Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bring it ON!

Today it is going to be 84 degrees. YIPEEE! Yesterday, I got a little sun bathing in on the lounge chair, and I gotta tell ya, after the snow, sun, and snow last week. This felt damn good! I love me some SUN!
Houdini cat is still missing :( However, my chihuhua did find a bird carcus outside my door, so maybe he is hanging around and eating well? It is sad, but I don't think he is dead, so that keeps my hopes up!
Can I just say that MOH is MIA! I have tried calling numerous times and I get nothing, no response, no nothing. I am going to take that as a bad sign. I think I am giving up.
Bought this new Lavender bubble bath and it is HEAVEN! It really helps with the Braxton Hicks. I swear, every time I go to the darn grocery store it happens. Yesterday, hubs and I were in there for only 30 min and MAN that was all it took to have it happen for almost 2 hours. OUCH! Seriously, I think the grocery store has it out for me.
Today, I plan to bake a pie, PUT IN THE CAR SEAT, and mop. WOW! Exciting!

Got any exciting Thursday plans?


Sarah said...

I don't know why but I love Thursdays. I think because it is like seeing the finish line at the end of the race. Unfortunately I don't have any fun plans because I have to study-ugh. Have fun today.

olivia said...

enjoy your day lady! i hope your sammy comes home soon.

Michelle & the City said...

84 degrees?! i am hating ohio right about now.

Katelin said...

Woo for 84 degrees, sounds like California, sort of :)

missy said...

You are SO NESTING!!!! I'm sorry I didn't call back yesterday...I'm still here. Grayson was being a toot and I've been trying to get ready for Sat. Are ya'll coming? I can whip up some virgin ritas like nobodies business!