Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Suspicion May Be Confirmed???

As most of you know by now, in June, I was in the hospital for quite sometime. Read more here.
The short version is, Hubs and I had an ectopic pregnancy, I went in for a routine laporoscopy and 4 hours later I had a VERY high fever, I had organ failure and in my emergency surgery I died on the OR table. After 2 weeks, I was discharged with no diagnosis. I have a huge scar and no gall blatter, but they still could never tell me what happened.

A month later, I became pregnant with Brady. Hubs and I were scared and excited but I knew that God had a plan. The pregnancy, overall, has been great. A little hiccups here and there, but overall nothing to be concerned with.

In Feb, however, my baby bro became sick with the flu, and stayed home the entire week. During that week, another child became sick with the flu, went home, and suddenly died. He had a very high fever, a rash and his organs failed overnight. My mom and I thought this was a very strange set of events. It had seemed, he had what I had. A perfectly healthy 7th grade child dies of flu??? Something wasn't right.

As of yesterday they released that the little boy died of MRSA, which is a staff infection, commonly referred to as the Super Bug. It is highly contagious and if you have any weakness in your immune systems (such as flu or surgical wounds) it can be deadly!

After doing further research we believe this is what I had. It is kind of a relief to find out what almost killed me at 26, but it saddens me that the hospital probably knew what I had and discharged me, leaving me wondering all this time.

On a much happier note... yesterday I got my hair done, and we took a picture of myself and my hairdresser, Kim, with her 39 wk pregnant belly.

Kim and I 9 months pregnant

Hope you all have a fab Friday and we will keep you posted on the baby front!


Larissa said...

That is a REALLY adorable picture. And great hair!

Anonymous said...

Ok, scary story! Just did an article on MRSA! Glad you escaped it!

That picture is so cute!! Kinda makes me wish for a big round preggers belly too!

Katelin said...

love that pic, it's so cute! and your hair looks quite cute as well.

rachel elizabeth said...

you look absolutely gorgeous!!! so cute girl. xoxox

kristen said...

sooo cute! love your belly, you are ready to pop! i had a staph infection around thanksgiving of last year, and they thought it was MRSA. i ended up in the hospital because the drugs they gave me made me super sick! glad you are ok!