Friday, February 1, 2008

Wesley Snipes....

Possibly the dumbest criminal in ALL of times!!

If you haven't heard, the real story is here.

The shorter version is Wesley Snipes (about 5yrs ago) hooked up with this guy named Eddie Kahn. Somehow, Eddie Kahn convinced Mr Snipes that code 867 in the tax law states that all income made outside the US has to be taxed, which Mr Kahn believes that all income made WITHIN the US is exempt from Taxes. Pretty much Kahn told Snipes that paying taxes was voluntary... and here is the kicker. The freaking idiot believed it.

Wesley Snipes earned 38 million dollars and didn't pay one freaking dime to the IRS! SO... the IRS said, we're taking your ass to trial! SO... Mr Snipes is now on trial (defending himself) for tax evasion.
His Defense: I didn't know this was illegal. I'm sorry... WHAT??? Ever heard of Al Capone? They couldn't convict him for murder but they sure as hell got 'em on Tax Evasion. Stupid idiot!
So stupid. Tell me what you think? The Government wants to put him in jail for 6 years, and at this point I say do it! My problem is (which I got off court tv) is IF (IF) the government loses, every joe schmoe in the US is going to think taxes are voluntary. I say, throw him in jail and make a good example out of him!


Rachel said...

what a freaking idiot.


BB said...

ROFL! Twat. Actually, I shouldn't be finding this funny as you're damn right in saying people will jump on the 'oops! Really?' bandwagon.

I'm with you on the example issue!

Katelin said...

Oh I've read this, what an idiot.