next couple of days!

Rachel said...

good luck and i love you!!! i'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow and thursday! can't wait to see baby brady! xoxo

Lacey Bean said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the baby boy!! :)

Lisa said...

Oh just wait till you go through labor and the birth... oh joy! :)

Can't wait to see pics!