Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Toys are Fun!!!!

Ok, if that title post just made you think about some scene in Sex and the City that involved Samantha... you should really go on a date :)

Yesterday, I got my new phone, a blackjack 2. It is so fun! It has all these fun songs and all these screens and all this cool stuff. Normally, I don't really care about cell phones, but this one is quite cute (red and it only weighs 3oz) and it does tons of stuff :D Yipppee!

Not to mention, this awesome new addition (pictured above!) My stroller and infant car seat! It is really coming along now!

The Louis Vutton duffle is packed and by the door and the car seat is in the car. Now all we need is my little man! I can't wait.

I do wish my cat would come back (he has a micro chip) but as of yet there have been no sightings and/or luck in finding him. It is day 4 :(


Tina Vaziri said...

Oh I hope he comes back soon :(

I'm so excited for your bebeh!

Michelle & the City said...

wow it's getting so close!

the stroller and car seat are cute :)

Katelin said...

Aw you are so ready to go, it's so cute! So excited for you!

and hope the cat comes home soon :(

Sarah said...

aww I hope your kitty comes back soon. and yay on the toys!!

elysa said...

apparently Brady doesn't know he has a very impatient mama

Anonymous said...

Cute new toys!! :) When are you due again, exactly? I hope your cat comes back soon!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwe. i'm sorry about the kitty! I hope it comes back :) And YES...I did totally think about sex and the city! lol...and YES I do need a date. it's long overdue.

How exciting!! A new little life coming soon! :)