Thursday, April 24, 2008

1 Week!!

Today, folks, Brady is 1 week old! Here are some pictures of today!

Also, the lovely Ashley D at Turqoise Ribbons tagged me for a Meme.

The rules:
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*However, since I am a new mom, with a 1 week old, I thought it would be interesting to name 6 random things that Brady and I have accomplished!
1. We have learned to breast feed

2. We have moved from a Merconium diaper to a breast fed diaper (it went from looking like tar to mustard) - He is SO going to kill me if he ever reads this when he is older! ;-)

3. We have pumped a boob

4. Momma has lost 12 lbs.

5. My cankles are almost gone - yipee!

6. We have gotten into a nightly routine with sleep... YAY for sleep!!
Feel free to be tagged if you haven't done this already. It is time for a feeding ;-)


Kristen said...

He is gorgeous and has the cutest cheeks! Good job on breastfeeding!

missy said...

Oh Dre~
He's absolutely beautiful!! I'm SO proud of you honey! Sounds like you three are doing great. I know you are tired and are still figuring things out...but you call me as soon as you're ready for visitors or a quick lunch...normally by the 2nd week, you get a little stir crazy! Loves to you and hubs and Mr B!!

Ashley D said...

Cute idea for the meme! Brady is so cute I just want to cuddle him!

Katelin said...

Brady is so adorable! And I can't believe you've already lost 12 lbs, that's amazing!

Michelle & the City said...

one week already! he's getting so big :)

Larissa said...

I want to steal your baby! He's so darn cute.