Sunday, March 30, 2008

Life List

My IBFF, Rachel, got an idea to do a life list, and I thought it was such an amazing idea.
Your write a list of things you want to accomplish in your life. And I am talking really, really want to accomplish.
Then after you freaders read it... you leave me a comment and add to the list :)

So here we go...

1. Live in Italy, for at least a year.
2. Learn to play the guitar so I can sing and write my own songs!
3. When my son is grown, have him say, "When I was growing up, my mom always looked beautiful and sang the most beautiful songs!"
4. Have my apple pie win some award.
5. Get kissed on the Eiffle Tower
6. Make my bed when I get up every morning.
7. Have my cat, Sammy, come back to us, alive and well.

So... now its your turn... what should I add to my list?


Rachel said...

definitely come to jersey, visit rachel & sit on the beach sipping margaritas. sounds perfect, right? you know you love it.

also: go to the airport and take the next departing flight. :o)

Lindsay said...

Hearing your son say I LOVE YOU MOMMA!
That will be the best on your list!
(trust me!)

Michelle & the City said...

hot air balloon ride?

Katelin said...

sky dive?
say something nice to someone every day.

love the life list idea :)