Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Minor CATastrophe!

Yesterday, I had a real scare! My beloved and wild cat Sammy decided to break free from the backyard and go running around the neighborhood!

It started in the morning...

I hadn't seen him in the morning in his normal spot on the couch. I proceed to my office and hubs does the same, not too worried about it. My other cat, Basil (aka Fatterson) was meowing at my desk and I just thought he wanted some attention... or food? Basil is kind of needy, especially with his Momma!

So the day progressed and I still hadn't seen Sammy. *Backstory* About 3 days ago his colar had broken off in a bush somewhere outside. (He has one of those magnet ones, that if he gets caught it will break as opposed to have him stuck on a tree.) We had looked and looked and it was no where to be found. Then, since it was nice outside, we went looking again, finally finding his colar, only to realize Sammy was not outside or... anywhere.

I was absolutely terrified. He is de-clawed, had no colar, and because he was wild for 2 years before we got him, I was afraid he would just leave forever. I never wanted to give up hope though, I went walking up and down the neighborhood, with Mocha and called his name. (Yes, if you call his name he will come running!) Unfortunately, there was no luck. Sammy was no where. I knocked on the neighbors door and she told me another neighbors kitten had gotten out and they had put dirty laundry outside and Tuna and the cat was back within the hour.

I was desperate and almost crying at this point. So I opened 2 cans of Tuna and stuck a huge thing of laundry in teh backyard. Hubs and I went out to dinner (to take our minds off of it) and waited. When we got home I ran in the backyard, only to find Tuna cans and laundry... no cat!

Then about an hour later. Hubs ran outside in the front yard and called his name... a meow!!! He then ran in the backyard... a LOUDER meow!!

He looks over the neighbors fence and there he was... our little Sammy. Crying because he couldn't get back over the fence! Hubs jumps the fence, hands him to me and he was back safe before night fall.

A sigh of relief poured over me! Then Hubs turns to me and says... "WOW! Now I know what a parent might feel if you were 10 min late for curfew and you hadn't called. I am sure that is like 1 million times worse!" I turned to him, smiled and HAD to agree.

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