Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Court TV...

I heart you! Especially when I need some droning voice to put me to sleep for 10 min so that I may have my daily nap.

However, today, while watching Court TV or Tru TV or whatever the hell they call it now... I watched this case that said:

Man trying to commit suicide kills bystander...

I am sorry, WHAT?? How shitty is your luck? That is the most horrible thing I could think of. Your in such despare with life, you try to end it, and you crash into a tree, it knocks over the tree and plows into some innocent person's living room, taking a nap, and kills him.


I didn't know if I should feel sorry for the guy who tried to commit suicide or the guy taking a nap. I mean... at least the guy taking a nap, was... sleeping... and died on impact. Then there was this poor man, who looked like your average grandpa next door, who was stuck in all this mess. It was just such a tragic case!

So the defense said; obviously he didn't know the tree was going to break in half and his car was going to continue into the man's house, AND not to mention he was "out of his mind" at the time and could never have imagined that happeneing. He wanted solely to commit suicide and harm no one else in the process

The prosecution said; charge him with 1st or 2nd degree murder, because attempted suicide is a crime (didn't know that either... and not too sure how I feel about that) not to mention you killed someone. You knew there was a house behind that tree and you knew there was a possibility of someone being in there.

Um... yeah! So that is weird.

The verdict; they came back guilty on vehicular manslaughter and nothing else. I pray, if that man goes to jail, he is on permanent suicide watch. Shit, if there was a reason to kill yourself, it would probably be that while trying to do so in the first place you accidentally murdered someone else.

SO Tragic!


Tina Vaziri said...

wow.. that is awful. I don't even know what to say

elysa said...

how strange and twisted and lifetime moviesque is that!

Jenn said...

court tv is sooo awesome. A lot of people say it is boring, but it's supposed to be a little boring so you can nap. I wish I could stay home today and watch court tv :(

Anonymous said...

Ok. That is CRAZY!!!! It continues to baffle me- what happens in the would

missy said...

Um....that is very sad yet a little smile popped up on my face. I think it's just your writing, Drea....I laugh histericaly (sp) everytime I read your posts. How's my little man??? Is he getting ready for his meet and greet?