Saturday, April 19, 2008

1 day old!

Tired... but overall... LOVING life! Mr Brady is more and more wonderful each hour he is here! He really is one of the best babies, Oh... and did I mention he is the smartest AND cutest of any baby out there :D

He loves to sleep with Momma and before I had him I bought us baby blue outfits, so we could match :-) See above! His favorite position is as close to the boob (if not on a boob) as possible. According to the RN's, they can smell the milk? Don't know if that is true, but as of now, he sure is a boob man! He is nursing like a true champ! He latched on his first go round.

As for me, I feel like a new woman. I really cannot complain. This is NOTHING compared to what I went through in June. I think God was just trying to prepare me for having stitches and taking care of a newborn. I am up and walking and we are (hopefully) headed home today!!!!!

Also, he seems to recognize Daddy and Mommy's voice, because everytime we talk to him, he looks up at us with those piercing blue eyes (hopefully a gift from Daddy!) He is very photogenic and he rarely cries. As long as he is fed, he has a clean diaper and he is close to a boob, he is quite content! My kind of man!

Thank you again for al the prayers and well wishes. Both Daddy and I are doing fantabulous! We can't wait to take our bundle home and have him see his nursery and meet Mochachino and Basil. We will keep you up to date, no doubt!!

Drea, Hubs and Brady!!


Rachel said...

andrea! he's gorgeous and so are you! i'm so happy he's such an amazing baby already! xoxo

olivia said...

you both look so beautiful!!!

Michelle said...

much love on your journey out of the hospital and into your new life as a family of 3!! Love you guys!

missy said...

Hey C's~

We just got back from Possum Kingdom (it's a lake, Andrea);)and wanted to check in on you all. I hope the ride home was easy. Isn't it funny how you drive like 2miles an hour?! Oh the life!! And ya'lls have only just begun! We love all three of you and I can't wait to get my hands on that lil' blue-eyed pumpkin!

Ashley said...

You both look fabulous!