Monday, March 24, 2008

A case of the Mondays!

I guess I have a case of the Monday's. Hubs is not working from his home office (booo!) and because of that my Mom has kidnapped me to spend the week at the rents home :) I feel a little torn abouts this... love the rents, love the baby bro... but I just want to be with my stuff. UGH! You know?

There is so much to do around this house (dishes and laundry and such) and I can't even do all of it. I can't stand on my feet that long ;-)
Just kind of groggy and want to spend all day in my PJ's. ;-P


Sarah said...

aww well at least your mommy can take care of you. No one takes better care of people than mommy's. Soon your little guy will know this too!

rachel elizabeth said...

i feel ya, but nothing better then spending the days with your momma! hope youre doing alright! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I so know how you feel about this! You're more comfortable in your own bed. Don't you dare worry about dishes and laundry! Rest up!!!