Friday, February 29, 2008

Sweet Words

I got this card from my Mom, the day of my second shower, and I thought it was so sweet I would share it with all of you.


What a big day for you today! You're being showered with gifts and well wishes. Family members hearts are bursting with joy and anticipation. Friends are sharing in the happiness. We are waiting for you with open arms.

And what gift could I give my first grandchild? How big could it be to equal the love waiting for you? What is wonderful enough, or exquisity enough for you? There's only one gift that is the absolute best gift! And it comes from "Poppy" and "Nona" exclusively. The gift is... your mother! She will be hte greatest gift you will know in this world, and hte greatest woman you will ever know!

Thanks Mom! That card and those words truly meant the world to me!


Ashley D said...

Oh my goodness, I would have been bawling. That is so sweet!

Rachel said...

so... that made me cry sitting here at my desk. thats adorable. some mom you've got girl!


Michelle said...

Being a mom is the greatest gift in the world. Brady is lucky to have you as a mother and you are lucky to have him as a son. You will never love ANYTHING the way you will love this baby seconds after he is born. It is almost too much sometimes, the love that is, sometimes you may think you will explode because you are so full of love for that little tiny being. And as hard as it is to believe, it only keeps getting better! XOXO

Clueless Cat said...

Aw, that is the sweetest card!!!

Katelin said...

Aw that is so incredibly precious.