Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm Officially Crazy!

Yesterday was the weirdest day. The whole week it was 70-80 degrees, sunny and beautiful. However, yesterday, was gloomy and cold, like 50? Then at about 2pm the contractions started. It was pretty painful, but I just kinda worked through it (thinking the entire time that I am on that pre-term labor labor drug and there is no way these things are going to continue). Well, the first hour I had 13 (more than 8-10 you're supposed to call your doc), the next hour I had another 13 and that is when I turned to hubs and made him grab my shoes and head to the hospital. The doctor was called and the hospital knew we were on our way.

The strange thing was, I wasn't really sure what they were going to do... I mean, I didn't know if they were going to stop labor (because I was due to take that ProCardia until Sat) or if they were going to let me go. I also know, they normally think contractions (or pre-term labor) are caused by dehydration, so, on the way there I guzzled 8oz of water.

After getting to the hospital, peeing, putting on a gown and climbing in bed, I was hooked up to the contraction machine (This tells when, how long and how strong each contraction is). However, when I looked at the monitor it said I wasn't HAVING contractions? I just had some irratability. WHAT???? I swear, my back was hurting and I was having contractions, just like last time. The nurses came in, checked me, and no dialation had begun, so they thought I may have a kidney infection. They checked my pee, and came back with all negative results. How can that be?? No kidney infection AND no contractions? I know I am not making this up, I mean, this shit was painful. At this point, the contractions had slowed, but I was still feeling them?

At this point, I was frusterated, confused and tired. I didn't know what to do? Obviously I have never had contractions before, but I have HAD pre-term labor so I THOUGHT I knew what I was doing?? Apparently.... not!

So... I went home, had some pizza, watched some Tivo and crashed. The pressure in my pelvis is still there and I guess I am having no contractions? Who knows?

My question to all your freaders, is how and when do you know if you are having a contraction? When I think they're 10 min apart, they are really 2 min apart, and when I think they are 2 min apart... apparently I am not having any? Any advice??

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Sarah said...

oh man that sounds so frustrating and confusing!! SOrry I don't have any advice,I've never had a baby.. hang in there!