Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are you ready for this??

So... I have gotten 2 (not 1 BUT 2!) comments today from an anonymous person saying how vain and selfish of a person I am and that being pregnant is a gift.
Really... because if you actually read the blog... you would read that ;-)

So... the first one I ignored, thinking, you obviously DON'T read my blog very often. I constantly make fun of myself and this was just one more way of saying goodbye to my pregnant body, but this is what is said:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Things I am NOT going to miss by being pregnant!":
It amazes me how selfish and vain you are. Pregnancy is a gift from God and you seem more concerned with your phsycial appearance than praying for a healthy baby and safe pregnancy!

So then I log in now, and I get another one:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Things I am NOT going to miss by being pregnant!":
Why didn't you publish my comment? Someone as vain and selfish as you surely welcomes the attention...

I find this nothing but... humorous. Considering this person is SO concerned with my blog that they felt the need to leave an ANONYMOUS comment. I dare you, Anonymous, to come out and SHOW your true colors!

What's your take on it?


Sarah said...

What a lame-o!

Lacey Bean said...

People shouldn't judge someone based on one post - or anything as insignificant as that.

You're allowed to complain about some of the hard things pregnancy brings - since all your loyal readers know that you're sooooo happy and excited to be pregnant, and what a blessing you consider it to be.

WE think you're awesome. :)

Angela said...

Hm. That's silly. The commenter must have only read the heading and not the actual post. You definitely say a couple times how much of a blessing it is! You were just saying that you'll be happy about being done with PREGNANCY, not that you'll be upset with a child!

Nanette said...

What the???

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous. The commenter didn't want to take the time to read the entire post where you talk about being excited for Brady and that pregnancy is a blessing, but they took the time to write you a mean comment? Whatevs. This is the second post I've seen about this sort of thing today.

On a side note, congrats on your new baby in less than 2 days!!!

Kelli said...

Oh geez, people are crazy on the web world! I am sure my blog will soon be full of preggo complaints, so anonymous blogger, come on over!!!

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy being a gift is a given....of COURSE you know that. Everyone knows that. That's like saying, "Don't complain about life, be glad you're not dying by slowing being eaten alive by fire ants."

You have every right to talk about the hard and sometimes humerous aspects of pregnancy. If us women have to grow a human being inside of us and then somehow fit it through our vajayjays, the least we should be able to do is vent about it. God knows I will someday.

Sorry, that pissed me off. Don't let them get you down. They obviously aren't preggers because there's no room in their body with that huge stick up their ass.

Larissa said...

People can be truly idiotic. Sheesh.

Lisa said...

How rude of someone to say those things! Of course you know that being pregnant is a gift, but you are also allowed to complain about being pregnant... shoot being pregnant is HARD work!