Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Best Easter Moment...

*I would just like to preface this post by saying, I hope to ONE day be as creative as my mother when it comes to holiday's. We didn't have any money back then, but damn was she creative with gifts! Plus, Easter was always a big deal, being Catholic and Italian. The food was awesome, the gifts were plentiful and there was always a good time to be had.

It was 1986... parachute pants were HOT! And the more socks you wore, with neon colors, the cooler you were!

We lived in a skinny, 3 story townhouse, right outside of D.C. (Think 100 dalmations townhouse.)
I was 5 at the time and I just thought the WORLD of my parents! My dad the "businessman" and my mom the "creative one!" We were the perfect little trio!

Easter morning I awoke to my mom coming into my Strawberry Shortcake decorated room, with a smile on her face to wake me up. I roused from bed, still a little groggy, when I saw these gorgeous pink and white BUNNY EARS!
"oooooohhhhh!" I squealed! "What are those Momma??"
"Those are for you! I think the Easter Bunny left them for you." Said Mom
"WOW!!! The Easter Bunny came to OUR house! Oh my gosh!"
"He left you a note too! Let's read it!"
"Ok, Ok, ok, ok, ok!!!!" I could hardly stand it, I think I was jumping up and down at this point.
Momma started to read the letter and it said: put on the ears and follow the footprints...
"Follow the footprints? Oh MY!!! Momma... where are the footprints??" Thats when I looked at the ground and saw these gorgeous pink and white footprints that lead out of the room and down the stairs.

As I put on the bunny ears, Momma began to read her letter, and I hopped down the stairs, following the pink and white footprints (that had been taped to the ground) all the way to the main floor. I hopped all around our little house, to pick up eggs and gifts, when all of sudden I saw a pink and white footstep going outside. I turned to my mom for approval?!? She gave me a wink and I headed outside.

As I opened the door, I saw the most WONDERFUL sight in the world! There was a beautiful tree sitting to the right of our door and every single branch had sparkling red liccorice hanging off a branch. I couldn't believe my eyes!!! The Easter bunny had not only given me bunny ears, left his footprints, and now THIS! Yummy red liccorice hanging from a TREE!

I ran outside, grabbed what I could reach and began eating until my heart's content! My dad and mom came outside, watched with glee and helped me pull each strand off the branch.

It was truly a magical moment! All three of us, sitting on the 3 little steps, eating red liccorice that the Easter Bunny had put on OUR tree.

I will never forget that moment, and I can only hope to be that creative when baby Brady understands the happiness of Easter.


Pink ditz said...

Aaaaw this puts a smile on my face :). This is such a cute memory!! I'm sure you'll be creative too when Brady comes around , don't worry.
Also as this proves kids are happy with little things, it's just wonderfull.

missy said...

How freakin' precious! I will definatley be stealing this one!
Happy Easter sweetie!

Sarah said...

That really is such a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

I love that story! I want to do fun stuff like that for my kiddo too... my friend does that for St. Paddy's day for her kids: she dies sugar green and puts it on the counter tops with leprechan footprints in it- super creative!

Michelle & the City said...

awe that is so cute! one year my mom hid my dad's easter basket out on the front porch. it was hilarious and i will never forget that memory.

Katelin said...

aw what a sweet story. i love those kind of classic kid tales. just think you can have those with brady too, :)

Anonymous said...

Awwweee. I teared up reading this. That is so so sweet. It's so clear that you have such an appreciation for family and you're going to be a fantastic mother! :) Your little baby Brady is very lucky!