Monday, March 31, 2008

A 26 Year Warranty??

Ok, seriously. Ever since I hit 36 weeks (I'll be 37 weeks in 2 days) my body has stopped working! My feet have started to swell, I have started sweating (for no freaking reason), my hands are a little chubby and I am tired.

I mean, I know it is supposed to be a little uncomfortable, but this is ridiculous. I couldn't even stand in church yesterday (I am Catholic so they do that sit, stand, kneel thing). I felt like my feet were stuffed in my shoes. I think I looked like the wicked step sisters trying to shove their feet in the glass slipper, only my slippers were black Dolce and Gabana heels.

I have started to waddle (which is OH so sexy) and my legs cramp up for no reason. I seriously feel like the hunchback of notre dame. I think I need to be in an attic somewhere, where people don't have to see the monstrosity!

Seriously, I think I need a refund. I wonder if the rents got the extended warranty? I would still be under the 30 year mark! Don't I get points for that?


Sarah said...

aww I think it is kinda cute because it means your little man is getting big and strong (you probably want to kill me huh?)

Michelle said...

Good thing you didn't get the twins you wanted, huh?!? Its all worth it in the end, promise!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

oOoOo hope brady comes out soon!!! :)