Saturday, April 12, 2008

Come on Baby!

Pleeeeeze get here! I cannot wait to hold you in my arms, and see what amazing things we can accomplish together!

In case you didn't know... no baby yet! Booo!

I am dyin' over herah!

Besides the fact that I am GINORMOUS! I just want to meet him and have the attention move from my belly to my little guy!

The news... Hubs and I have decided that (because my doc is going out of town) if Brady does not come naturally, we are going to be induced on the 16th and I should deliver by the 17th.

This is, obviously, not the ideal situation, but I can't risk being in a hospital with a doctor that DOESN'T know my entire situation.

I did get a chance to talk to my AWESOME cousin yesterday (she is a Doula AND a plethera of knowledge - when it comes to pregnancy) and she said I could try some natural remedies (i.e. sex, pressure points and castor oil) but if I did do the castor oil, I would need to wait until 38 weeks (tomorrow) because every day in the womb is better for my guy.

We will see... my dad, hubs and mom are not too thrilled about the castor oil (because it is REALLY supposed to work) and they think I should speak with my doc before attempting this.

I don't know? We will keep you posted!

Tonight I am headed to a blues concert in the park, so maybe the simple fact of lots of bass guitar and groovy music will make this man come on out and play!


Michelle & the City said...

i hope he comes soon! we're all excited to see him :)

Nanette said...

So very exciting! I'm thinking lots of good thoughts for ya!

Larissa said...

When I have a baby, I want my own Doula. C'mon, baby...hurry on out!

Rachel said...

okay so... it's late and you haven't posted yet... i'm being cautiously optimistic... :o)

i hope you're doing well girl, you're in my thoughts!!!